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  1. Oh, sure. I realize there is much you can do with your own. I meant there isn't anything you can really do for a Army unit's issue weapon. What you got is what you got. We didn't even have enough of them to swap parts around to see if we could make one weapon with better fitting pieces. Dave
  2. I'm not so sure it was as much that, as it was leveling the competition. No one was allowed to go to work on an M-16 or a M1919 and make it competition match quality, where one armorers ability might far exceed the other. Our armorers were generally E-4s or E-5s with no special gunsmith training beyond one level above the soldier's training in maintaining and minor weapons repair. Anything major got sent out or traded for a replacement. Using our own issue weapons and standard supply ammo ensured that, to the best extent practical, it was primarily a test of marksmanship. And since it was completely a team competition, without individual awards, any variations in weapons quality and accuracy would wash out over the teams. We did of course, very carefully zero our weapons (at least the M-16s - not much you can do with a .45). I remember at one point I couldn't zero my issue M-16. It just wouldn't come left enough and I ran out of adjustment. Broke it down and looked down the barrel from breach to muzzle and saw a gibbous moon shape of light at the end! No wonder. Nice warp. Swapped the barrel for one of our spare weapons and the armorer sent off the warped one for replacement. So those kinds of things are about as far as we could go in any modifications to our weapons. We did one really fun competition with the Cdn Parachute Regt, where we did a combined score. Everyone first shot M-16s and M1919s, and then we switched and everyone shot FNs and Browning Hi-Powers. That was a lot of fun (also the Cdn Paras are a lot of fun - were, actually, since sadly, they are no more). Far off the track of sniper ammo I was just curious whether in an active WW2 environment, a sniper could get better ammo than stock issue, but maybe the "stock" sniper ammo went through a better process. Easy to be separate manufacturing since different weapons (at least for US). Dave
  3. Was it the practice or norm in WW2 for snipers (or someone in the unit) to hand load ammo, or was there special, high quality sniper ammo delivered? Asking because I don't know and never really thought about it before. My competition target shooting was as a US Army officer, and for those the rules were stock issue unmodified weapons and ammo drawn randomly from the case. Different kind of target shooting - it was to see what you could due with issue weapons, beyond qualification, with unit to unit competition. Dave
  4. It's modern combat in the sense it's not WW2, however, US infantry in '79-82 did not carry their weapons the same as what you see in BS or SF2 or any real life pictures of Iraq and Afghanistan. They should look more like this (particularly the right most guy, who isn't sprinting out.
  5. Exactly right. I made this comment during CW testing as it was not the way we carried our weapons then - it's a more modern change. But it wasn't practical in the time frame until release to make that change. Maybe in a patch? That would be nice. Dave
  6. Also, make sure you save a copy of it somewhere safe, like a working folder in your Documents, so that if you ever have to reinstall FI for any reason, you won't lose it in an overwrite. Then after the reinstall you can *copy* your map back into the game (copy not move, so you retain the saved one). Dave
  7. In play testing this one made me feel cold. Before release people were saying "we want snow". I was thinking while testing this one. "Oh, you'll get snow all right!"
  8. It's most useful in scenarios where your force starts in road march formation and has to navigate some twisty route to get out somewhere to deploy. As I mentioned, the second Peiper scenario is one that comes to mind right away. They end up being clickfests, compounded by the fact you have to click outside the setup zone, once, twice, maybe 3 times, and drag those waypoints back to where you want them to follow roads (or wait until turn 2 to do anything to avoid the waypoint dragging). It's not as useful or needed once the action starts, although in some wide open scenarios (Russia, for example), it would be nice to have a formation keeping follow as you roll across the steppes. Dave
  9. It's been a while, but if I remember right, there were times when following units wouldn't follow the waypoints. Other times they would pause at waypoints, causing a huge traffic snarl (I'm thinking of a column moving onto the map, say, like scenario 2 in Kampfgruppe Peiper (a really handy place to have it work ) There were a variety of problems and they didn't happen all the time. It wasn't like you could chase down a bug because, for example, units *always* got confused at road intersections. It worked sometimes like a charm. Other times it was just a mess. I think Steve/Charles decided at the time they couldn't afford to spend more time and resources on it and postpone it to "later." I'll try to go back and search but that was the general gist. Dave
  10. As a number of us had said before, when it was tested it only sorta, kinda worked. And the times it didn't or behaved weirdly were very annoying. And if it was annoying to beta testers who are pretty used to things going wonky along the way, then the users would have not liked it at all. We pretty much universally declared it not ready for prime time because of that. I have NO knowledge of anything to do with the pro edition, nor do almost any of us (beta testers) I think. Haven't seen it, don't know what's in it, not even a list of features. If it works now, that would be awesome. I'd really like that as a feature.
  11. Like I said before, whatever works for you or anyone else.
  12. And that's what we do all the time by looking at sight lines from our locations. You normally don't have the luxury of using a straight edge in 3D from the enemy's location to check that. But like I said. There aren't any rules, so whatever works Dave
  13. Ah, now I get it. This seems kind of gamey to me (not that having a bird's eye view of what's going on isn't gamey, but still...) But, hey, to each their own. Dave
  14. Noise, noise. What's a little noise from a loud engine? (says the Artilleryman).
  15. You could edit the name of your save file/challenge name to include that. Easy Dave
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