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    Bradley reacted to Erwin in Exciting news about Battlefront and Slitherine   
    It will be great if this makes BF lots of extra money! 
    Hopefully more revenues will enable the hiring of more programmers/staff so we can expect a faster rate of releases to early war, and/or faster development of CM3.  
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    Bradley got a reaction from Mord in Shall try to start an unofficial screenshots thread?   
    Devils to Isernia
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    Bradley got a reaction from Bil Hardenberger in Bil's Floating Icon Mod   
    Excellent can't wait to try it out and thank you. 
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    Bradley got a reaction from PanzerMike in why is the game so expensive   
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    Bradley reacted to remyb1998 in why is the game so expensive   
    can someone tell me why is the game so expensive for a game so old and still 60 euro
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    Bradley reacted to Macisle in The CM Theater thread! post cinematic RT vids here.   
    Here is a quick (err--not cinematic) video lark: thirteen minutes of turn-based play threaded together continuously from a single camera angle. It shows Phase I of a town assault (Huge SP QB Probe with a 20% advantage to the Germans). I’ve got a battalion of 43 Soviet infantry (ATRs, ATGs, and some MGs stripped), supported by two companies of T-34/76s, arty and some AA units. The Germans have a Grenadier battalion, supported by two Tigers, a company of 50mm ATGs, plentiful arty and two Stukas. All units are Typical.
    Before I started saving the replays, the Stukas took out most of a platoon of my infantry in the setup zone. The MG team charging in the advance on my left flank is doing so because its MG was knocked out earlier. And, yes, there are a few friendly fire incidents with my tanks. I misjudged the elevation and they hit the trees near my troops a couple of times.
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    Bradley got a reaction from Blazing 88's in Unsolicited Possibilities   
    Most desirable in no particular order:
    France 40
    North Africa
    '41-42 Barbarossa
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    Bradley reacted to --WOKI-- in WOT & War Thunder Panther Skins   
    Last built! Note : I'll upload this PzIV, Hetzer, Nashorn (1 only it's my trial error/beta) and some Tigers tonight! hope my internet not dead or slow !
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    Bradley reacted to Wiggum15 in Brief overview of where CM is headed   
    Thats very rude and insulting !
    What you do is basically pressure the admins to ban me...a move i think is very childish.
    Iam not the only one who posted slightly "off" topic stuff. Look at the requests for specific vehicles...
    If you hate me (for whatever reason) then put me on your ignore list and leave me alone.

    Oh, i already tried that with a assault rifle in my hands and a anti-tank rocket on my back...
    The point is, you cant compare real terrain with CM terrain and you cant compare real infantry movement with CM movement, especially all the "micro" movement like raising your head high enough to get LOS or similar.
    Thats why i think they need to work on this issue.
    The problem is that many CM maps are so small that your units will spot and "murder" the fleeing enemys anyway.
    What you suggested is kind of a "workaround" but still i think we need more AI features regarding routing and surrendering for a more realistic gameplay.

    So, i think despite the fact that many here are very rude towards me iam still behave civilized.
    If Steve does not want this discussion here he maybe can just exclude it into a "new" thread if this is possible with the forum software.
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    Bradley reacted to General Jack Ripper in Brief overview of where CM is headed   
    If you want LOS from the standing position, you have to stand up. Try lying down in a field of tall grass and see how far you can see, even if you raise your head a bit. LOS doesn't work that way, and there's no reason for it to be changed just to be more "gamey". Your statement is a matter of personal opinion, not a fault with the game design.
    I personally advocated for an increased spotting ability while hiding many years ago, but was simply told, 'that's how it works'. Unlike you, I said 'okay', and left it at that.
    The problem with most of your complaints is that they have already been done to death years ago, and we're tired of rehashing the same tired old topics.
    Then don't advance down the map edges. Ever since the days of Shock Force, the A.I. has relied on the player to click the cease fire button when they feel the battle is over. There is a point where it auto-surrenders, but it's not perfect. Secure all of the stated objectives to your satisfaction, then hit cease fire. If you make every single scenario into a bitter fight to the finish, then you will run into groups of broken soldiers hiding along the map edge.
    This is not an issue with the game engine, it is an issue with how you play the game. Stop trying to murderize the A.I. in every fight, and you'll see your enjoyment of the game go up by a huge amount.
    Now, I would like to make an on topic point. I would like to echo the request for information as to the proposed Shock Force game engine upgrade. Is this on the back burner for the immediate future, or will work on it be done in parallel with other projects?
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    Bradley got a reaction from waclaw in The CMBN Theater is open! Post cinematic CMBN vids here.   
    Reminds me of.

