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  1. Hello Waclaw, just wanted to let you know how much i appreciate and enjoy your awesome sound mod CQS v3.0. Approx 13 yrs ago i played CMAK & CMBB, two days ago i purchased CMRT and played "The Passage" vanilla style which was really cool in itself after not having played a CM title for so long, today i installed your sound mod and began playing Angriff i was just blown away by the sound quality of the heavy guns and explosions not to diminish the other audio sounds which are also just awesome but dude those sounds are just fantastic i knew i was playing the same game but wow i am just blown away, thank you very much, you and all the other modders make this an incredible game to play, cheers

  2. Hello Waclaw, 

    I wish to discuss something about your sound mode, but for some reason I cannot send you a PM. How can I send you PM? 

    Thanks for your great work! 

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