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Found 4 results

  1. Hi everyone, I've had an obsession with "Monte Altuzzo" for quite a while after reading MacDonald's book Three Battles a few years ago. With RtV out, I couldn't resist temptation and had a go (once again) at the scenario editor. I drew a master map of the entire area and then carved out small maps to create four scenarios depicting the action that took place on Sept. 13, 1944, which I've almost finished. (The actual battle went on for four more days. I might keep going if I have the energy...) These are Allied v. AI scenarios with a feeble attempt at A.I. plans for the Germans. Rather than actual scenarios I would call them "companion scenarios" to Three Battles following MacDonald's narrative as closely as possible. Just to give you a better idea, this is the Designer's Notes I will probably include in all four: "This battle is part of a series called “Break-Through at Monte Altuzzo” depicting the action described in the book Three Battles: Arnaville, Altuzzo and Schmidt (pgs. 103-247) by Charles B. MacDonald. All scenarios are historical and should be played as Allied v. AI. No balancing effort has been made in terms of forces available for h2h purposes. The scenarios are an attempt at a historical depiction of the 338th Infantry Reg. assault on the Gothic Line between Sept. 13 and Sept. 17, 1944. This means that in some battles you might, for example, be facing overwhelming odds, while in other scenarios you will be fighting against a broken enemy previously wiped out by an artillery barrage (which was in fact a major factor in the American Army's ultimate success). Historical participants are marked with an asterisk (*)." While they are "historical" scenarios (i.e. very possibly unbalanced) I still need general feedback and would like them to be enjoyable for the single player. How does one go about searching for testers and publishing scenarios these days? Is anyone here interested? Thanks! enrico
  2. I am re-announcing the complete list of Combat Mission Scenarios web site here since the original announcement was made before the General Forum existed. Check it out here: http://www.combatmission.lesliesoftware.com/index.html What this site is It is supposed to be a search-able sort-able list of all scenarios for CombatMission games. It combines a list of all stock scenarios and all downloadable scenarios from the old repository, the new scenario depot with information from play result information from theBlitz. What this site is not It is not a source for uploading or downloading scenarios. This site does not host anything it only provides links to where the files are hosted. I have updated all the games and added Shock Force. The Shock Force edition is not complete yet. As the original announcement states the site is created using @Mad Mike's awesome ScAnCaDe Tool. Since that tool only works with Shock Force version 2 only the stock games are listed on the site right now. Along with a few new ones from the Scenario Depot. My plan is to include the older scenarios as well but to so that I need to convert them to v2 scenarios so the tool can then process them. I have been working on that but have lots left to do. In addition there are still a few items that are listed as only available on the old repository - I still own @Bootie a list of files that are missing on the Scenario Depot. Read the original announcement here:
  3. This is a scenario I have been updating from SF1 to SF2. Added water to the map, a few proper stone bridges and some flavor objects to bring the map into the back story of the original scenario. You have command of a platoon of US Marine Engineers, and a scout/sniper platoon to fend of a Syrian Mechanized Company assault on your newly repaired bridges that are to be used to resume offensive operations. The Syrians are backed by some armor in the form of BMP-1's from their battalion recon platoon, and a single T-72M1. Scenario time is 30 minutes, hope you enjoy. Download Link Below Small Gain SF2
  4. Hi all I just found this resource Live conflict maps https://liveuamap.com/ it covers three conflicts: Ukraine, Syria and Israel/Palestine with news and maps/satellites. You click on a news symbol and it takes you to where something happened. I zoomed in on Donetsk and it seemed to have a useful amount of detail. I couldn't find contours unfortunately but that might be me missing something.
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