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  1. This is what happens when it takes so long to release a product. People run out if constructive things to talk about.
  2. Counterpart...my favorite TV show ever. Its only downside is that it ended too soon.
  3. I have never played the Slitherine PBEM++ system. Can you explain how the impact on uploading/downloading files sizes and storage space are impacted vs regular PBEM?
  4. I had this issue in X-Plane recently and resetting the nVidia to default fixed it. There is some specific setting in nVidia that causes the issue with Vulcan and OpenGL APIs. On the X-Plane forums, there was a theory that it has something to do with Threaded Optimization. But I haven't seen that. The underlying theory is that the 3D program is forcing some kind of overlay or maybe suppressing one. I also saw that quite a few people see the issue return eventually. I haven't seen that yet. Just some background.
  5. I've used a Microsoft Surface for years with CM, although not recently. I have a Surface Book now. But the Pen works very well with it for a functional perspective. Although in the Surface, the Intel GPU cause blurring. But in the Book, with an nVidia GPU, it runs great.
  6. This is how you do it. Detecting a unit to convey the need to ID units, breaking through screens, counter-recon, etc. That's how it should be done. The recon game is an entire scenario by itself. CM maps just aren't big enough to have a full battle with recon as part of it. In CM, scouting for intel all you are really doing in the big battles.
  7. The last big update, I think it was Engine 4, took me two days to download. I have pretty low expectations. That's with a 1 Gb FIOS line.
  8. Its already been mentioned, but recon in CM doesn't work because the recon/scout unit has only a limited scope of reactions. Its either keep driving or stop when fired on. Of course die is also an option. There should be a scout order that lets a unit either reverse or seek cover immediately. In steel beasts, the scout SOP allows the unit several options, including reverse along the path just used, take a different pre-planned path, return fire, or move forward to cover. You can also set the orders to stay on the road or go off road. CM should have at least a scout order. Its been a
  9. This is a good report on recon through the ages. Its lengthy, but worth the read if hung up on "realistic" recon operations. Osprey also has a couple good books dedicated to recon tactics in WW2. https://www.armyupress.army.mil/Portals/7/combat-studies-institute/csi-books/scouts_out.pdf I tried to attach it as a PDF, but NFC says it only allows 22k attachments. The type of recon assets most scenarios include wouldn't normally be in a full on battle in WW2. CM-level The recon assets are more for recon vs recon, recon vs screen, or scenarios where spotting a unit gives you poin
  10. Is it? Strategic recon was done with vehicles because of the distances. The best were specialized armored cars that had good comms and were quiet. They would move down roads and look for signs of activity and not just barrel into a town. Now for scouting, that is usually done on foot and is typically local for gathering intel for imminent contact. A jeep might drop a team off, but far enough away from possible contact so as not to get nailed or be heard. The exceptions were when a unit was in a hurry and being pushed or they had intel that the way ahead was clear (from strat
  11. Very clever. Let's see if it works.
  12. Thats exactly how I view CM. CM1 definitely and CM2 still somewhat. I think the work they have done on infantry combat, especially machine guns and suppression, has move it more to the sim side of things. But tank combat still strikes me as miniatures on the PC, on steroids.
  13. This is the Cold War DLC for ARMA 3. It shows the good and bad. The movement is good. Some cool weapons and vehicles. Fairly atmospheric. But you can see there is almost no coordination or cohesion with your own troops or by the AI. Its like every individual is on its own missions and has its own tactics.
  14. You are way out of the loop then. ARMA 3 has been out for 6-7 years I think. As an MP squad shooter, its good. But as a combined arms tactical simulator, its very shallow.
  15. I played ARMA 3 a lot to get at more modern wargames before CMBS SB. It looks good. You can make it do amazing things. Its incredibly flexible. It takes a huge amount of work to do something like the above video. The AI (TacAI) is almost nonexistent out of the box). There are mods that alleviate a lot of that partially. But in the end, ARMA 3 and its offspring are multiplayer tactical shooters. Yes, you can make it do other things. But to do something like a CMBN battle, its weeks and maybe months to get it to work. Also, no map editor.
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