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    Bradley got a reaction from BluesNoobs in The CMBN Theater is open! Post cinematic CMBN vids here.   
    Reminds me of.

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    Bradley reacted to c3k in Is it me?   
    I'm at home today. Tomorrow, I leave on a 6 day trip. My pool pump blew a 2" line, putting about 350 cubic feet of water into my shed/pool house. My 20 year old is almost done with his 3rd complete automobile rebuild, but wants some help wiring some O2 sensors. My neighbor invited me to a cookout. One of my gaming rigs has some leftover antivirus files and the antivirus gurus would like me to run some diagnostics and post them. A tree fell on my roof last week and there are some finishing touches needed to repair/replace the shingles and the drip-edge. Today is a weight-lifting day. My chainsaw carb is acting up and needs a bit of a tune. An outdoor power line has an intermittent hot-to-ground fault; I need to pull a new line (rodent damage inside the conduit?). I still need to clean two of my firearms after a fun day shooting yesterday (I -did- clean all the others). I need to run a backup to an external drive on one of my computers; routine, but can't get lazy. My generator was put away after a power outage without running the carb dry (wife and younger boy were at home); I need to run it dry so it won't gum up. My kids' computer is fairly screaming for a new cpu/mobo; I've got it picked out (i5/z97), and I just need to buy it on sale today. I've already gone to the outdoor big-box store to buy replacement soccer-mom chairs and re-up on some ammo. I need to fill up two of my 5-gallon gasoline containers. My wife wants to have a bottle of wine and watch a movie with me tonight. The belt tensioner bearing on the '03 Honda Pilot is squealing and needs to be replaced. There's a pbem waiting for my attention.
    According to the Wiggum15 school of thought, I should just get it all done.
    If I say today's a pretty damn good day and nothing on that list is =really= needed, I'm a fanboy.
    Just sayin' that some things just can't be squeezed into a day. I think Wiggum would be surprised to know that BFC would probably LIKE to get everything on his list done, but they only have so many man-hours available.
    As for me, well, I got the 2" line fixed already. Next, I'm going to crawl under a car and wire up some O2 sensors. ....After I return my pbem turn.  And I don't know what I'll do after that.
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    Bradley reacted to Wiggum15 in Is it me?   
    @ c3k

    Oh come on.
    You argument is the same as sburke's.

    - BFC needs more time
    Really ?!
    8 Years should be enough to work on the basic CMx2 flaws and shortcomings and add game changing new features.

    - BFC has no money
    If i look at what some Indie Devs are pulling of at the moment i cant let that count

    - BFC is a small team
    There is another small wargame developing team from Kharkov, Ukraine...just look at what they are able to do !

    - The game is the best tactical battle simulator anyway
    Actually i would say no it is not. And i think sooner then later BFC will realize that they got much to comfortable in their little warm niche.
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    Bradley reacted to Wiggum15 in Is it me?   
    I would Say that 90% of CMBS comes from SF and 90% of all other WW2 titles comes from CMBN... It's called recycling old stuff for a new full price game.
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    Bradley reacted to --WOKI-- in WOT & War Thunder Panther Skins   
    here some for western front Tiger..still few more to be done * WIP


