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  1. Hey Fizou it's been long time..i think i never release the last pzIV did i? well i'll release it...i hope it's still on my hard drive
  2. First of all..i would like to apologize for my act i do this for fun and never doin this for any purpose also never claiming this as my work...well what i do is convert the original work by all you guys in WOT and War thunder as there's only few skinner modding skins in CMBN,CMRT, i do this for my own at first and believe me i never do learn about photosop, this's just trial & error only that it's just my curiousity how can i import skin from another game into this CMBN anyway i do give credits also, you can see it in this link : http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=726& for some
  3. @Astrocat i use SMAA and FXAA from reshade show in my screenshots and i think it's working with war mod fx
  4. Yes will do...the reason why it's much saturated because my laptop screen didn't display normal like normal monitor, i can't even see this CMBN color in normal color which on my screen looks desaturated color even using your warmod it's getting a bit like technicolor..looks like im seeing 80's television so i try to balance it with reshade, but normaly if i use reshade without your warmod, the game looks a bit cartoon..this's why your mod is very important to balance this reshade fx and very useful in some aspect which make new level with temperature color so i can adjust my reshade easier I
  5. Just made new shots from latest Warmod FX for CMBN so you can see the two different barbaric fx mod with my previous shots All shots are real ingame and not edited (Only Warmod FX + Reshade FX)
  6. here's mine but i think im still the old one because it's bit different with yours besides i use Reshade fx too, so this shots were taken using Fx Shine + Reshade Fx Love it !! the shine reflect more visible and feels a bit like warthunder
  7. Thanks Fenris! here some more still wip (missing it's original turret template )
  8. http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v662/wiekniera/wiekniera027/CM%20Red%20Thunder%202015-07-21%2014-11-33_zpsboecsfws.jpg
  9. owh ic..btw i know uncletgt is active modding in CFS2 simhouse forum and some active in darkest hour red orchestra too Well hope to see your mods soon Earl ! Ok guys here some other pziv still WIP for part 2 release, i was wrong they are all good skins from War Thunder that i missed
  10. from all theatre of war series, i only prefer for theatre of war 1 (kursk and caen good too but i still like the first) which looks better in game engine and i like one of their features is you can pick weapons on dead soldier and choose which is needed or not, im still playing it till now..still fun which additional mods much better, but i didn't like those sounds quality which i never see sounds mod for this TOW
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