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  1. In turn-based mode the AI doesn't get the timing right in RTS you can pause and let the triggerman do his job. The developers need to improve the AI in regards IED.
  2. Before you start a battle there are recommended modes of play. Sometimes it is H&H RTS recommended and this is the reason. I rarely play on RTS and never seen an IED going off on WeGo. Kind regards.
  3. You need to look at the right direction, I find a cover arc useful. Squad A spots a T55 in a static position, the nearby Javelin team as usual doesn't. By giving the Javelin team a cover arc and let him probe in the right direction on the 'Hunt Command' solves usual the problem. Had a sniper spotted a bunker but the air controller team hiding 25 mtrs away doesn't. I fail to understand when 2 experts with state-of-the-art PDA's can't pass on information. Certainly the PDA has a topographic map with the required reference points.
  4. It has to do with 'Danger Close' during a MOUT operation inside a BFiST Bradley you can call arty in relative safety. Also, you can employ inside an armored formation. LOS is quickly lost during the game Key Terrain is relative.
  5. IED don't work in WeGo against the AI, you need a human player in RTS who pauses the game and triggers the device at the precise moment. They shouldn't be included in a Campaign better to substitute a mine.
  6. You need to play in RTS and H&H mode. We really need something in WeGo against the AI.
  7. As in real life forest, canyons, water can affect communication nowadays let alone with the equipment in World War 2. As a rule of thumb if you have LOS you should have radio communication. Even cell phones work because of cell phone tower antennas. Tanks and Infantry have a different C3 structure in the game. I noticed C3 is often broken when the command units with radio are traveling. Watching an old WW 2 documentary they their command post up in an old factory on top of a hill with a tremendous line of sight.
  8. I would like to suggest guidelines where to set up head quarters especially company and above my experiences are subjective but radio communications often break down when traveling and work better on elevation. Most players don't worry about C3 the scenario of Aachen in Final Blitzkrieg was typical. I maintained more or less an effective communication. Also used skilled and motivated troopers as scouts give them orders to make contact and allow them to break momentarily the C3 web and report back asap once the objective has been met. Use conscripts as canon fodder is not on in real life. Our
  9. Check also the damage report in the game and if they advice to stay on the road as much as possible at the beginning I do exactly that.
  10. Yes part of the fun is do what you would do in real life which is to go in lower gear even 4 wheel drive vehicles get bogged but less frequently.
  11. In combat mission in damp or muddy terrain I travel in slow mode as this would stimulate to drive in a lower gear. I wonder or it makes any difference. I managed to clear 2 Sherman Jumbos through the edge of a forest adjacent to the road covered by a King Tiger. It seemed to work, ground was however frozen and snowy.
  12. I do what I was taught. Don't enter any building or room through a door or window. The method in Vietnam was a Centurion blast a hole with HE followed by 'canister' only then you enter a building. I try to copy this in CM but it takes sometimes all the HE of a tank it doesn't breach a wall with one shot. If you have engineers problem solved. Look making an assault team from your squad the other team has LMG to precede the attack with area fire. The trick is to break the morale of the troops inside and make sure your assault team is fit.. Once they have nervous or shattered they are more or le
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