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  1. Mission 6 “Bad and Worse” earns it name that is for sure. One beta tester pulled it off. But in a way I never even considered when I built the thing. He took the amphibious option and turned the scenario into a Marine assault.
  2. Please do. Also if you haven't had a chance there are a lot of videos up on YouTube which also show off game play in a lot of detail. Not a substitute for a good old fashion demo but it might at least provide more info for any interested gamer.
  3. Yes. It was decided that the Demo would have the same PBEM functionality as the final wide release (which makes sense) so it is going to have to wait until that whole add-on is incorporated. Short answer is we are looking at Steam release or shortly there after even though we have scenarios all picked out. Apologize for inconvenience.
  4. Almost like it was designed that way 😉. We avoided 1983 not due to any real equipment issues (as noted there was some ammo introductions) but more to avoid the organizational changes that happen in the US military. The J series Inf Bns (and a couple ‘interim’ structures) TO&E begins to emerge in the 83-84 timeframe and we frankly had enough on our hands trying to untie all that. So 79-82 gave the best window but players can easily tinker a year or so on either side and still be completely accurate.
  5. It is definitely on the list as we keep moving towards Steam release. We have scenarios selected and built. Right now the long pole is actually getting an installer etc built but the same people needed for that are pretty busy. Short answer...soon and I would bet before or on Steam release, slated for 22 Jul right now
  6. Noted and we are on it.
  7. Ah, ok but what happens when one has other stuff running (and everyone does), with more RAM does one not reduce the risk of other things eating into the 4Gb? Honestly asking.
  8. Well we debated that one as well and discovered in testing that it was playable even on older machines (like mine). So do we neuter the climax battle (that is also very realistic) risking player experience or risk players running into issues? We have been out for over a month now and this is the first time it has come up, further based on the OPs rig, this is not a "below spec issue" (or even min spec) regardless. Always choices, choices....
  9. I think I know what about half those words mean,The Capt= Soldier (and amateur game dev trying to go semi-pro). Really encourage OP to get a hold of the troubleshooting crew at support, they know what they are about. And no one should miss out on The Citadel.
  10. Ah, ok then something very odd is happening here...trouble ticket.
  11. Ok, I think it might be the RAM to be honest, the larger scenarios can be very demanding on RAM. With this setup I would lean towards turn-based. Frankly your system can bury mine on everything but RAM (7th Gen i7, GTX 1050 mobile), which I have 16 Gb onboard. I just ran the first 15 mins of "The Citadel" in RT and it wasn't smooth as glass but definitely not what you are describing. I encourage you to submit a ticket and see if the real techs can help you out.
  12. Well all a matter of opinion and tastes to be honest. But in this case the culminating battle of a Bn TF at the front end of Soviet bad-love in 1982 it kind of made sense to do a Main Body attack-defence (the Soviet attack on Alsfeld might be bigger actually). Very good point on RTS vs Turn Based, either is available but would personally do turn-based just for ease of management. As to a "sweet spot", well it is pretty much wherever those micro-drama's play out, the ones that really pull the player in, the ones they remember for some time afterwards, and that can happen in just about any sized battle. Now there are sizes where there may be higher probability but don't discount the larger ones as in CMCW they tend to disaggregate into several micro-dramas all happening simultaneously and dynamically. Definitely not for everyone as the larger battles are a lot more work but the payoff can be epic
  13. Make sure your GPU is running CM and not an integrated graphics chip on the motherboard. This makes a significant difference. As GeorgeMC notes this may be worth a trouble ticket as The Citadel is probably the biggest battle in the game, especially on setup (once the zone is removed it should speed up) but in testing it runs at workable frame rates on computers over 5 years old. So something is definitely going on here with your experience.
  14. Guilty as charged on this count and proudly so. The Soviet campaign is. by-design, for advanced CM players; if you are playing it you are already in a smaller group of devotees. This is why I had no compunction on taking the gloves off and leaving them off. I also fully expected some to be downright angry...and that is ok. If you can finish it with a win, particularly March or Die, well that puts you in truly rarified air in my books. That all said, it is still very realistic and built pretty much straight from Soviet doctrine, with abstractions of course. You are totally correct in the recon compression, originally I had it as the 30 min window right out of the manual but the feedback during testing is that is made the front end really a drag and kinda boring (which CM should never be), so we compressed it for shock factor. We tightened up several other scenarios in the campaign as well for that reason. Hey, when you get to Alsfeld, send screenshots. I haven't seen anyone make it that far yet.
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