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  1. Looking for a H2H non-meeting scenario with preferably limited bocage and a mobile defense. Any recommendations for base game, MG or CW?
  2. I recently finished up Abbay D' Authie, a scenario which is billed as being H2H. To me, the Allies clearly have an advantage here as they get a location bonus from the start by being so close to one of the VLs, making it resemble more of an Axis probe. However...what the Germs lack in location to VLs is made up somewhat by the terrain advantage they get by starting at a higher altitude and having a nearly complete view of the Allied side of the board. A smart player will know how to take advantage of this benefit with the forces given to him making it easier to grab control of the n
  3. I'm curious as to how many smoke rounds are available per tank in CM Normandy and if it differs per tank.
  4. The Opponent Finder forum is a ghost town so I'm posting this here. I'm a long time player of CM but I don't play that regularly. Looking for an opponent of intermediate skill level for PBEM play in a MG scenario. I prefer small to medium sized battles that are a good mix of infantry and tanks which also allow some cover. It would also be nice to find an opponent that offers some small conversation over email instead of just sending back the file. PM me if interested.
  5. Has anyone else noticed if the user-made scenarios for MG like those found on The Few Good Men have less bocage than those from the base game or Commonwealth? It's almost like a conspiracy between designers to use maps as flat as Texas while overloading each scenario with bocage. I'd really like to find some good H2H ones for MG that are more hilly without the bocage overload.
  6. MG would make a good Christmas present for me as I never bothered buying it (still haven't gotten bored of Base Game + Commonwealth). However, I was wondering what the main additions are with the game over the other two I mentioned. One of the things I was hoping for was scenarios which don't have bocage. I've found it really hard to find player-made scenarios on the fan sites which don't use this stuff for Normandy. Other than that, I'd like to hear if there were any major additions to this add-on that I might've missed.
  7. We need 6 players for our Yahoo MLB Fantasy League this year with a $40 buy-in. We play a standard 5x5 H2H league with 3 bench players, 5 DL spots, and 1 NA. Let me know if you're interested.
  8. I'm watching this now for the first time and I'm already put off by one of the scenes. They've just finished killing off the AT guns by the tree line and then want to execute the German soldier...oh wait...I meant Nazi...cause every German is an evil Nazi in these films. So not only do we have this ridiculousness, but I'm supposed to identify with American soldiers who want to illegally kill this unarmed prisoner. WTF? It's sick how the men who run the Hollywood studios try to get the public to believe these lies against the German people. Do you think that if this movie took place in th
  9. I agree completely because you get to see every little detail during the action phase. If you're fighting the enemy in 2 different areas on the map, think about all that you miss playing real time. In fact, I've never played a real-time game (although I should probably try it at least once.) Then again, I look at this game as a version of chess. I'm fine with whatever happens after my move because I don't treat the game like it's a 100% simulation.
  10. Me and my opponent have just finished playing "Retaking Vierville" which you can download here: http://community.battlefront.com/topic/101538-new-h2h-scenario-retaking-vierville/ I wasn't sure how enjoyable this one was going to be but it proved to just get better as the game went on. I'd rate this scenario a 7.5/10. The Germs are on the attack and are given a series of routes to take different parts of Vierville which are defended by the Allies. As an H2H battle, it seemed very fair and balanced. When it gets interesting is when reinforcements arrive for both sides. It complet
  11. The last scenario I played was Das Dorf Des Todes. My opponent was Allies as usual while I took the German side on defense. I'll keep any major spoilers out of the review. While the map is beautiful with some nice avenues of approach, it is an artillery-heavy scenario. So if you play CM as a game of chess like I do, I wouldn't quite recommend this one as there's simply too much luck involved introducing the artillery barrages into the game. Both sides seem equal for H2H play and Allies are given multiple options to attack which makes it interesting. However, I think the overwhel
  12. If the commander of that arty battery thought that friendly forces might need smoke rounds, would they not save a few of those pulls just for that purpose? I guess I don't understand how smoke rounds were distributed to these batteries in real life or how a "100 pull" order is carried out as it seems illogical not to save what you might need later.
  13. After the 3.11 upgrade, I'm getting weird neon green highlights on objects in CM Normandy. Does anyone know how to get rid of those?
  14. My opponent and I finally finished Bloody St. Omer and I thought it was one of the best scenarios I've played so far. I'd give it an 8/10. However, Germs have the slight advantage here as defenders so if you're going to use this map as a H2H game, give the weaker player the Germs. The map has some interesting LOS that can really help out each side if you can find them. The Allies have multiple ways to attack, some requiring more time than others to advance but they allow for flexibility against the German defense.
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