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  1. There are. Still when the briefing says he has no armour I was expecting that to be a fib but the surprise is ruined now. I quite like those “Oh c**p, they’ve got a <insert scary weapon>!” moments. MMM
  2. SITMAP Now that I know the town is occupied I've somewhat satisfied NAI2, I'll reposition KG ZENTRUM to investigate NAI3. MMM
  3. The Thirteenth Minute KG LINKS 2nd Squad leapfrogs 1st (there are only two squads in this Zug) as a HT moves up to provide support. Kein kontact! KG ZENTRUM The scouts push forwards and we soon get some spotting contacts heading away from us back towards town. I expected him to do this, I am a bit surprised that he would man an OP with what I suspect is an AT rifle team but then they probably are pretty well suited for the job. Then, a shot that looked like it came from the town! We have our first confirmed spot! An HQ unit. KG RECHTS The scouts approach NAI4 having cleared the danger area without incident. Overwatched by the rest of the Zug and the armour section. They make the treeline and will take some time to rest while the rest of the Zug is brought up, infantry first. I'm really surprised there was no response, unless of course Grunt has impeccable self control and has any OPs on extremely short cover arcs (which is what I would do). MMM
  4. Exactly. I guess the game wouldn't be much fun if it just told you how to win the battle would it? I must admit I have, on occasion, agreed with the plan after doing my analysis. But it doesn't happen often. MMM
  5. The Twelfth Minute All in all a disappointing turn. Nothing happened so I'll be brief and no images because again, nothing happened. KG LINKS Still no contact so I'll keep advancing by bounds, scouts out front followed by the remainder of the Zug until I reach the intersection, then I'll turn my attention toward the buildings. KG ZENTRUM Everyone hit the snow but no more shots fired and no contacts. I will move the scouts on the next turn to see if I can provoke a reaction. KG RECHTS The scouts are almost at the trees at NAI4 now. I'm going to move them into the trees and not stop short as it will hopefully provoke anyone who is hiding in there to do something rash. No contact thus far though. I'm thinking of mixing up my armour force a bit. I currently have a Panther and a StuG assigned to KG RECHTS but I m already in contact in the center so I might swap the StuG for the Panther that is with KG ZENTRUM so I have both panthers on the right flank and should he get a spot on my armour then all he, hopefully, will see is a StuG. Decisions, decisions. I'm a bit surprised to not have spotted anything on NAI4 yet but there may yet be some Soviets in the vicinity. MMM
  6. The Eleventh Minute KG LINKS Having cleared the woods and farm 2nd Zug push over the bridge, led by 1st Squad. The 251/17 moves into an overwatch position. It can't quite see into NAI1 from here but it can cover the approaches. KG ZENTRUM Kontact! The scouts come under fire from some scrub ahead of them towards NAI2. It was a few shots, fired singly and sounded like quite a large caliber, perhaps a Soviet AT Rifle? They all missed and none of my troops seemed to notice and we didn't get any sound contacts, I've added a symbol for where I think the shots were coming from. I will stop everyone now and see if we can resolve the contact and see what we're up against. KG RECHTS The scouts are almost across the open ground and into NAI4, I've been leapfrogging the supporting infantry and HTs. The armour is back but close enough to be brought up quickly to engage any threats. NAI4 is a large area to investigate so I'm planning to bring the other platoon in 3rd Kompanie (it only has 2) to help once I know there's nothing really nasty waiting for us. SITMAP As I said in the center everyone is going to stop and go to ground to see if we can work out who is shooting at us. I also am in position to get eyes into NAI2 now anyway and I don't want to push my luck. On the left and right we will continue to probe. MMM
  7. The First Ten Minutes - Aufklarung "Are you sure this is what you saw Blackadder?" "Absolutely. I mean there may have been a few more armament factories, and not quite as many elephants, but…" Nothing. Nada. Zip. Or nichts as I should say. On the left, let's call them KG Links for the time being, there is a patch of woods directly by my setup zone and a small farm that overlook a bridge leading to NAI1 so they went on foot to check both the woods and the building for enemies. No sign so they continue toward the bridge. In the center, KG Zentrum drove up to the scrubland in their halftracks and then dismounted to probe forward. I've got all the troops in this kind of formation with a skirmish line out front of scout teams (where I have them) and split off teams from the squads on either side, all overwatched by the halftracks. The armour is being held back for now. I can't let the skirmish line get too far ahead because of the weather and the restricted visibility. On the right KG Rechts advanced in much the same way, they drove to a small hill and dismounted then set up overwatch so the scouts can advance over the open ground towards NAI4. MMM
