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  1. My recommendation would be to pick the one that is the theater that most interests you. Guaranteed that's where you'll have the most fun. BN has the most content of the 3 (BN, FI, FB), if you include the expansions all at once. FI is second with the expansions. FB last (no expansions yet but coming eventually). ALL titles when you are in the main menu and select "Battle" (an individual scenario), you can order them by ascending size, which is really nice, if you are just looking for a quick getting started scenario or two. Also, Quick Battles can be selected anywhere from Tiny
  2. Figured out how it works. Buy ARMA3, and you get complimentary Mac and Linux ports. So I just downloaded the Mac version and never downloaded the Windows version. So far it's working well. And Arma3 whether Windows or Mac, is on sale.
  3. Don't know. I opened up steam on my Mac and was browsing through the sale items and lo and behold. Just going through basic training. Looks nice and runs nice. Granted I'm pretty much in one small spot doing target practice. There are a LOT of settings for graphics to trade off performance. Always sounded like fun but I had figured it wouldn't run well on Parallels. I tried Call of Duty Black ops on it way back (the original black ops ) and it was unplayable - too choppy and laggy. Mac native Arma I think is going to be lots of fun. People seem to like it. Dave
  4. Steam has ARMA 3 for Mac OS X (which I didn't know existed ) on sale for about $7.50. Runs fine on my 2 year old MacBook Pro. Begin time sink..........
  5. The guy with the fedora is extra nice. They show up here and there.
  6. Ah. PBEM is easy once you get into it. Mac and PC compatible too. Basically you give your orders for a turn, so does your opponent, exchange files. You receive the file, run the minute, give orders, send file, continue until done. No way to cheat the way it's set up. If you want to try one, ask for an opponent who would be good with playing a total newbie at PBEM. You'll find helpful people. If you want I'll start you off, as long as it's BN/CW/MG or FB. PM me if you are interested. If not, that's fine. I may be a bit slow on the playing, because I'm busy beta testing Fire and Rubble
  7. Are you specifically wanting to play Hotseat, or is a non-AI opponent your goal. If you want a real life opponent, it is pretty easy to find someone to play PBEM and there are 2? apps that help automate the process. Granted it's a much slower pace, but you can find opponents on this forum or "The Few Good Men" or "The Blitz" web sites. Apologies if you already know all this and just want a Hotseat match 🙂
  8. A few of the usual suspects have been quite busy with R2V and FnR for a while. Probably with less time to just relax and dream up new scenarios. I know for myself, with play testing a bunch of scenarios, my energy level and time for just playing CM is much less. Dave
  9. I'm not sure exactly what you are asking but there is a hotkey.txt file in the installation. You can modify it. There are also options (hotkey enabled) for how you want panning and rotating to behave, if that's your meaning. Dave
  10. Interesting. It works for me using Parallels Desktop and W10. I loaded Black Sea there because it refuses start on OS X, for about 3 OS X versions now. Can't figure it out and finally gave up and loaded it in Parallels, where it works just fine. I did have to license it but I assume that process worked exactly like on the Mac. I assume it worked because I'm not running a Mac version and a Windows version simultaneously? As far as your question about OpenGL, that's the wild card. I have not seen anything on any Apple published info about M1 and Rosetta2 that say anything about it. Dav
  11. My Betatruppen are dying just as fast as I can throw them into the breach. (I know that's not an answer but it's probably about as much as I can legally say 🙂 )
  12. Not yet, however I HAVE tried it on Big Sur after updating my MacBook Pro. Everything works fine with two exceptions. (which are actually the same problem). 1. When you start a scenario, there is normally a splash screen of a vehicle with a progress bar as the scenario loads. That screen is black with no progress bar. The scenario does load after you stare at the black screen for a while, and takes you normally to the briefing screen. 2. During the game, after making your moves in WeGo, you press the red button and get a progress bar as the game processes the turn. That bar is also m
  13. This may be a really dumb question, you did purchase a license for R2V? Assuming so, in the directory there is a script that says "Activate New Products - CMFI". I'm on a Mac so I *think* it would be in the program executable folder, but I'm not sure about that. It will either be a .bat or .exe file. Run that, and you should be presented with a dialog box that you can enter your R2V serial number into, and click activate. Apologies if all of this is stuff you already knew. Dave
  14. Do you have a save that you could post? Be glad to take a look at it. And is this during actual play, or in the scenario author check? I *think* playing on "Iron" level, you can get friendly fire. Unless you mean your PzGs are actually going at each other. That would be bad. 🙂 I'm also on Catalina 10.15.7 but that shouldn't matter, jus the v.2.03. Dave
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