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  1. Interestingly, 83-89 would have been easier from a design perspective. The US formations are well known and structures had pretty much settled down as the Bradley's came in. Problem is that I personally think that tactically it would have risked being lopsided. The M1A1 is a monster from another epoc in military development, the Leo 2s and Challengers not far behind. The T80s would be challenged except for the T80U (which according to some sources never served in Germany, but we could "what if" that) and anything less is very disadvantaged. BMP 3 would see the light of day but it probabl
  2. LCol actually, but I try not to mix work with...er, other work...kinda. The handle is how long I have been here. Thank you for the kind words.
  3. Well even if we did not discuss ahead of time (which I am pretty sure we did), we were not going to lose an opportunity to show it off here....right on top of my troops no doubt.
  4. That is why they are in the M60A1 (RISE Passive) for the '82 campaign, but M60A3s and M1 do show up as reinforcements. I think people will be surprised by the ol M48, it is actually not a bad tank so long as you treat it more like a Sherman.
  5. Ok let's go with The Plan: I am going to push some BMPs into a screen to try and take out those M60s on the left, also will re-push my T64s on the left. Then I am going to 1) continue to push dismounted infantry forward and 2) push the Tank Coy and a mounted Inf Pl into a slot I call "Slot 2.5". That is some dead ground (I hope) that is also covered by my Eyes on the right. Once we make it to the dead ground in valley center we fan out and start pushing (I have an arty line up there too to screen). So this turn I will position to the Slot and push out the screen, then next turn we go
  6. No, I have two other FO teams. They came together, I was going to dismount as soon as they made that forward tree-line...which they did not make it to.
  7. So unless you are talking about pre-War of 1812, it is all pretty much "modern" warfare. The components remain the same even if the speed and distance changes. The problem to my front would be recognizable to Grant or Lee as fundamental: how to get my mass to a better position than my opponent without getting it destroyed in the process? We have been doing position-based warfare for a long time, even if we change the name now and again. Now in the next 10-20 years this will likely change. How to create mass without mass, or mass-less warfare? Fighting at null distance and omnidirecti
  8. Such a delicious tactical dilemma, wish it was someone else's. Well infantry are not off the board, the two dismounted platoons are encroaching and I still have one mounted. Getting them all into and past that village is a workable plan. I like the center push but I am not entirely onside with switching to the defence once we are there. Bil also has DPICM, which stings like iodine so I would rather keep going once we get to the other side. Once I am up in those hills Bil is on his back feet and has to react. I can keep scouts to secure the points of the objective but will be better place
  9. True for Bil as it is for me. That, and I know he really does not have infantry to speak of.
  10. Not so much surprised as I basically forgot. In the old folks home that is the deep Beta, seriously a lot of names that are 20 years old on the forum, Bil was like that dear old crone always pining about the "Beta AAR". We politely nod and smile at him, while reminding that he should put his teeth in the glass. So he has been pestering on this since freakin Jan whilst we were also up to our necks in content design and development, along with TO&E support and a dozen other things ("ya Capt, cry me a river"). Anyway, I humored the old guy until a scenario landed on my lap and here
  11. March to Glorious Victory Post # 5 - The Bitter Tonic of Sacrifice (Turn 8 - 11) So the theme of todays post is to validate The_Capt's rule #5 - never play by their rules, play by your own. So in this episode we are building to a decisive moment one way or the other. I posted the kill shot on the M150 for turn 8 previously, beyond that not much to report as I continue to move into a broad tree line position of Eyes. Turn 9 we score another M150 kill as my tanks pull onto the shoulders on either side. That is an AT3 and sabot round...it was the AT 3 that does the job. You ca
  12. Nope, the Bn is in the 8th Infantry, which was an odd one that straddled the line between under and well-resourced. The 8th was a depth Div so in this campaign they are using M48s, also a good excuse to take out the M48 and see what it can do.
  13. No what I mean is if you add up the area of all the US Campaign maps together, they come to approx 90 sq kms. CM won’t support a single map that large. Map sizes vary, the largest are about 4x4 kms, the issue here is weapons ranges, with ATGMs they get very long. And what Cpt Miller said....
  14. The US Campaign maps (which were done up by Pete Wenman) will be made avail so that players can use them in the editor. By Pete's count we are talking about approx 90 square kms of countryside.
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