  8. Yes I've had to add him to the ignore list while this battle is going on so I don't get any more spoilers. I really didn't want to but I knew it was coming. Calling it a DAR and stating on the first post that this is in progress so no spoilers, and then asking chuck nicely to avoid spoilers again a bit later when he was leaning that way clearly wasn't enough. I know he means well but it's annoyed me, especially as the only 85mm guns the Soviets have available are on tracks. Oh well, onwards and upwards. I may work this into an update later. MMM
  9. Yes it does indeed but I always make my own assessment even when playing the AI, and I usually end up doing something different to what the briefing suggests. I just don't like the idea of charging over that hill straight off as it will probably mean heavy casualties to capture it. I've not ruled it out but I'm going to investigate other options first and hopefully give him something to think about too. Thanks for letting me know they have 85mm guns by the way, nice spoiler . MMM
  10. 9. Time, Initial Plans and First Turn TIME - This battle has 2 hours, no idea if the time is variable or not but this is a large map so it feels a bit tight. It's 1pm in January so I'm not expecting the light to fade too much but the visibility could draw in and the battle advances. Something to watch out for. INITIAL PLANS - OK so now we have all this info, what am I going to do? Good question. First of all, how would I defend this map if I were the Soviets? Well I'd keep the companies together so let's template based on the Cavalry regiment which has 4 squadrons (company equivalent). I would have one squadron in Obj ROT, one near OBJ GRAU, one near KEY TERRAIN 4 and one in reserve. I would place a piquet line/OPs forward on KEY TERRAIN 1, 2, 3 and 7 and have them fall back when contact is made. His heavy weapons I would expect to be covering the most dangerous avenues of approach and to me those are AoA1, AoA4 and AoA2 leading on to AoA5. I would be shocked if there wasn't something nasty lurking in the trees at KEY TERRAIN 6. However, he can't be everywhere! I said I was going to stick to German doctrine as much as possible so while this map is screaming out for a command-push style attack I'm still going to do some aufklarung and try and find the schwerpunkt that I can then mass my forces and attack, hopefully causing some confusion and panic along the way. To that end I've identified some NAIs that need some eyeballs on them. I included Obj ROT as a NAI as I just want to make sure he has forces in there, I would be stunned if he didn't but you never know. For task assignments I've split my forces to probe forward and see what's in these areas. They will be lead by one Zug of mechanized infantry with some armour support but the armour will be keeping back, only to be brought forward when needed or when it's safe to do so. That being said the following have been tasked: NAI1 and NAI5 (if they don't all get murdered investigating NAI1) 2 Zug/2 Kompanie 1 x StuG NAI2 and NAI3 1 Zug/2 Kompanie 1 x Panther NAI4 2 Zug/3 Kompanie 1 x Panther 1 x StuG The rest of the troops will stay in the assembly area ready to be brought forward once I have more info and a plan of attack. My hope is these will be enough eyeballs to effectively spot and also enough firepower to perform some limited offensive action and defend themselves should they need to. It also has the benefit of being quite a large force for scouting so it may make Grunt think I'm attacking across a broad front. I've just realised I have an armour section going with 2/2 to NAI1 on the above diagram, it's only a StuG and I can't be bothered correcting it now, I'll update it on the next diagram. PANZER MARSCH! Finally, we're on the way! Some screenshots from the first turn for you: Next time...movement to contact! MMM
  11. 8. Terrain concluded - Key Terrain and Cover and Concealment KEY TERRAIN - The Key Terrain for this battle are positions that offer observation and fire onto multiple avenues of approach or dominate a particular avenue such that it can't easily be bypassed and must be dealt with. I will examine each in turn but this map shows the Key Terrain for this battle: KEY TERRAIN 1: The same hill mentioned in the last post on observation SW of Obj ROT. It dominates the surrounding area and AoA2 and AoA3 are observable from it. In truth it can be bypassed quite easily by avoiding those avenues but I include it here because it is so dominant. KEY TERRAIN 2: This scrubland/woods offers good visibility onto AoA3 and AoA4 and in conjunction with KEY TERRAIN 3 creates a nice bottleneck on AoA4. There's also a small farm that offers shelter and cover overlooking AoA4 (all pictures taken looking towards my positions/axis of advance). KEY TERRAIN 3: Scrubland just to the South of KEY TERRAIN 2 that creates a bottleneck on AoA4. KEY TERRAIN 4: Dominates AoA1 and will have to be cleared if that AoA is to be utilised at all. KEY TERRAIN 5: Obj GRAU. It