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  1. This is a pretty classic example of what bugs me about some CM missions to be honest, the opposing side is basically custom tailored to perfectly counter the player (or just hit an "I win button" if you chose to play German in this mission). I'm not trying to sound whiny, but it's really a bit of a troll move. I guess it appeals to hardcore players who have achieved CM zen, but to more average players it's really kind of a motivation killer.
  2. I'd recommend a hard pass on Steel Armor. The mechanics, controls, etc. are the most clunky and user hostile that I've ever seen in a game. I spent several weeks trying to get a hang of how to order my tank around just basically, never mind the "advanced" stuff like finding hull down positions, or jockeying (from all I saw of it, both are utterly broken and extremely badly implemented concepts). The AI has no issues dealing with 1970's era tank limitations, so you'd get shot in the face from 2km out when engaging a platoon of moving enemy tanks from a hull down position, even when jockeyi
  3. Sniper teams are great, especially since you get so many with the Red Army. Apart from using them as scouts or marksmen directly cooperating with their platoons, I also like pooling several teams together to safeguard critical areas not quite critical/large enough to call for/fit an infantry platoon. In the video below I found I could completely shut off a bottleneck left flank by pairing some sniper teams up with one or two Su-76 SPGs; The snipers with their optics could easily spot approaching German infantry from further out than an infantry platoon ever could have, and where far harder to
  4. I know that artillery wasn't all that effective in large areas of the forest, but this isn't some trench network in a forest, it's a village out in the open. Taking it at the expense of 7/10 or so of the available forces isn't really my idea of fun to be honest. Even rushing a Red Army platoon through a mined wire obstacle to assault an entrenched German squad in RT costs less than just approaching the treeline in this mission.
  5. Utter brick wall. Not criticizing the realism of the forces and such, but rather the realism of anyone actually expecting the local commander (that we're playing as) to keep on pushing after realizing what he was facing instead of just pulling back and erasing the village with heavy artillery.
  6. One of the factors you can set for a unit. IIRC it goes from Full all the way down to 50%.
  7. Doesn't sound any different from the manpower drop down menu?
  8. The Vickers guns in the Bren carriers are actually mounted to the vehicle when the team is mounted, provided they're in their own kind of Bren carriers, not just the regular version.
  9. It was used sparingly early in the war because the only other option was "use no squad level automatic weapons at all". As I said, no one actually chose to use them.
  10. If the Lewis was so darned good, I must say it seems strange to me that not a single major combatant in WW2 opted to keep it, or use anything resembling it.
  11. I wouldn't necessarily agree. What, roughly half the German medium tanks even by the end of the war were Panzer 4s? A tank that was if anything was slightly, if not more, inferior to the Sherman. The other half being Panthers which, as we all know, on paper were great, but due to being so rushed often turned into not just better on paper, but effectively became paperweights when they broke down before even reaching the battle. Not sure I'd call that quality.
  12. Was thinking of the capabilities Allied tanks had to deal with Tigers. Not very read up on ATGs, but I suppose there's a point where though you yourself aren't satisfied with the number of e.g. ATGs capable of dealing with Tigers that you posses, you still posses enough of them that the Germans have to assume they'll be there if they send in their Tiger Is, and therefor stay within the limits that any other of their tanks would, and therefor the Tiger Is could be considered obsolete, since they can no longer assume they'll be fairly well protected compared to medium Panzers. Anyway, just
  13. I don't know what was meant, but I suppose the case could be made that the Tiger was obsolete in the sense that though still being heavily armoured, it was no longer armoured enough that it could be relied on to withstand an encounter with an ordinary Allied tank unit, after the Firefly and 76mm equipped Shermans had turned up in the ETO.
  14. Agree with Combatintman, as when I tried it, the scout team only had a little shy of 300 rounds. That matches the 8 rounds in the rifle + 80 in ammo belt + 64 in bandolier x 2 pretty well. Never seen them get up to the region of 400 rounds though. Was it maybe a 3 man scout team you saw?
  15. Yeah, that's how loads of German tanks were lost, no more gas during a retreat, so pack it with dynamite and hitch a ride on a tank that still had gas left. With e.g. Tigers and Panthers being additionally plagued by considerable risks of breaking down long before they had to worry about fuel consumption, when subjected to the long, hurried road marches of a retreat.
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