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  1. I was playing a H2H scenario in which my opponent had more than 20 tanks going down a slope and disappearing behind a hill. Good for me there was a wooden fence some distance in front of a forest. By keeping an eye on that fence I could see how it got broken up on different sections and understood from that where some of those tanks were heading although the tanks were consealed by he hill. This helped to decide in what direction I should point two of my AT-guns.
  2. If there's enough traffic in a thread like that it would stay updated by itself. And maybe BFC later on would decide to make it a sticky because of all the posts in it which would indicate it being a useful thread.
  3. We could always have a thread in the General Discussion section where people can give links to their scenarios and then get feedback on those scenarios.
  4. Along with the Scenario Depot there used to be the Proving Grounds where one could upload scenarios for playtesting. It seems that page is gone from the The few good men website. But maybe Bootie will put it back.
  5. I am a bit guilty of this. Making a map takes a whole lot of time and making the AI movements and actions take time too. After that I'm usually quite fed up with loading my scenario again so I don't playtest it so much. Get feedback could of course be good to have. But as the scenarios I have made are meant to be a challenge for the Axis-player I wouldn't do any changes to make them more balanced just to make it easier for the Axis side if someone would request it. What I would like to have though is for the ability to see on the Scenario Depot how many people that have downloaded
  6. Could be an interesting scenario. Female partisans bumping into Soviet or German infantry. Now the female partisans have to exit the map before they get caught by the infantry men.
  7. Could it be something that we can watch on youtube?
  8. Those battles must be very bloody to wet the ground that much.
  9. It sometimes seems that infantry in crawling aren't really aware of their surroundings but look down to make sure they don't dirt their clothes on animal droppings or search for mushrooms. One often has to stop their crawling so they sit up to make them see the enemy vehicles.
  10. I only have Final Blitzkrieg so won't be able to use that mod. But maybe one day someone will upload an RT-battle to Youtube where that mod has been used. That would be the only way for me to see what it looks like.
  11. Making maps is a lot of work. And it's sometimes easy to forget to check that windows and doors aren't blocked by higher ground when there's a difference in elevation. It would have been nice if houses in these games would get destroyed bit by bit more like in the game Theatre of War (or was it Faces of War?) and leave rubble on the streets. If they also sometimes could burn it would be nice to see that town slowly become a ruin after a whole lot of fighting.
  12. Sorry Ithikial. I think you answered to the wrong post. I already play a WW2-title and have only tried the demo to SF2 which was some time ago.
  13. I often think it's a bit strange that pixeltruppen outside of a building, sometimes even quite far away from it, even can see what's inside it. In real life it's often, or usually, only possible to see what's inside a building if the lights are on in the rooms and there's not much sun outside. It of course also depends on how large the windows are.
  14. I bought Final Blitz with the mindset that it would be a bit more up to date than Red Thunder. Only after having played the Red Thunder demo it was clear to me that those both games where more or less the same game. So I stay with Final Blitz for now and will probably buy an Eastern Front game if there will be a new game engine coming.
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