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  1. Are you sure you didn't mix up your units of measure here? I am pretty certain they are 100 yards, 300 feet, 91.5 meters long. But I might be wrong as we play real football up here, on a field 110 yards or 101 meters in length with CFL rules, Go Bombers Go!
  2. Two things to try: 1. Check your outgoing email folder and make sure there isn't a QB070 file there already somehow. If there is, this will be causing the problem. 2. Try to save the file as QB072 and see what happens.
  3. I must have read it wrong, I thought you lost the CO tank and not the 2IC tank.
  4. @character countGlad to hear you are enjoying it so far. Some of the missions are a tough challenge and others are a little easier. The lose of two command tanks is going to make C2 difficult! One pro tip, make sure you keep the save game handy when you get to the scenario With the US or Alone. This scenario is where you decide to fight city battles with US help or stay in the more open country with just British forces. Whatever path you pick, come back to this scenario and take the other path to enjoy some extended campaign action.
  5. This is one of my scenarios and I can tell you the Archer is behaving exactly as it was designed. The Archer is a tank destroyer with the gun mounted over the rear of the vehicle. It was intended to be used in ambush shoot and scoot situations where the tank would be reversed into an ambush zone and then drive away at full speed after engaging the enemy. These vehicles would also be used as longer range fire support, where the risk of close engagement could be avoided. To use them in this role, reverse them into firing positions and blast away.
  6. Hey Mr Heirloom, 

    I finished the Duna (Duma?) battle #14, nicely done.  Had enough forces to leapfrog through the buildings.  Good combined arms work kept the ambushes from wreaking havoc.  Overall good fun.

    Now on battle #1 "going downtown":  ugly so far.  One of two challengers had gun damaged by mix of tank & ATRM fire.  On my left tanks are moving in, don't like that.  I've knocked out some tanks using shoot & scoot of javelin teams -- run up on roof, fire, run back down.  Your attacks are generally troublesome in this campaign.  Unlike most AI attacks I actually fear for my life in these.  Usually it's dumb hordes plowing forward into my waiting guns, not so here.  Nice work!


  7. I use rarfrog on all the game files and have never had a problem. Free download.
  8. The reason I suggested to select the forces yourself while trying to learn the game is to frame the battle properly. Let's say you want to practice house clearing in a village. If the game randomly selects units, you could end up fighting a couple of tanks, not what you wanted to practice. Something for everyone selecting forces for quick battles, the game tries to keep formations intact in AI groups. For example, if a QB map has 3 AI groups and you select three companies from the same battalion, there is a pretty decent chance they will all end up in the same AI group. However, if you se
  9. @Zloba if you are thinking about playing quick battles, I would suggest you play as the attacker on TINY battles. Choose the forces yourself for both sides. I started by giving myself a single company and one platoon to the enemy. Stick to one branch of one nation, the TO&E differences in this game are massive and make a huge difference in outcome of a battle. Learn to command one group really well and then branch out and see just how different a Canadian rifle company is from the Americans, or the British Airborne, or even an armoured American company.
  10. Which title are you seeing this in?
  11. I wanna take wagers on how long it takes before a second purchase is made! Before or after the first pbem @mjkerner?
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