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  1. The reason I suggested to select the forces yourself while trying to learn the game is to frame the battle properly. Let's say you want to practice house clearing in a village. If the game randomly selects units, you could end up fighting a couple of tanks, not what you wanted to practice. Something for everyone selecting forces for quick battles, the game tries to keep formations intact in AI groups. For example, if a QB map has 3 AI groups and you select three companies from the same battalion, there is a pretty decent chance they will all end up in the same AI group. However, if you se
  2. @Zloba if you are thinking about playing quick battles, I would suggest you play as the attacker on TINY battles. Choose the forces yourself for both sides. I started by giving myself a single company and one platoon to the enemy. Stick to one branch of one nation, the TO&E differences in this game are massive and make a huge difference in outcome of a battle. Learn to command one group really well and then branch out and see just how different a Canadian rifle company is from the Americans, or the British Airborne, or even an armoured American company.
  3. Which title are you seeing this in?
  4. I wanna take wagers on how long it takes before a second purchase is made! Before or after the first pbem @mjkerner?
  5. @Zloba I have a young one at home, 8 months old now, along with a bunch of siblings for the little guy, so I know cash can be tight sometimes and spending money on a game can be hard to justify. If you want to wait for the Red Thunder/ Fire and Rubble bundle to save a few bucks no one will blame you. The demos are fun and can keep you entertained until either you are certain you want to buy the game or you have enough free cash to justify the purchase. If you really want to make sure you have the money to buy the game, follow a tip an old man gave me. He put $2 into a jar on his nightstan
  6. Fire and Rubble will ready for release when it is ready as the saying around here goes. If you are thinking about Red Thunder, there will most likely be a bundle deal when Fire and Rubble comes out saving you a few dollars if you wait until then. However, every day spent waiting is another day not playing the game. If you have the financial capabilities, pick a title, buy it and start enjoying the game. You really don't sound like someone who will regret the purchase.
  7. @Zloba The price of the game you see on the website is not a sale price but rather a discount for purchasing the bundle. If you choose to purchase just the base game and then add the modules later, it will cost more than deciding to purchase the bundle up front. The price of these games is subject to great debate and a search history of those who post here will show many have asked the same questions as you are asking now. I know I was looking for a sale price when I first thought about buying one. These games are not something you will finish or beat in a few days. Even if you only buy
  8. The editor and Quick Battle unit purchase stage, have various options when selecting the units participating in the battle. Morale ranges from poor to fanatic, Experience from elite to conscript, leadership from -2 to +2. There is also the opportunity to select equipment quality, supply, headcount and fatigue level as well. Also keep in mind the TO&E differences between the different formations in the game. As you can well imagine, and based on you mod work on experience levels in ARMA, a company of +2, elite, fanatic, fit, excellently equipped, fully supplied, and full headcount SS V
  9. @kurtcobainsbrainz go to the store page and select your order for the Upgrade 4 big bundle. You should find a folder for each game title and in the folder will be the upgrade and the full installer.
  10. Be sure to name a saved game so you won't forget it at the start of this mission. This will give you a chance to come back and take the other branch of the campaign.
  11. The old flowchart is for the SF1 version ONLY. While the order of the battles and what happens next has not changed, the rest, refit and resupply variables have been modified to reflect the updates in the game engine since SF1. While I understand you were disappointed to encounter the exit zone error playing the updated SF2 campaign, this advice makes literally no sense. The updated campaign file is based on the original campaign, meaning the exit zone error was, and still is, in the original SF1 campaign. Not only will some one playing the original campaign run into this issue, they
  12. The exit zone has been fixed for the Sab'Abar mission. There were two scenarios with a TO&E oddity which caused the Marine module to light up when attempting to play the campaign. This has also been addressed.
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