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  1. Be sure to name a saved game so you won't forget it at the start of this mission. This will give you a chance to come back and take the other branch of the campaign.
  2. The old flowchart is for the SF1 version ONLY. While the order of the battles and what happens next has not changed, the rest, refit and resupply variables have been modified to reflect the updates in the game engine since SF1. While I understand you were disappointed to encounter the exit zone error playing the updated SF2 campaign, this advice makes literally no sense. The updated campaign file is based on the original campaign, meaning the exit zone error was, and still is, in the original SF1 campaign. Not only will some one playing the original campaign run into this issue, they
  3. The exit zone has been fixed for the Sab'Abar mission. There were two scenarios with a TO&E oddity which caused the Marine module to light up when attempting to play the campaign. This has also been addressed.
  4. There are no Javelin launchers in this scenario. There are however lots of other infantry anti-tank weapons available for you to use. They are just much shorter in range, less powerful and require stealth to use effectively. I loaded up the single scenario, BOTH the original and the SF2 modified versions have the tanks as core units. If @Erwin had 1 tank on the map and three show up as reinforcements, casualties were suffered in previous battles. With all the discussion around this scenario, I played it again tonight and got a minor victory. I suffered a turn of disaster when I got
  5. We are talking about the same mission. There are two branches in the campaign and you only reached one of them. The first branch comes after the Recon mission of helicopter airfield. The following mission is exactly the same mission, the difference being the amount of intel the player has based on a successful recon mission or a failed mission. The next branch happens in battle #12 and has been explained above.
  6. Mission 11, or "Counter Attack", is only the end of the campaign if you lose the scenario. If you had achieved a minor victory in the battle, you would have continued on. No spoilers, but this is a battle where your casualties from previous missions will come back to haunt you. The next scenario is the US or Alone battle where the player chooses which path to follow. There are 4 more battles after this one, irregardless of the path chosen. I would suggest keeping a save from this battle so you can take the alternative path if you wish to play all the battles in the campaign. T
  7. Finding errors in another persons writing was one of the easier tasks to learn in school. Proof reading my own work on the other hand is very difficult as I read what I intended to say and not what the words actually say.
  8. Did you succeed in Mission #4? Have you lost any Challengers?
  9. I will try to explain it a little bit differently then using an example from my non military day job. Last fall we did a major renovation to one of our barns and used some equipment from the Netherlands. Our farm was only the second farm in North America to use this equipment and the very first installation for our local dealer. Naturally there were many questions about the correct way to install things. We were given the direct line of the technical expert at the company but the seven hour time delay, spotty cell service and slight language barrier made calls direct from the barn diffic
  10. The scenario design side of the game can be even more addictive than the playing side.
  11. If you are missing .brz files for CMFB, your best option will be to redownload the installer and try again.
  12. Those tanks are your friends! Be kind to them and they will take care of you. The 51mm mortar is a great tool for quick, accurate, bad days for the enemy.
  13. Sorry for the delay in getting back to you on this. Without giving away too much, there is varying degrees of resupply throughout the campaign. There a couple of battles which take place quite quickly after the previous battle and resupply in those is rather limited. Otherwise most battles will see you start the mission after receiving some supplies.
  14. If you own the 4.0 upgrades there is an all in one installer for each title. Simply download this installer, point it to install over top of your existing install location and you will be good to go.
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