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  1. Are Fire and Rubble Soviet squads changed to follow the changes that came in 1944 when it comes to the number of NCOs and riflemen in each squad?
  2. As long as what is being sold isn't too expensive and looks great, I would probably buy something.
  3. As it seems some of those joining the Daesh got disappointed with what actually happened in their land of milk and honey and how many of the radicals didn't follow the rules themselves, you could be correct.
  4. For a while now I have been thinking about buying Red Thunder as I would like to see how it is to meet and fight the Soviet armoured vehicles. But if that article is correct I think I'd better wait until Red Thunder is upgraded and sold with engine 5 so I don't have to pay for an upgrade later on.
  5. I now noticed that I had written that wrong. What I wanted to say was that we can now only have a team or squad (or maybe a single vehicle) being in waiting for one trigger area at a time. I would like us to be able to have a unit being in waiting for more than one trigger area at a time so that a unit can sit on a spot and depending on which of the two or three trigger areas that are becoming activated the unit moves.
  6. With the CM games on Steam and more people getting aquainted with them and the games becoming more popular, It won't surprise me when there will be other game companies that copy what BF has done but with some changes to their games to make them a bit different. Russian players already play WW2 content quite a lot. But it seems, at least some ten years ago, that they were playing the Men of War series and Faces of War which they call V Tilu Vraga or Behind Enemy Lines as I think that is in English. On a quite large Russian game forum one guy started a thread about the CM games a y
  7. I finaly found my notes so here is my little wishlist of changes for engine 5 or a possible future CMx3 game engine. Trees could be a bit thinner and have a broader variety in general. I often get the feeling that the trees are too thick and look too much the same. Instead of only having one single tree, two trees and three trees of each type to choose from there could also be trees of different height and thickness to each type. This variety could be randomly decided by the AI. If I for example would choose to place two single trees of the same type beside each other the AI could
  8. Will download from YouTube in the work's library after my night shift is over. Could be good to watch while I have my breakfast.
  9. How many conflicts were there in Africa during this period? For example African (or African country) government troops with US/British/French or Soviet support in a struggle against African rebel forces with or without US/British/French or Soviet support. Then we also have the conflicts in South and Latin America. If nothing of that will be in a Small Conflicts Module containing different scenarios and maybe even campaigns about internal conflicts from different parts of the world the modders might have much work to do in the future.
  10. Allright. Sounds good. I'll probably make a two scenarios test-campaign first to see the result. And if it works out, I'll see if I manage to get the time to (feel like spending my time to) do the necessary research and make the necessary maps and uniforms to do this for real. Thank you very much.
  11. The Fire and Rubble module will give the owners of the game a whole lot of new unit formations. Those who own the game but don't buy Fire and Rubble, will they get a little something of those new formations or are they for the Fire and Rubble module only?
  12. A little question about mod tags. If there was a campaign being planned about a unit which first fought in a country's regular army and later on got transferred into a Waffen-SS regiment, am I correct to assume that it would be possible to use mod tags for, let's say three scenarios, where this unit is wearing the regular army uniform and then three scenarios where it is wearing the SS-uniform? Or would that change of uniform not be possible within a campaign?
  13. In 1944 the German authorities called up those Estonians borned 1920 to 1922, if I'm correct, to get prepared to join the Police Battalions, Border Guard Regiments, which served under the Special Purpose Battalion 300 (z.b.V 300), or the Waffen-SS. As my dad had the correct age but didn't want to serve the Germans, he did what other Estonians had done before him and crossed the Finnish Bay to fight the Soviets in the Infantry Regiment 200 with the other so called Soomepoissid. I have been searching personal reports from Scandinavian Waffen-SS volunteers to get a glimpse of their m
  14. Yes, I know. With the words "The Stug III in the service as an anti-tank vehicle is probably the reason to why it is called a tank" I meant that it's possibly a reason to why people call it a tank.
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