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  1. You'd probably find varying opinions about that. For me, I would say it didn't matter that much. A Challenger can call for fire. In a number of the scenarios I would say I didn't make full use of the fire support I had (I know, sacrilege from a former artillery officer). I didn't always need it. I'm sure Erwin would say wait. I can suggest a compromise - start, make sure to save at the beginning of each new mission. Then if you run into a situation where you feel you don't have assets to control artillery, take a break and wait for the fix. The campaign is long enough that it will t
  2. Artillery is your friend at the end. You'll have lots, and good lord, you'll need it 🙂 Dave
  3. It was tested. I asked to have the Challengers arrive sooner, because originally they showed up with only 7 minutes remaining, no time to have an effect, and got blown up as soon as they moved. No way to take the offense and gain/regain anything. However, with the earlier arrival, I got a victory and moved on. I was aggressive on the left and sent some dismounted troops up to that small ridge/fold and managed to ambush a couple of attacking vehicles. I sent one Challenger to the right by that woodlot/orchard, and when I saw there were multiple attackers, sent another, and wiped out everyt
  4. I believe it's the exit zone thing - proper scenario version now included.
  5. Ok, guess I was just remembering using all the AT4s on various targets. And yes, I made good use of artillery. The initial Challenger I did have peeking from behind a building with a pretty good view downrange. He didn't get killed. I did lose several APCs when they got flanked and hit. I did get some sort of victory and move on, with the final version. Sorry @Erwin, sometimes it gets confusing remembering what happened after playing several versions of the same scenario. Dave
  6. @Heirloom_Tomato Will have to answer. I tried downloading that individual scenario and checking it but it won't open all by itself like the Course of Action would. I could have sworn I had Javelin launchers on top of, in one case for sure, the most forward building, and took out several vehicles in that blank rectangular open field area. I think there was another team farther back. It was a while ago, so I don't remember all details and I don't have the saves anymore. I wonder if it's possible an older version got compiled. In early versions, the Challengers arrived much too late, and like yo
  7. I'm not sure mission numbers are getting us the correct things. The defensive one you are talking about is called Counterattack and the 'choice' one comes next. It's named Course of Action at the top of the briefing screen. Never mind my comment about the hospital. That's also a defensive one but on the other branch (to Damascus). I had originally thought that's what you were talking about and forgot about the "Counterattack" scenario.
  8. "Highland Games" is the reworked UK campaign. Counterattack is the defensive one you were talking about. Yeah, that one was tough, and was impossible before he made some changes to it. Those tanks that come as reinforcements were way too late originally to prevent being overrun. Now they arrive earlier and can help, but yeah, you have to be careful not to expose yourself, and to move them from cover to cover. There are a pretty fair number of enemy tanks. Also, if I remember correctly, the Javelins are in the trucks parked near the buildings. You have to run and acquire them and the
  9. I *think* it's #9 (I could be wrong about this number after the campaign was redone). The title is something like "US or alone?" or some variation of that, I think. There are two corner objectives. Head to your left to the far left corner and exit and you are going alone, headed south from Damascus, ending with a ridgeline assault. Head to the far right corner and exit and you are going to downtown Damascus with the US forces. The remaining scenarios on that branch then have combinations of US and UK forces. It sounds like you may have passed that point if you have done 11. Sorry I can't
  10. Ah, ok. Thinking of a different one. I don't remember that one specifically. Yes, there are two branches. In one, you head toward Damascus with the American forces, and in the other, you head south while American forces head to Damascus. You get to choose. I can't remember which scenario it is but you'll know when you get there. It depends on which objective map corner you choose to go to. VPs in that scenario only determine which path you are taking - you'll "win" both but the VPs will list one of them as a loss, and that determines the path. Best thing is to save at the beginning of that sce
  11. "so if you lose your FO's, it takes a long time for an inf unit to call in anything. " Real life. Probably several extra minutes. Was Mission 11 the defensive setup with the big hospital on the right? I did fine on that one. Lost a handful of AFVs, but I don't recall losing any tanks and the tanks cleaned up the opposition. Most of my losses came from the enemy that appeared on the left in and between the buildings (almost on top of my own positions). Dave
  12. They do get tougher as you get closer to Damascus. I found the alternate path where you don't go to Damascus to be somewhat easier. Dave
  13. "Old post" Which scenario is important. The options available to someone building AI plans in the game now are much better, and a canny designer (looking at you @George MC, just to take an example), can provide an AI plan or 2 or 3, that will give you fits. Older scenarios did not have the ability to do so. With SF2 for example, ALL of the scenarios were gone over, and in quite a few cases, completely new AI scripting done. Newer titles will have much more capable AI. R2V and upcoming RT provide more capable AI opponents than older scenarios. Lastly, it could be the designer didn't reall
  14. Yeah, I'll raise my hand. I've had an on and off issue in beta testing that someone else couldn't duplicate, so I'd be interested in whatever test you come up with. Anything that narrows down the issue is helpful. Documenting what is included in the test is key so that we can do some tracking as to what causes or doesn't cause problems. Dave
  15. Is he out of a vehicle? (Sorry, I can't remember now what the 2d mission is) If so, check his icon for any kind of radio. There are times when I had a dismounted commander of some level and to call fire I had to get him back into his vehicle. Dave
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