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  1. Thanks for the great AAR and the very enjoyable video! It is always a pleasure to see the own content brought to life. Regards Frank
  2. Short Update: I am confident to finish the map-work until Release of the CMFR-Module - as well the other stuff like tactical/strategic maps, pictures etc. AI plans and playtesting can start not until the release because of new TOE. So, I will need numerous volunteers for testing - ideally each tester should not have to playtest more than 1-2 missions. The finished campaign will include 8 partially huge Master-maps up to a size of 2 x 3 km, 4-5 smaller maps and 22-23 single missions.
  3. I am very excited to watch the AAR. Your AARs are great!
  4. Thank you very much! Wonderful to see the campaign „alive“👍🏻 Unfortunately, the last mission seems to be a little bit unsatisfactory.
  5. If I had known the reaction, I wouldn‘t have asked for these units 😬 So calm down everybody, please. If I remember correctly there have been Police-Units available in the good old CMBB. So, it has been a normal and unspectacular question and not any obsession - because the campaign, I am working on, will actually includ parts of such units...because these units did fight at the Frontlinie during this period and because the campaign should be historically correct. No more, no less. I apologize for feeding Trolls. This forum should never be used for any political discussion.
  6. @ Kraut: Sorry, I don‘t like any political discussion considering the fact, that we are playing a PC-Game. If you prefer this moral point of view, you should not buy any game including WW II. And if your historical horizon is based on Wikipedia, your intention should be to read more serious books. And for your historical Information🤓: In July 1944, parts of the KG von Gottberg and parts of KG Hannibal (consisting of Police- and SS-Police Units) were forced to defend the German Frontlines in the Belorussian Region against the Red Army. These units had only partizipated i
  7. Persistent question 🤓: will SS-(Police) Units be included? I am asking because of my campaign project.
  8. A question about the units: will German (SS)-Police-Units be included?
  9. Thanks for the Info. Is there any more modul planned? Or do you mean some kind of extension for CMFR (like a battlepack, vehiclepack etc.)?
  10. May be, this question was asked before🤔: will we see Romanian and Hungarian Soldiers?
  11. Some more impressions of working progress.
  12. Yes, it is my baby 😇 thank you...
  13. I hope, you won't be disappointed. In 2011, the Bloody Ride Campaign was (if I remember correctly) the second user made campaign. Much bocage and only limited capabilities to create AI plans. I am not sure, if it is still playable with the current CM-Version. But some of the maps were quite nice...self praised 😎
  14. @Boche: I made three campaigns: A Bloody Ride - CMBN 2011 - 7 to 8 battles with Panzerlehr-Division Welcome to Sicily - CMFI 2013 or 2014 - 3 battles with allied Troops in July 43 Zawiya Uprising - CMSF I 2014 - 8 battles, Red vs Red These are available in the repository. I have never made much Promotion for my work. And from 2014 to 2020, children, work and Real Life stopped any ambition to create more content.
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