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  1. Fyi, link does nothing when I use it??? Thanks for the heads up though.
  2. Done with a booming voice-over, explosions and mech parts flying through the air... THE TIME IS NOW FOR CM: BATTLETECH. 🙂🙃🙂
  3. I recognize that driver from somewhere!!.....
  4. Alright... I loaded a scenario into the editor and then exited the editor. I can now see the scenario list like normal, the scenario list is no longer invisible. Yeah self!! 😎
  5. I can't see any of the the scenario's /saves in my cmak scenario list for some reason. I can click on the blank area and a scenario will load up, I just don't have any idea what I am loading up until on the battlefield... strange. EDIT: Ah yes, I re-installed Windows 7 on this laptop, CMAK was located on another drive... I assume I will need to re-install for the scenario list to become visible for me again? Luckly I did make a snap purchase of the CMx1 bundle package a several years ago (I just had to have a better digital backup of this series) and the price was right....
  6. Just going to bump /add a link to the convo.... CMx1 related. nathan1776 since you still like CMx1, check these two campaign generators out. You may have fun using them with CMBB and CMAK (if you haven't already of course).
  7. Just some vehicle /armor packs for earlier time periods and the modding /scenario creating community would take care of the rest.... (dreaming NA, France and Barbarossa). Sigh.... with a wisp of a weep.
  8. Fyi, I noticed that there are two identical images (file info is the same) in the BMP folder of this pic. The linked pic is 11001.bmp. For it to work correctly, make a copy of 11001 and rename it 11002 for the second image and place it in the bmp folder as well.
  9. This was my favorite main screen fan art for CMBB... Worthy of the cover for the dvd case imo Download link: CMBB MOD Main screen menu art
  10. I have it. I will keep the link active for a week or so. Campobasso
  11. In game terms, never was meant for the real thing, spin it how you want....
  12. This is my fear BEFORE they get to earlier time periods and theaters. I would be done with it all if that is the case (WWII wise)... starting the new engine with 'Boring'mandy and ignoring N. Africa and Barbarossa /Kursk AGAIN would really suck imo.
  13. .... Here finally start taking my money again BFC. It's been a while since I have purchased a WWII title. Passed on FB and have no interest in RT Berlin. I will probably get R2V eventually, but I would buy the ^^^ bold quoted editions in a heartbeat. Other than R2V, I am as late in the war as I want to go with the other WWII titles sorry to say and jmo.
  14. Long, long ago, I put duct tape over top of the RTS button to prevent it from ever being used again...
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