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  1. Enough of them die that this is not an issue 🙂
  2. I've used it for "War in the West" and it worked seamlessly for me. Dave
  3. Ah, yes, we'd all like that 🙂 There was an attempt to create a "Follow" command where the following vehicle would follow the lead vehicle you designate after you've plotted the lead vehicle. It would have been lovely to simplify road movement, especially where you have a road column entering the map and your first waypoint needs to be inside the setup zone. It didn't work. It sort of did, but there were too many issues with it in beta testing to make it to prime time. Maybe one day.... Dave
  4. To put this Ghurka thing in a more pleasant mode, when I was living in England we had occasion to visit Rolls-Royce in Derby about once a month for an overnight or 2 day set of meetings. (No fancy cars - R-R makes the heavy equipment - reactor, steam generators, etc, for UK submarines). We always had at least one meal at the "Himalaya Ghurka" restaurant. Northern Indian cuisine. It was owned and run by a retired Ghurka soldier. I'd guess he was about 5'10", 240 lbs with about 2% body fat. Built like a tree trunk. But the food!! Oh, my! So delicious. My favorite was their Chicken Chili M
  5. And that may alleviate some of the infantry comments. The update fixed several infantry behavior issues across titles, such as the charging toward the enemy when routed, behavior under suppressing fire, and finding cover. Those aren't in RT as it stands but are part of FR, and it shows. Infantry come into their own in some of the vicious street fighting you'll see in FR where anything with wheels and tracks becomes a target without lots of block clearing infantry support. Dave
  6. Key. When I was a FIST chief (Cold War game time frame) the infantry company commander I supported, when I first met him, told me, "If I turn around and don't bump into you, you are not close enough" He wanted me and my radio close enough so that all he had to do was reach out and touch to get the fire support he needed because he wasn't about to attack anything without suppression. This was late 70s, but it applies at any period or theater. And being in the 82d we acted more like WW2 infantry probably. We walked a lot. We just arrived in style 🙂 Dave
  7. Creative and well tested scenarios and campaigns make it more interesting to play 🙂 Dave
  8. Maybe after release someone (Elvis?) will describe what some of the recent holdups have been. As always though, they are about getting it right. Dave
  9. I like Highland Games as well, and there is a point (scenario 10 maybe, you'll know when you get there because there are instructions), you get to choose between heading south of Damascus, with British forces alone, or to head to downtown Damascus in joint ops with US forces (you command both). What you can do is make sure you save right at the beginning of the "choice" scenario, give it an easy to remember name, and then when you've completed one, you can reload that save and take the other path as well. Gives you a LOT of scenarios to play that way. Dave
  10. Yes, this is known and I've submitted a ticket on it. Affects all CM games. No progress bar when loading scenario, or when turn calculating. Also, you probably haven't encountered yet but the license screen is pretty funky as well. All on the same ticket. Dave
  11. This is what I've found too. Sometimes planes get shot down, and sometimes they make it through. In one scenario I had the misfortune of missing with 2 Redeye from different directions and a bomb (500lb - big boom, big crater) landed smack between 2 M113s and killed everyone on board both APCs. They were not quite as dispersed as they should be (obviously, right?). It's definitely something you can't really count on. If you have a couple flights, there's at least some chance they won't even get through. But they might. For sure pay attention to setting up your AA assets somewhere with goo
  12. Comes with 9 missiles, as it should. I haven't used one in game yet, so I don't know the reload time. In real life it was probably significant because there was "some assembly required" Dave
  13. I agree. This one is fun. And not huge. You won't believe the number of bullets flying in all directions. Dave
  14. You'll notice that John at the time DID NOT have a Mac when he made that comment about Intel integrated graphics answering a Mac question (I don't think he does yet). And then my answer farther down that thread where I said (as I've said before) there is no problem running CM on a Mac with Intel integrated graphics. I've been doing it for years, with all the graphics settings maxed out. I don't know why the difference between PC and Mac and whether integrated graphics work or not, but it's not a problem on a Mac. Dave
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