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  1. Yeah, I'll raise my hand. I've had an on and off issue in beta testing that someone else couldn't duplicate, so I'd be interested in whatever test you come up with. Anything that narrows down the issue is helpful. Documenting what is included in the test is key so that we can do some tracking as to what causes or doesn't cause problems. Dave
  2. Is he out of a vehicle? (Sorry, I can't remember now what the 2d mission is) If so, check his icon for any kind of radio. There are times when I had a dismounted commander of some level and to call fire I had to get him back into his vehicle. Dave
  3. What we always had drilled into us (my Army time covered this time period) is "If you can be seen, you can be hit. If you are hit, your are dead" The modern battlefield is an order of magnitude more lethal than WW2. Of course in SF2 you can be seen pretty easily, HOWEVER, there are many small folds and rises in the terrain and it's essential to make good use of those for covered approaches. They may know where you are but not be able to get a shot at you. Buildings can help the same way. Try to use them as cover. Hull down in ditches. Anything at all to take advantage of what the terrain
  4. I have terrain mods in CMBN but not in any other titles. I think the later titles look good enough for me to not bother with them. For me, CMBN benefits quite a bit from some terrain mods. No other reason. I am constantly amazed at the work put in by people creating mods, so hats off to all of you. Dave
  5. And to play ALL, just make sure you have a save at the point where you have to make a choice. Then after you finish one option, you can go back and do the other option from the point of the choice. Dave
  6. New and better enemy AI. Also with the patch improvements to soldiers staying in cover and not running away or toward you, your opponent is tough and fights very hard. Patience, recon by fire, objective prep with whatever fire support you have is key ( of course those are always key, right?) you have plenty of time for each mission. I recommend making use of that and not rushing in thinking you can sweep the enemy away. (Ask me how I know this😀) Be careful and watch your losses. It affects follow on missions in the campaign and you need plenty of resources for the last couple missions
  7. You're going to like Fire and Rubble.
  8. Note that it's only a PIECE of Ben's absolutely amazing Berlin map!
  9. Can you post the save here? Glad to take a look at it. Dave
  10. That chart is for normal HE mission, it appears. You'd have better results using DPICM, or Copperhead, which was available at the time. Copperhead required a laser designator. DPICM can be fired as a regular fire mission, and doesn't need any guidance. Excalibur too. Copperhead is a tank killer, with a shaped charge warhead. That's what it was designed to do. Excalibur is not as far as I know - HE charge but highly accurate, so better for precision strikes or maybe bunkers, improved positions that an HE PD or Time mission might not do much too. For an HE mission to destroy tanks in the op
  11. They are there. You can purchase them as individual vehicles after purchasing any kind of formation. This is true for both Heer and selections. Dave
  12. 20 meters. Yikes! Can you imagine? It says armed at 20m. Is that actually an effective minimum range? I can't imagine actually trying to shoot it at something 20 m away.
  13. I don't know about Steam specifically but I've run the W10 version of Black Sea on my MacBook Pro with Parallels Desktop with no problem at all. Indistinguishable from running it natively on the Mac. In that case I had a specific reason for doing so, but I normally wouldn't bother just to use Steam Dave
  14. So in answer to my question, "Task Manager" means we're talking W10 installation? This sounds like it could be a virus protection issue (possibly?). I know even stock Windows Defender likes to quarantine innocent things pretty often when updating or installing software. If some piece gets quarantined or blocked the program could be trying to run and just spin because it's missing some piece somewhere. Could that be the issue? I'm guessing because my installations are Mac although I'm also pretty Window savvy too. Dave
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