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  1. And right here is one of the issues with this forum. While there are things that CM does that differentiate them from other games, CM is not alone is making "realistic tactical and brilliant games". Off the top of my head, there are the Graviteam games, which have a decent following and beat BFC to Steam by close to a decade. Steel Beasts have a good following of people who use it as a combined arms simulator/game. I play a lot of tactical combat games, including the above mentioned, as well as CM. I own every CM game and module, as well as owning several of them multiple times. Up
  2. I keep seeing people mentioning this and understand its correct. But BFC knows that when they lay out their plans. After 20 years, you would think that someone at BFC would know the company's capabilities. Its not like people complain about just the pace of releases, granted it is agonizingly slow. The main complaint is that BFC seems unable to predict anything even close to what they can do. Every year we get a list of what's going to be released and less and less of that list gets realized. And maybe even worse is the communications on where things stand. We don't need to know e
  3. I think Iron mode makes a difference here also. IIRC, Iron mode has more "realistic" limitations on verbal and visual comms. You have to be closer for longer to pass info on to subordinates and non-subordinates. The comms and the morale stuff are still two of the main features that other wargames lag behind on. CM2 seems to have a more detailed model for both and they are inter-related.
  4. To me, there is more operational/strategic recon vs. tactical scouting. At the level of CM most play, its scouting. Strategic recon is a full CM scenario by itself. It can be a full escalation of recon resources starting with long range recon units with heavier units and arty showing up later. There are scenario goals already built into the editor for IDing units without getting spotted or IDed. Unfortunately, most scenario designers seem to think map exits and physical objectives are the only goals of a scenario. Tactical scouting is just solidifying contacts or scouting out local r
  5. https://ospreypublishing.com/store/military-history/series-books/duel/walker-bulldog-vs-t-54 I have this book but never read it. Will track it down and see what they say about the 76mm penetrating T-54s at range. I know in Steel Beasts, and AMX-13 with a French 76mm has to be very close to penetrate an early T-55.
  6. I play on iron and I play hotseat almost exclusively. The "?" jump around continuously until enough time has passed to narrow the spotting down. It can sometimes take a very long time, depending on distance, number of eyes, distance between spotters, size of target, concealment in terrain, experience of both sides, morale of both sides, etc. Don't force me to take a pic. Thinking more about this, it reflects the state of the "?". It goes from translucent to more solid, to a possible type with a ?. As time goes on without the contact moving, it goes through all of those stages. W
  7. The "?" symbols are very inaccurate without solid spotting. It is anything but gamey to shoot at them.
  8. If this is the theme that drives BFC and its business strategy, that's crazy. Why does BFC care if "haters gonna hate"? Sarcasm on...Why should BFC care if their customers have knowledge that might help them and BFC? As long as they are giving these detractors ammo to hate them with...sarcasm off. btw, companies doing business with the private sector and the government keep available "known issues" lists. In fact, a good government auditor is going to want to see the bug tracking system. The only reason to hide a "known issues" list is if you don't think it will pass the muste
  9. And this is my point. It was asked why some don't use mods and some of answered. Now you are running a thread trying to argue we are wrong. So what was the true purpose of the thread?
  10. But what fraction? Thats why its always suggested you remove. I've been playing CM since the CMBO demo days. Moving the mod folder is just about minimizing risk. For good reason.
  11. BFC specifically stated to remove mods when patching. There have several changes to textures that screwed up mods from CMSF1 through all the game updates.
  12. IIRC, mods do impact some parts of performance. Steve had stated that large sound files can have noticeable impact on performance of the game itself. And There was some testing done several years ago that showed large hi-res mods noticeably impact scenario loading times. Combining that with the hassle of keeping track of mods, moving around on new installs, and remembering to remove them on patches, I gave up years ago. The gain you get with even the best mods wasn't worth it.
  13. Just post it to BFC's bug tracking system. Just kidding. There isn't one.
  14. For goodness sakes. It's very doable. Instead they have their beta testers and customers do it. Small companies do this all the time for almost no money. My 82 year old mother does it for her photo business. I mean really? This is the best you got to push back with on the "lame" idea that an actual company that makes money can't figure out how to secure a google drive or a dropbox folder. BFC must not be very interested in continuous improvement of its product. I'll come back to this. My elderly mother does it for a much smaller business than BFC. And she did it on her own from
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