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  1. This is a pretty classic example of what bugs me about some CM missions to be honest, the opposing side is basically custom tailored to perfectly counter the player (or just hit an "I win button" if you chose to play German in this mission). I'm not trying to sound whiny, but it's really a bit of a troll move. I guess it appeals to hardcore players who have achieved CM zen, but to more average players it's really kind of a motivation killer.
  2. #3: Buddy aid is just there as first aid, which is why there aren't e.g. medics or stretcher bearers in CM. #5: As stated before, nope. That'd make recon by fire completely impossible, or any direct fire support by units that haven't seen anything there. It's already a lot less effective than targeting of actually spotted units.
  3. Was this supposed to apply to halftracks as well? If so, it's not working. If not, no issue of course.
  4. I'd like to say so, but since they're not attached, no. However, the one is spread out, with the other in between its legs. So maybe they're busy making a quadpod?
  5. The M1919A6 gets a second bipod when semi-deployed on the ground: The loader here is awfully low down to be operating his .50 cal:
  6. One day I'd also like to see CM:Barbarossa, but in all honesty I must say CM would be far more incomplete missing the final, ultimate large battle that ended the war.
  7. I definitely understand that aspect, but the issue I see is that they seem too willing to use HE on even lone enemies they spot. The alternatives would be covered arcs, but in my experience that makes them even more prone to using HE within that arc, or use Target Light, which limits them to just machine gunning that spot regardless of any other targets they might spot elsewhere.
  8. I don't see any division patches on either 82nd nor 101st airborne winter units, which I'd expect since they wear the same jackets as when you select normal uniforms. Is this a bug, or by design? Also wondering if they're supposed to have said patches on their greatcoats, why else can you select greatcoat, 82nd greatcoat, or 101st greatcoat if they're all the same?
  9. How's HE holding up in the long run in this campaign? Reading that I'd have to be economic with it as I'd not get resupplied put me right of playing the campaign to be honest, at least until we get the option to toggle HE use unless directly ordered to, or get Target Light Arcs, as I had no desire to get stuck halfway through because my AI tankers had wasted all HE on their own initiative.
  10. Ah yes, seen. Other means do work quite well! Problem I have with grenades is just that they're so darn unreliable in killing pillboxes. Sometimes you get a freak grenade that destroys it all by itself, but mostly I seem to have my Tommies throw dozens to no effect. Really liking the campaign so far, even though it's incredibly exhausting to just organize companies. Think I spent more time rallying scattered squads, platoons, officers, etc. than I spent fighting in the first mission! Edit: Good thing I mentioned the mission name, since I got the number wrong. I'm talking
  11. Got an issue in the second mission (Where are the f***ing tanks?). The bunker outpost: After much sweat and blood to fight my way inside, my PIAT teams absolutely refuse to target the bunkers. I suspect this has something to do with the tanks that I spotted around the time they stopped engaging the bunkers.
  12. How did you lose that much, a mounted assault? You've got by far superior, experienced infantry and plenty of time to finish the mission. Spoiler: I ran the tracks up the road to the first few buildings, then dismounted all the infantry and sent them right out into the field in a line, advancing to contact. Kept the tanks on the road parallel to the infantry, all very simple to pull off. Only 13 casualties in total.
  13. Overall I liked the campaign, at least as far as I got on it. I enjoyed being given the command flexibility of choosing some courses, it really felt a lot more immersive in the sense of commanding a Kampfgruppe. Spoilers ahead! What I did dislike was how some of these decisions were to be made, especially in Rushing Stavelot, the last mission I played. I get that taking/bypassing some objectives was the way used to determine what choices the player made, but the Square made no sense at all to be honest, and especially the units placed to defend it felt very meta-gamed, an impr
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