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  1. This is only for Soviet air support or for German as well? I understand from what has been written in other threads that only the Soviet air support behave on their own, or when the scenario designer has decided that they should arrive.
  2. Windows 10 has the XBox Gamebar which you open with the Windows-key + the G-key. Xbox Gamebar allows you to make a video of your game and to take screenshots. If you don't have it on your Windows 10 computer you can apparently download it from the Microsoft Store or what it's called. I unfortunately haven't been able to try it out as my laptop doesn't seem to live up to the requirements for it to record my game. Search about it on internet to read how it works.
  3. The briefings could need a bit of proofreading. BFC is a small company but that shouldn't need to be an excuse as the company is based in an English speaking country. If BFC was stationed in for example Mexico or China it would be more understandable if the scenarios that come with the games have broken English. The famous words in the game Zero Wing. Maybe those who make scenarios which come with the games and don't speak English very good could use the spell and grammar checking option in a text program. There are free ones to download and use. Briefings that are in the sce
  4. Sounds good Captain. I'll have a look on the purchase page in a few days' time.
  5. I would like to have a go at this game's demo version. It's now about 10 days since the Cold Was was released but still no demo on the purchase site. Any special reason to why Cold War has no demo? Is it maybe supposed to be able for download at a later date?
  6. If I remember correctly you can choose a fire mission with a fuse that cause the artillery shells to explode above the target (infantry) when you have certain artillery batteries to use. If you choose that fire mission on infantry hiding in woods or in a forest the shells will explode in the treetops and cause more casualties to the enemy infantry. Unfortunately that fire mission can only be requested from cannons and not howitsers, I think.
  7. Even though it doesn't seem necessary for Windows computers, I try to follow the game's folder structure as it helps to know where I have different mods in case I want to change some of them.
  8. A bit too thin and short chimney, exhaust pipe, to look good as a factory. It would be good if we could turn the houses around and place them in the direction we want, whether it's east or south or northeast or southwest, for example.
  9. Is this Tukums battle connected to the fighting in the Kurland pocket? If it is and you play as the Germans, I thought they already had a whole lot of experience of fighting the Soviets. But maybe there also were some office personal and ground staff from the airports without fighting experience in that battle.
  10. I think a target arc only will work if the zook team is able to see movement from the hmg team inside the bunker/pillbox. For the zook team to see any movement by the hmg team inside the pillbox you would probably have to use another team/soldier to be spotted by the hmg team which will make them try to shoot. But as the pillbox's spotting slit is quite narrow it could still be hard for the zook team to see any movement inside the pillbox. The easiest and quickest way is therefore probably to use direct fire on the pillbox.
  11. Quick battles must have occupy objectives, and occupy only, as touch objectives and objectives working as triggers don't do anything. The occupy objectives for attack and assault are closer to the defender, in a meeting engagement there is usually one occupy objective closer to each side and one or two closer to the middle. No need for units as they are choosen in the quick battle option window. No need for briefing notes. You do need to have AI-plans for booth sides if you want them to be possible to play as a single player. You also need to make sure that you designa
  12. Doesn't the German player have naval support in that mission (I saw something about that on Youtube)? Why not use the naval guns to soften up the Soviet troops in the wood before sending in the infantry?
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