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  1. DEAMN, those look good... who did the textures on those caps? I'm getting jealous! Maybe I should stop working on trucks and agricultural machinery for a while and do CM stuff again!
  2. Admitted, i should have made it more obvious I wasn't being too serious with my request, rather curious. Dave, thank you for clearing that one up - it's not always easy to find out the facts even with the modern internet unless you know exactly where to look for and which questions to ask. I was wondering how realistic the use of those weapons would have been.
  3. I'm just lurking in a dark corner, my daughter occupies most of my spare time nowadays...
  4. The fun fact is that during the time my father served in the German Army at least nuclear shells for the field artillery were considered viable and tactically sound. I'm not quite sure about the "Davy Crockett" (M28/M29), but I recall seeing something in his old training manual... I'm NOT talking about missiles, but rather nuclear ammo within the scope of the game.
  5. Now where are the tactical nukes some nutcase would probably have used if it ever came that far...? Will we get those too...?
  6. If there weren't so many mods to make all the time... But there still are those "GD" mods in the works I started all those years ago, do not worry!
  7. Great shot! At least I see some snow this winter...
  8. Well... There are different ways of finding out what part of the texture belongs where, but essentially you're doing everything right. Most parts can be matched to the 3D model by simply looking at it ( you know for example what a Tiger's turret roof looks like), others have to be colored and found. This is far easier than doing them from scratch though...
  9. From one modder to the other: OUTSTANDING. There should be more such projects! Too bad I can't help because I'mw ay too busy for my own good...
  10. Hm... Well, some of those old modders aren't around anymore as far as I can tell. MikeyD is doing ALL of the official game textures and is a part of the BFC team. I help him with that from time to time. And IF I find some spare time, I still mod. But nothing has been finished properly yet that I could show...
  11. AWESOME! And downloaded. Honestly, I don#t understand why people have beenr ating this rather poorly. This is very good for your first effort. I did much worse when I started doing textures...
  12. Now we're REALLY getting somewhere. Those PzIVs are looking awesome. Carry on, your skills improve day by day!
  13. Looking good what you're doing there! Suggestion: make the tint of the last tiger less... um... greenish yellow and more tan. The current color looks a bit odd even if it fits the surroundings. Or am I the onlxy one seeing a mustard-like color?
  14. Now THAT looks like a scenario worth playing over and over again... awesome map from what I can see. Is it done yet?
  15. Then do better. Else just keep quiet. Maybe he likes the colors that way? I'm not really impressed by your attitude, how do you find that?
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