dominates AoA4 and offers great cover and concealment. It could be bypassed but not easily. KEY TERRAIN 6: The treeline and Obj BLAU. It offers great observation onto AoA5 and it has an objective on it which I shouldn't really ignore. KEY TERRAIN 7: Thus numbered because I forgot about it when numbering. On AoA1 it dominates a stream crossing and offers observation (just) onto AoA2. The road also narrows here and passes between buildings and wooded areas. COVER AND CONCEALMENT Last, but certainly not least I'll look at cover and concealment as it relates to the map in general and the avenues of approach and the Key Terrain in particular. Frankly, if it wasn't for this snowstorm I would be in big trouble. There isn't much in the way of concealment when attacking to the East on this map, the enemy on the other hand has plenty of wooded areas to move his forces through or behind and lots of buildings to use as cover. There is KEY TERRAIN 1 that masks the view from the town to the South but that's the only major piece of dead ground I can move through (that I've spotted). I stated earlier that the blizzard may be a problem as it will draw me into short-range fights, but it's also a problem for him as it prevents him from seeing and hearing what I'm up to at any great distance. Likewise I'll have issues spotting too, it remains to be seen how this will all play out, it should be fun. Next up...I'll complete the METT-T analysis by looking at time and how I think he will be defending, and then use that to form an initial plan. MMM
  12. 7. Terrain continued - Observation Now I have identified some obstacles along the avenues of approach I can identify some smashing spots for the dirty Ivans to watch what I'm up to, and perhaps lob a shell or two at my forces. As alluded to in an earlier post there are a lot of trees, so not surprisingly a lot of the identified spots are in...the trees! Just to the SW of Obj ROT is a hill. This hill wraps around the south side of the town and impairs visibility to the SW and S, it also provides a fantastic reverse slope defence for the town and great visibility in all directions. I would be stunned if he didn't have some units sitting there watching everything, it would be the first place to receive some arty love if I had it, but I don't. Boo. Looking towards ROT from the SW Looking West from the hill toward my setup zone Looking South from ROT, note the hill limits visibility to that direction Looking West from ROT, anyone fancy charging over that hill towards some Soviets in fortified positions? There's an Iron Cross in it for you! Next up...time to identify the Key Terrain (spoiler - that hill is definitely on the list). MMM
  13. Thanks Cpt, I appreciate the encouragement. I definitely underestimated how much work it is but once I found my editing legs again (used to do a lot of photo and video editing a few years ago) it's getting easier. MMM
  14. 6. Terrain continued - Obstacles I like to look at obstacles in a couple of ways. The first is to look at them in a general way to see if there's anything that will curtail my ability to move and secondly I look along each Avenue of Approach to see if there are any obstacles to movement there. I will mostly look at obstacles that will inhibit vehicular movement in this battle as my force is mechanized and that's where the majority of my firepower is going to come from so without the support of these heavy weapons the sledding will be tough. a) General observations In general there are a lot of wooded areas in the AO but they are mostly passable by vehicles although it will be slow. I've highlighted some terrain that will inhibit movement or block it altogether, these are mostly areas of marsh (the larger areas) that are completely impassable to vehicles but are passable by infantry, albeit they will be exhausted crossing it and it slows them down to a crawl. I'll be avoiding these. The marshes are connected by a boggy stream, it is passable in some places and impassable in others but to be honest I'm going to avoid it if at all possible as the risk of bogging will be a bit too much for me to accept. The other obstacle to mention is the weather, it's only light snow on the ground but those 70 ton Tigers may still have issues. It is also snowing heavily so I'm not sure if that will have an effect later in the battle. b) Obstacles on the AoAs When looking at obstacles along the AoAs I look for pinch points, anywhere that will funnel my forces and make it hard to navigate that would be ideal to set up an ambush: bridges, roads between buildings etc. I've marked such areas with green circles in the image below. For the eagle-eyed amongst you I've marked the entirety of Obj ROT as an obstacle as it is behind a reverse slope and dominates AoA2, so much so that it is a serious problem as it also offers good cover and concealment to observe any movement along that corridor. The next step in the process is to look at where the enemy can observe the AoAs and the obstacles along them, that should help identify Key Terrain. MMM
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