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  1. The commander has vision ports of 360⁰ once buttoned up.
  2. The reason I play on Iron not many incidences like this according my perspective.
  3. It was not exactly a priority a shame that Europe took over the military market.
  4. It has become a cottage industry at least for the civilian market. Yours truly here had one. Barrel and bushing went and the replacement was hand fitted by a gunsmith and the inside checked and mirror polished. Same with the sights were replaced. Going back to your post, I imagine better stock ammo was selected for the accredited marksmen. In the game I don't notice any difference between snipers in Red Thunder and Shock Force 2. Kind regards.
  5. Yes they made standard jacketed ammo and steel cored AP ammo. I know the US had for the Springfield 30.06 National Match Ammo. Don't know or it was manufactured during WW2.
  6. I am not a WW2 veteran I understand there should have been a need to select a rifle and select ammo if you want results above what is required for volley fire. Modern computerized manufacturing will produce a better standard than that of WW2 economies. I am not surprised that your weapons are of an acceptable standard for your competition. TBH the guy in the video struck me as a show pony. I owned a surplus .303 myself years ago did some work on it and got accuracy with handloaded ammo which was better than the commercial stuff.
  7. Can you give an example which ranges you talk about? Is it the accuracy or stopping power. I don't think stopping power plays a role in the game.
  8. The .45 ACP a close up round. The Russian round is not far more powerful. It depends to which specifications you load the cartridges. For argument sake a quick look it is about even stevens (Around 500J). The wound channel of the .45 ACP is where its reputation comes from. At 50 meters it is still keeps its accuracy, I owned once upon a time a 1911. For urban situations look when you need to shoot further than 50 meters?
  9. Four clips from the Walther P38 is required to load one magazine of the MP40, all right you would have about three rounds to spare. Not worth the effort in the game I think.
  10. Take everything on YouTube with a pinch of salt. The real expert is the spotter and you don't use ammo from the shelf. Take a civilian bench rest shooter, he or she loads their own. I imagine in the army the armorer gets match grade ammo for a particular rifle. To achieve this in handloading you fire a commercial round and resize only the neck. Now you have brass which matches the rifle. Then you select the bullet and powder combination. The ballistics you find in any loading guide. Irrelevant in the game at least in SF2 range 640 meters target RPG operator in a foxhole full contact for 6 minutes before it became a casualty. Our expert in the game was 'Crack' weapon Winchester .308 Magnum. Oh yes I have not touched SF2 for 6 months now. I handloaded ammo for 12 years I estimate for competition shooting. That they miss in the game I put it down to stress fire that is the factor you don't experience on a range.
  11. I just don't go for modern warfare I am afraid. Have not touched SF2 for ages for the same reason. Spotting, the movie a Clear and Present Danger. The spotters all commissioned officers and they failed to spot the sniper. Issue all were using their binoculars. Optics maybe the cause of your failure to spot. My experience in the game. Infantry reliably spots armour at a kilometer or more and combining the two solves the problem. Also I look for an AFV who has veteran or above for experience that is the one I unbutton. To send in armour cold is a recipe for some of them brewing up. At least that is my opinion. Kind regards
  12. Spotters on the engine deck gives your AFV marker icons for some very effective area fire.
  13. Lots of players don't take the C2 serious. But if your style of play generates lots of contact icons the spotting of AFV's improves. I play more WW 2 especially FB and RT and I am happy about the spotting. To spot an MG42 in a foxhole at 600 meters is nothing to complain about. It was the TacAI doing it not by manually plotting an LOF. Tanks are bad spotters their strength is their radio.
  14. So the SU 76 spots much better than the T34 which is fair. I am fond of the SU76 spots very well in Hammers Flank especially with infantry nearby. Thanks for your effort.
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