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  1. In RT artillery apart from mortars and light field-guns are subject to set piece protocols. The same with their air force not even their regimental FO can call off an air attack. Personally, I think it is a little over the top. If friendly casualties is acquired by their air force, shooting a prearranged flare should be possible. Artillery should be looked at in future modules. For the Brits, a rolling barrage could already be plotted in 1917 to give an example. The air force is treated by the Western Allies as flying artillery, in Normandy strategic bombers often got it wrong. To correct myse
  2. Russian tanks were often not painted at all at least not in the beginning of the war. Never read or they continued this practice later. Better look at some late war photographs.
  3. Thank you for clarifying this. I came to my conclusion in a battle of FB in which a player complained it was useless to play as defender as the AI stopped attacking after a few turns. I have personally only played with the editor and never designed a scenario for others to play. I concluded at the time the reason the allied AII didn't attack was that the scenario editor didn't give the attacker enough 'battle plans'. I found the game enjoyable myself as allied attacker but had not much substance as a German defender as indeed the AI didn't do much after a few turns. Thanks for your attention.
  4. Change the name of a scenario map and save it in the QB folder. @Scipio
  5. "Best played as" means the scenario has less 'Battle Plans' for the forces recommended for the human player. That's what my understanding is.
  6. Area fire against a sound contact. Had a scenario one unit had a full contact an LMG just a sound contact in a building. Playing on Iron, Because I had a full contact I could observe what happened inside the building. There was no kill of the suppressive fire, I suspect the enemy unit just went to a lower floor. 15 seconds was enough for this effect. Just keep a log of every worthwhile AAR it pays off if there is a pattern.
  7. Thanks for doing the test. I am a little sloppy to find out little details like that. My troops appear to go through the floor instead 😉
  8. I think that the spotting rounds are HE and once you have the fire for effect it will complete the mission with smoke.
  9. Not only US shooters reload, I lost count how many I did. Now happily retired, shoot air pistol as it is a lot cheaper.
  10. @AdamPraha Beware of spoilers. This is the first German Campaign in RT. Always save games and make screen shots. I know what infantry can spot. I have now an idea of the AI battle plan and knows where he wants to engage. Let infantry do their work, this terrain has plenty of concealment and cover for them.
  11. That's because you're up against a very skilled individual. He is the one who gave you the game. He has the perfect intel he knows where all of your units are and what they are likely to do. He also knows how to win on elite or iron that's why he is now more in game editing. These are only my theories. His weakness he has only one turn the first one. My tips: Armor is nothing without infantry. Your infantry can spot armor from 1km away the armor can't spot 3 men with binoculars who are concealed from a KM. These are called listening patrols. Where armor is they have units, which cover them. If
  12. I can tell you small arms cartridges going off outside a firearm are relatively harmless. The case as it is the lesser mass becomes the projectile and it doesn't go far. Kind regards.
  13. I don't use PS but Affinity Photo now I got used to it I rate it higher. Take it from me you can do anything what PS could do. I paid AUS$ 40 and no subscription. Kind regards.
  14. Camera 1 + 1 sequence of mouse wheel Gives you the height of the fighting compartment of an AFV, Camera 1 +2 sequences of the mouse wheel gives you the POV of the commander when the AFV is unbuttoned. This can be checked by using the W-Key and virtually mount the vehicle. Anyway, this is how I do it. To plot the way point you go to the very bottom of your screen, just stop short of your move tool becoming the pointer.
  15. Pressing the Plus-Button gives us an idea of the mood of our unit. Once morale is on panic the AI makes just about a much sense.
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