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  1. Yes, this April I turn 71 and it would make a nice present.
  2. You either have top notch graphics with a kindergarten game or what we have. I get on just fine with the graphics as it is. Then again, I am 70 and remember the Commodore 64 with Crazy Kong.
  3. I have learned to ignore Google search if I like an objective review. Average graphics? in FOW you don't get a crystal-clear view. Engine 4 is struggling with 4kmx4km master maps according to map making enthousiasts. The people to take objective advice from. Players, Beta Testers and last but not least the people who tackle the editor effectively.
  4. I answered @MikeyD Brits haven't showed up yet in CMFB lets recall.
  5. The opinion was (not mine) that there is less involved when you create a desert map. I never experienced a 'crash' ever. I never installed a 'mod' btw. They may make the game look prettier, but I personally see no need for them.
  6. According to 'The Few Good Men' website it's the Terrain. The 'Terrain' in SF or SF2 is a lot less demanding.
  7. Battle in the Shadows aka The Battle for Overloon is one scenario I would love to play. As a child in the Netherlands, I visited the museum there. The liberation by the Canadians of the provinces of Friesland and Groningen is another one. Then the Assault of Walcheren by allied Commando units (Norwegians participated too.) Unless I study the editor in depth, I am not holding my breath.
  8. Graphics we are struggling with the real huge and large scenarios. I don't have problems if CM remains a simulator and not just another computer game. The pressure starts building up from customers who don't have the complete picture of what the game is all about. Just watch some of the clickfest AAR on YouTube. They are skilled in recording the game and that's where it stops.
  9. I would use the as an area denial weapon keyhole them on the end of a highway. It is not a tank-hunter more an ambush weapon. The moment you move you give your position away. It is not capable of shoot and scoot like the American Hellcat.
  10. In Battle for Normandy the normal field guns are available. As a suggestion we can do Maneuver Warfare in which every kilometer becomes 10 kilometers. Buildings and Icons become symbolic, and we create smaller maps to do battles the usual way. Here is a screenshot of Silence the Guns.
  11. The people who make the scenarios are just people like you and me. They just have the skills and experience. But we have all the tools to make it.
  12. In Barbarossa to Berlin was the Battle for Seelow Heights. Nothing stops us from making a version for Red Thunder.
  13. Always wondered why they called the Black Sea the Black Sea. Play US Marines now, their usual tactics go in all guns blazing, kick doors in and blow holes in the walls. Actually, I admire them. Remember Private Jessica? They were offered a key when they looked for her. Nah blowing the hinges with a shotgun is more fun. You can't get rid of tradition that easy. Just read she was rescued by the Green Berets.
  14. A raiding party? You need a security detail for key personnel.
  15. I don't think it is expensive at all. The Big Bundles around $100 and each one can keep you entertained for at least a year. I just started to touch the editor. Yes, finding another enthusiast in your neighborhood is ideal. The games have something for everybody. Tomorrow one of the people I play against comes around again.
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