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    Bradley reacted to Thewood1 in Is it just me?   
    I think you are just too close to the game.  I have found that people associated with a software developer for too long, game software or business software, have a hard time dealing with people that have issues with the software.  Its just human nature.  I have seen this in factory automation software where an individual becomes an expert in the software and that becomes his identity.  He becomes very cranky when people question any aspect of the software, as only an engineer can.
    Your perspective is completely different than someone who sees CM for the first time after playing ARMA or COD.  You see the same issue with ARMA also.  There are people who spend their whole young adult life modding ARMA and it has become their identity.  They can't move on or get any perspective on how other people perceive the game.
    The fact you can't understand people not having the same wonder makes me think you just need to take a break.
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    Bradley reacted to sburke in Is it just me?   
    This is not to start a thread saying BF and CM are about, well not above criticism so much as CM has room for improvement.  It certainly does and the folks at BF will be the first to say that.
    What I sometimes wonder though is how many folks are like me.  I open up a game, I start into it and I have a moment - usually every game - where I just stop and think, I can't believe I am freakin playing this!
    Like well, now.  I am testing something for another player in CMBS and I am watching a team at twilight rushing across a stream to recon an enemy position.  NV equipment on, weapons at the ready.  I have what I think is a modified version of waclaw's HQ sound mod and I am listening to their gear rustling and the breathing as they rush forward and I get this chill... I envy you 20 and 30 year old players who have this.  I am past 50.  Most of my gaming life I had to imagine this stuff.  There is something to be said for using one's imagination..but this just totally rocks.
    I have a pbem going on with another player on Pete's masterpiece Breaking the Panzers.  It is this epic of sound and fury and frankly I have no idea how I am doing.  It is far too early, but we are both just clawing at one another with these amazing vignettes of tragedy and triumph mixed with just this overwhelming sense of almost a twilight of the gods.
    I just watched as a Pz of mine butchered a few of the enemy in a field, finally one isolated guy throws up his arms to surrender.  A few seconds later an artillery round strikes not too far away and down he goes.. one more casualty in a field of them, but for a moment it looked like he would be a survivor even if as a POW.  It is as amazing as any war movie battle scene I have watched and it is 2 hours long.....  the opening scene to SPR as epic as it was is easily surpassed in this game.
    I wonder some times in reading user comments if folks just don't talk too much about that aspect and just focus on improvements they want to see or if it genuinely isn't something some folks get out of this game.  Is it just because of the years spent wishing for something like this pushing cardboard around?  Even CMx1 didn't grab me quite this way as impressive as it was for it's time.
    If it is age and having had only cardboard then maybe I shouldn't envy you younger guys.  Does it make the same impression or are you too used to video games in general to get that same chill up your spine?
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    Bradley reacted to Col Deadmarsh in Terrain Info Needs To Be Put Back Into This Game   
    I love CM...but my biggest pet peeve about this great game has got to be the complete lack of detail about what type of terrain is on the battlefield. This info was in there before in the old games and served its purpose well but for some dumb reason was taken out in CMBN. 
    Case in point, there is some kind of brown grass between my tank and where I want my tank to go. Is it harmless or a swamp I just don't recognize because I'm not a scenario designer or coder for Battlefront?
    Now, to find out what terrain is what you have to open up the friggin' editor to see what you're looking at...and that is ridiculous. Why can't there be some tool tips that pop up when you target each hex just like there was before?  This is an easy fix and I would like to lobby for this change in the next update. It's frustrating not to know what you're even looking at on the battlefield.  Please do something about this.
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    Bradley reacted to Earl Grey in WOT & War Thunder Panther Skins   
    Then do better. Else just keep quiet. Maybe he likes the colors that way? I'm not really impressed by your attitude, how do you find that?
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    Bradley got a reaction from George MC in New Scenario - Der Ring der 5. Panzer-Division   
    *Mouth watering* Good stuff like this the game never gets old. The power of the Editor and endless replay value should never be taken for granted
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    Bradley reacted to Stagler in Unofficial Screenshots & Videos Thread   
    Im not even going to say it, I will let said picture demonstrate

    God how I love how it gets people mad.
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    Bradley got a reaction from LukeFF in Quick Battle Replay   
    Bless you. I like the way you think.
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