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  1. So the cannister rounds are fired only by the computer? And targeting light orders makes sure they only fire the MG?
  2. I have a few questions about arty that I couldn't find in any of the old threads. 1. Is the targeting by a HQ unit affected if they are hiding? 2. Can they hide at any point without negatively affecting spotting rounds, and does this differ from emergency missions? 3. What exactly is the difference between the number of assets and the duration of the mission and how should they be used in conjunction with each other in different situations?
  3. My opponent just used his Allied armor car to attack my infantry with some devastating grape shot that looks like it could light up the night sky. What the hell is that stuff?
  4. I'm playing Bloody St Omer Capelle right now as Germans, and I've come to the turn with the first reinforcements. It says that they've arrived, and yet I don't see any men or machines in the rear area. Anyone play this and experience the same thing?
  5. Why is it allowed in CMFB but not CMBN when it's the same war and theater?
  6. It's a bit annoying that the Alt-I function only allows you to remove either all icons or friendly icons. Where is the ability to remove enemy icons only? I also wish that one of the skill levels had this feature of turning off enemy icons without turning off your own. The Elite level in particular seems like a good place to add this feature since it would require you to actually identify the unit and have eyes on it. Otherwise, it should disappear. This would be especially useful for playing human opponents who like to use strict house rules since you wouldn't have to blindly trust your opponent to turn off enemy icons.
  7. I have approaching vehicles coming at my infantry gun who the gun team hasn't spotted yet. I'm guessing my team has the HE ammo loaded by default. How can I tell the gun team to load the HEAT ammo in preparation for an attack without actually firing on the opponent?
  8. Now that I think about it, I WAS on a site called Tournament House about 10 years ago when that Close Combat 2 game was all the rage. Is that what you're referring to?
  9. After a 2 year break, I'm coming back to this game and looking for an opponent. Back in the day, I used to be an intermediate skilled player. However, right now I'm very rusty. The only thing I usually insist on is seeing the map first before playing (not the setups though) as I want to make sure I don't hate it before I spend weeks/months playing a game on that board. Ideally, I'd like to go find a fair scenario for both players and have my opponent sign off on it. I should be good for a few turns a week.
  10. Looking for a H2H non-meeting scenario with preferably limited bocage and a mobile defense. Any recommendations for base game, MG or CW?
  11. I recently finished up Abbay D' Authie, a scenario which is billed as being H2H. To me, the Allies clearly have an advantage here as they get a location bonus from the start by being so close to one of the VLs, making it resemble more of an Axis probe. However...what the Germs lack in location to VLs is made up somewhat by the terrain advantage they get by starting at a higher altitude and having a nearly complete view of the Allied side of the board. A smart player will know how to take advantage of this benefit with the forces given to him making it easier to grab control of the needed VL on the other side of the map. Or...you can simply fight for the remaining VL in the middle and hope to inflict more casualties than your opponent. The caveat here is that the Allies have better ways to defend the location vs the Germs and a stalemate is almost sure to be the result unless the Germs at some point decide to go on the offensive. I do recommend the scenario though. Just make sure to have the weaker player as the Allies and I think things will balance themselves out.
  12. I'm curious as to how many smoke rounds are available per tank in CM Normandy and if it differs per tank.
  13. The Opponent Finder forum is a ghost town so I'm posting this here. I'm a long time player of CM but I don't play that regularly. Looking for an opponent of intermediate skill level for PBEM play in a MG scenario. I prefer small to medium sized battles that are a good mix of infantry and tanks which also allow some cover. It would also be nice to find an opponent that offers some small conversation over email instead of just sending back the file. PM me if interested.
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