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  1. If they see it that way then it would be very disappointing. It would show an intent to milk out the last money from this engine rather than advancing to the future.
  2. Limited use when your turret has blown off and your whole crew has been deleted by an RPG.
  3. The British Army wouldn't use anything that couldn't fire Hesh, but yes I'm sure the armour issue is also key. Given that Kornet has been out since the Challenger 2 I would be surprised if someone hadn't tested it's performance v Kornet at the range. I'm sure the UK and US managed to obtain some. It's not difficult.
  4. The latest releases have been superb. I hope that sales are strong enough that work on a CM3 Engine can commence. I'd rather have 2 years with no new titles now and a new engine IMO.
  5. Compare this to a single Challenger 2 which survived 70+ RPG hits. Hesh rounds are far more useable in modern warfare than APFSDS where you are more likely to face some Arabs in a Toyota than another tank anyway.
  6. We now have real world evidence on the Leopards performance. In Syria. It's drawbacks compared to Challenger 2 are clear and the charred hulks of Leopard 2s litter the Syrian desert whereas Challenger 2s in Iraq were impervious except to blue on blue
  7. CM Cold War sales have been so strong that we broke the site.
  8. I appreciate the comment Mikey. My issue is that at some point I have to go over a hill in view of the enemy to fire at them, and at that point on a barren hill, even if I'm hull down, my guys get lit up and I start to enrage... In normal circumstances there'd be a different round to take but this is just s billard table flat desert with ledges as you mentioned. They offer cover which I get but is no use when I can't fire from that position....
  9. Until the game engine gets completely redesigned in DirectX this is the best it's going to get
  10. There's also a very interesting situation here where the ENY tank is clearly in view, less than 1km, and no view. Is that right? https://ibb.co/hc3D7yp https://ibb.co/tC6ddcZ
  11. So I have tried to use the terraces to work my way closer to the ENY armour but again the cyber spotting T tanks spot hull down armour using the terrain https://ibb.co/fxmvy6F https://ibb.co/jWyBPkR https://ibb.co/fxmvy6F https://ibb.co/QKPF5Gz
  12. I got the first mission eventually but the second? The ENY spotting seems to be 10x more effective than the M60s I have been given. From range even when hull down I get wiped out. Do you just have to charge the enemy?
  13. Thanks for the reply and help. I have become more comfortable with WW2 infantry based games because you can see where you're taking fire from, and then use that information to re-position in order to condense firepower onto that spot to kill/suppress the enemy. Clearly with armour it's a little tricky when one bad move means you are turned into a human torch inside a steel tin can. I'll re-try the first mission focussing on overwhelming the enemy with armour from different angles once I've done some recon and see how that plays out.
  14. This isn't specific to CW but it has manifested itself early on because I've been trying to do the NTC campaign extremely unsuccesfully. When there isn't any cover, how does one approach with armour and destroy tanks waiting in overwatch? I can spot the ENY tanks with my infantry, that's not an issue, so I know where they are, but when the ENY are sat there waiting for me to pop up over the hill, even if I'm careful to get into Hull Down, I just don't see how I don't take vast casualties because the advantage in spotting is obviously to the person waiting there with their sights on the horizon rather than me driving over the top. I guess I could get my INF to throw smoke to let me get into position but I'm not sure how feasible this is every time. Not fighting in the ENY kill-zone is obviously impossible in these missions because there's no other way around and the points are for destroying the ENY so they do need to be engaged.
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