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  1. I think the lethality of CMBS helps as a learning aid. You don't get many second chances... If you stay hidden unless you have overwhelming firepower you can have freedom. Something I never used to do was using covered arcs to maintain stealth. Unless you pay attention at a low level you'd not realise that the AT gun loader gave away your position firing his pistol at an enemy 200m away 🤣
  2. I'm not sure if this is working as intended, and if so I can see the logic, but after using my AT weapons (actual AT teams not just RPG teams) my teams lose morale and run away. I can understand this in a 'we don't want to stick around after making our position known to everyone in the vicinity' shoot and scoot methodology but I can't control where they are running to!
  3. Sorry to resurrect the thread somewhat, but I just wanted to thank you guys - something that I can be guilty of not coming back to threads to do. Having built on my skills using lots of the advice here, I am improving! This is from a recent CMBS small battle against the AI only, but it was a mission that previously I had no hope of winning, but now, using realistic tactics, I was able to do just that. I think the best advice was 1) To slow down; 2) To zoom down to eye level and think "would I run over there?" before placing a move order, and 3) For every movement I make a fire plan.
  4. That is true, however until the AT gun and Stug are dealt with i'll be out ranged. Also the enemy is thoroughly entrenched and the main guns take a LONG time to either deal with bunkers or with entrenched enemies until we get into Canister or Flame range
  5. Thanks - at least it isn't just me! I'm going to try to lay some more smoke to cover my line rather than the germans, just to get my onto the slops so that i can set up my fires as soon as the smoke starts to clear. The issue is the pesky AT gun but perhaps i can sacrifice some Ivans beforehand to get it's location and focus that down first before charging the flame tanks over
  6. Has anyone found a decent way to get around this map? I saw another thread from a long time ago about how a central thrust is the only real way, as the other avenues are so slim, however even with smoke and mortar support the sheer amount of bunkers and MGs overwhelms my attackers and i get bogged down. The Panzer 4 which appears on the crest always seems to take a lot of hits, and the pesky AT gun shifts position, which is good for replay ability i suppose!
  7. Really interesting replies, thank you to everyone. The responses help with my mindset question. Really rather than thinking about setting up one SBF position to deal with an enemy position, I think i need to be thinking about a whole fireplan in order to gain fire superiority over the enemy where it counts, and then exploiting that area, making sure that enemy positions that I cannot adequately suppress are avoided until later, when hopefully a different angle opens up from manoeuvre that means i can bring forces to bear on it. I like the idea of tactics scalling up as described by I
  8. I think that i've found the issue with trying to use, in Combat Mission, what are probably best referred to as 'text book' tactics. The like found in manuals and battle drills etc. Text book tactics usually focus on something like an assault with one platoon on a fixed enemy position. You set up an SBF or base of fire, send another team around the side via a concealed and covered route and assault from there. By trying to implement this in CMx2 I've just been frustrated consistently. The issue, that i'm sure i am the last person to realise, is that these tactics don't work, simply be
  9. To be honest they all have large and small options. I prefer smaller battles in CMBS
  10. I've been playing around with this on some test scenarios in hot-seat mode. I seem to get relatively similar results whether I approach a SBF position, covered or not, by crawling the last few spots or not. There doesn't seem to be any cover that a 3-4 man MG team can get into unseen from 3-400m away. As such it appears sensible to just make sure that enough firepower is arriving at the same time that the enemy can't shoot at them all, and then establish fire superiority. What i seem to be getting my head around is that fire superiority isn't about getting the best position for your
  11. Certainly when I last played Graviteam Tactics I spent 80% of the time wandering around on my own. The other 20% was trying to figure out the UI 😂
  12. I think that part of the problem comes from traditional army "battle drills". These documents always use scenarios where you have a platoon attacking a single enemy squad. That squad is sat in a Bush and they've seemingly been left all alone like some sort of punishment. Of course a text book fire and manoeuvre approach is easy here, but how often does that scenario occur? I understand the need for the rank and file to have simple and easy to understand instructions, but is not as easy to find instructional materiel for lieutenants and captains on how to approach attac
  13. To be honest the scenario played out with losing a lot of men to take the buildings which were occupied with a whole squad each. I think it sums up how futile it can be to attack occupied buildings without high explosive shells in one form or another.
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