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  1. Not according to the images at those links and what I am viewing side by side?? Whatever, I am just the 'Link Bringer' nothing more as those links are not my uploads.
  2. New CMBN QB Map Pack If you do not have any of these here are some (30). Not much help for what you are wanting probably, but these are some good links to have floating around for others new around here. EDIT: CMBN REPOSITORY MAP COLLECTION #1 CMBN REPOSITORY MAP COLLECTION #2 CMBN REPOSITORY MAP COLLECTION #3
  3. Thanks you minstrel of modding madness! Have any German vs AI planned as well? Please! 😗 😁
  4. FYI!! Pluralsight is free for the month of April!! https://www.pluralsight.com/offer/2021/free-april-individual?acta=webengage_free_april_2021 That previous post of mine that has the Pluralsight link for the PzIII, well that is free for 10 days it seems also! (maybe the month??). You just have to sign up.
  5. Just looking at that first pic with the sun makes me feel parched! W.... w water.... Wicked pics!
  6. ...More of the shorter and lower caliper guns, less one kill shots, shots bouncing off armour for longer tank duels, etc. Can't see whats not to like about all that!?
  7. That is it for me.... Oh, and yes I will eventually get F&R as well, probably wait on Cold War also, not sure. If they ever decide to go to North Africa and or the early WWII period, I will pre-order my pre-order with another pre-order.... 😃
  8. Its strange that most of all books I have read from the German perspective, very rarely mention "Fritz" waking up and popping a meth pill with his coffee before each and every battle. I think It was brought up a few times, but that was it. I guess it was so common they just didn't think of mentioning it in their memoirs. Or its a embarrassment to them I suppose.
  9. Sigh... Just realized I miss-spoke above (and can't edit the post anymore). Let me clarify my above post, where I mentioned "...I did the tutorial" I should have said "took" or "bought" the tutorial for the Pz III. In no way did I create that course, as it may have come across. It's a great 3ds max tutorial though. You actually could use other orthographic views of any tank applied to the image plains and still be able to follow along for the most part. You could even follow along with Blender once you learn the Blender tools down the road. For me that was actually a great, yet som
  10. No no... no apologies required. All good! Not sure I understand your question and usually I am not very good with answering tech questions about 3D, especially if it is a problem I have not run into or tried.
  11. Damn, that Willys Jeep tut is $16.99 CAD. down from $60 for the day. (41.5 hrs of training!). I'd pick it up, if I didn't already have it waiting in my collection. I buy them like books... 🙂
  12. The purpose of my post was to provide the links for training purposes, as someone said they had a hard time finding basic Blender tuts. Nothing more. Cheers.
  13. I will eventually have Blender as a extra tool in the tool box since it is free, I just like using max. I am a 3ds max user myself. On and off with it since 1999. Last six years I have really gotten into using it for lots of things (ex: Tyflow, Phoenix FD for product rendering /animation, modelling, etc). I am also a big user and fan of Zbrush. I am always keeping my eye out for tutorials /courses, as Blender courses can be used with max and visa versa, if you know what you are doing. Here is a link to some blender courses you may want to pay for (gradual implementation of the tool
  14. Someone posted this many moons ago for CMBB may be of help? Strong Point Scheme
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