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  1. Now they have Vladimir Putin ends well all is well. They are great chess players, good in ballet and some tremendous singers. Like a drink and a good joke. Apart from the ballet the same can be said about the US.
  2. That's why you need a human opponent. Outposts to get the intel of the location of the advancing enemy and plot a counterattack with the objective to separate infantry from their armor. The macromanagement is beyond the scope of the current engine. Playing as German against an attacking AI is no problem. Communication is the Achilles Heel of the Soviets in WW2. As German your defense needs to be mobile as you pointed out foxholes and trenches can quickly be dealt with. FR Mountains of the Moon and FR Red Dawn are excellent scenarios to deal with a static (German) defense.
  3. I rate Soviet infantry fairly high in CM. Just the right mix with bolt and automatic weapons. Once a German unit is located, they better consider a tactical retreat. Just like this guy very athletic.
  4. Very considerate to put on the Russian translation for 'Achtung Minen'. Would be nice if we get qualified medics in CM.
  5. A barrel is also a fuel tank, but we don't say a fuel barrel and a barrel is not always a tank. but tanks have barrels but not for fuel. No worries originally English was also a second language for me.
  6. It was possible in the 'Main Event' Battle of Normandy. Result the FO was credited with three casualties. Same with HMG and LGM these are suppression weapons. With an IFV it's easy I just do it when a friendly unit is suppressed. A linear target selection is called fire in enfilade. This was all discussed before putting tactics in the engine which are not successful is just a waste of time. Look at the pillboxes in Normandy they are not anything like they showed in saving private Ryan. One side is shielded from the sea and constructed to give enfilade fire. Here is a good video about MG tactics.
  7. Could be a 'Beutewaffen'.Aka a captured T34 they had a few of them.
  8. I know a person who lost his eye by attempting to shoot a rat with a .22 LR rat shot cartridge.
  9. Thank you @Combatintman for the information.
  10. Thanks for the info, I am just the world's worst editor. Can it be programmed to area fire at sound contacts?
  11. Yes I think it is designed to play Russian. Nothing out of the ordinary to do area fire when encountering a building. The AI doesn't do area and fire at full contacts only. The two snipers in the first building is just silly. At least tomorrow I play a human player, may try to play Russian.
  12. I play as German and before you enter any building rip the ground floor and the second floor and you can't go wrong. The Soviets also give their position away too soon and shoot at anything what moves. Same story at the bridge, show your halftrack at 500 meters and the HMG starts shooting. Wonder or I will finish it two wounded so far. I think it is better for H&H and it is a beautiful map.
  13. What you guys possibly ask for is that the 'Pause, Stop and Evade Radio Buttons' to be used at any time during the WeGo mode of play. TBH it is a game some issues the TacAI can't deal with. I put my AFV in the hull down and instead of one tank all of a platoon turns up. Sometimes the TacAI reverses and pop smoke and sometimes it doesn't. The evade button could be a solution. Same when you take fire only on hunt and seeing a full contact the units stop. It would be more fun if the evade button could be used.
  14. You can do that; it works with a strong sound contact. Fast forward to a hull down position and reverse. A five to ten second delay is a calculated risk.
  15. Yes, I agree 100 % you just need to change the parameters.
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