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Found 11 results

  1. The long-delayed and heretofore illusory comic, Apache, is finally nearing completion. Like my previous CAARs (links below in my signature) this one shows something new, both in terms of the side being illustrated, as well as design concepts for the comic. I'll let you mull that over and see if you find them appropriate and intuitive. This CAAR was unusual in that it required substantial setup to provide useful and interesting material. Some of the lengthy pauses in development were cause by obstacles in story-telling that had to be worked out in a pleasing and realistic manner. The fault is mine - I never used the scenario editor for anything other than map-making, and Apache necessitated a foray into scenario design that illustrated (see what I did there?) that it takes practice and a LOT of effort to make workable scenarios. My respect for those volunteers who design them here is increased by an order of magnitude. We all owe them a debt of gratitude for enriching our experience in these games. Once again, the map is one of my own making, another 208m x 208m custom job with a beach and water for troops to come out of as they invade. Fortunately, my partner in this, once again the inestimable Kohlenklau, recognized that the map was too small with the beach and water and the need for some space to represent a landing, so he made alterations that greatly improved on my original work. Much as I'm fond of the idea of micro-maps (after all, these comics are called Micro-Battles) there comes a point where being able to spit in your enemy's eyes is just a tad too close. I hope you enjoy this effort. As always, comments and questions are welcome.
  2. I've been messing around with CM:BS Quick Battles for my campaign system prototype. When a T90 emerges from a hilltop and begins to identify targets and compute firing solution, an M1A2 SEP or a M2A2/M2A3 gets a LASER WARNING. They automatically pop IR blocking smoke and reverse. This can save your skin, as I've seen T90s penetrate M1A2's lower glacis and cupola. However, I've had AFVs reverse in a weird way that exposes their side armour to the T90s. This happens often when there are trees, buildings or the edge of the map behind my AFV. The AFV will steer to the side, and become more vulnerable as a result. Sometimes, the automatic smoke launchers are triggered for a trivial threat -- leaving those charges spent, while a serious threat approaches. Is it possible to prevent my AFVs from automatically reversing and/or popping smoke on LASER WARNINGs? Or is this immutable TC protocol IRL?
  3. In the scenario Editor, the German tank crew are armed like the Canadians. Under the German single vehicle tab, the Leopard 2A4 and the Leopard 2A6 crews (both armored and machined) , they have C8s.
  4. I have seen this situation in many of my turn based battles, also in game engine version 4.0. In turn planning phase I give my tank a Face order, let's say turn 90 degrees Then during the 60 second movie this tank starts turning and while this is mostly still in progress a dangerous enemy unit appears, like infantry with AT weapons or enemy tank. Despite this my tank continues turning AND cannot use its gun before turning has finished. Often this means the enemy unit kills my tank which just keeps turning its hull instead of defending itself. the improvement: IMO once this dangerous enemy unit is spotted the tank should stop turning and use its gun for defense. Once no dangerous enemy is at sight (like the enemy moves behind cover or gets destroyed) then continue turning the hull. Or I can redo the Face command during next turn. But DO NOT TURN THE HULL for ages while your enemy unit can kill you.
  5. I have never ever seen this one one youtube, it says it was added this fall of 2016. I'm flabbergasted how fast the sherman is on a road and the guy is not even bouncing.
  6. Imma just gonna leave this here and scuttle back to the CM:BS Thread of Doom... http://www.bbc.com/news/video_and_audio/headlines/37402646
  7. Note the weights on the turret. They simulate the additional armor. Good, old Abrams is going to get even fatter
  8. I'd like to develop a scenario set in 1944, with the Germans using captured Italian armour. To add a little more realism, I want to replace the Italian tank crew uniforms with German ones. So far I've been able to replace the Italian tanker helmet with the panzer crew sidecap, but I can't figure out how to replace the rest of the Italian tanker uniforms with German ones. I've tried replacing the Italian 'coverall' MDR and BMP files (which I presume are the Italian tank ce textures) with renamed German panzer crew textures in a z folder, but it doesn't seem to change anything. Can anyone help me out out? Cheers
  9. I've heard rumours of a Shock Force sequel so I thought this blog may come in handy if it were to ever happen, Syria has done some serious overhauling on some of their T-72's, I don't know how the game engine would simulate it but it would be interesting. Enjoy the blog http://spioenkop.blogspot.co.uk/2014/12/syrias-steel-beasts-t-72.html
  10. In a recent game I noticed after giving buddy aid that two tank crews were not able to recrew their tanks but instead climbed on them like passengers. I moved them off the tank and tried again. Same effect. This problem did no occur with other tanks in that game. Save available: http://www.dropbox.com/s/dizk33q30spzmen/Bug%20ReCrew%20Panzer.bts?dl=0 Affected units: Pz. IV: 2.Co./3.Plt/HQ 2.Co./2.Plt./3rd
  11. When I was using BMP-3 advancing on a mission, a M1a2 ambushed and fire upon me in approximately 500 meters, then the miracle happened, Arena was activated and intercepted the 120mm m256 gun, successfully and the last time I check, the maximum possible interception speed for Arena was only 700m/s(≈2296ft/s) Now, I do considering is that the year 2017 makes Arena more advanced, or is it just some calculation error? or there a statistic test that proofs the Arena is capable of intercepting main battle tank's gun shell? Note: this is not only happens on M1A2, my test in game proof that it is capable of defeating any sort of MBT's main gun. Funny thing is, while overwhelmingly effective against MBT, unguided rocket launcher often easily breaching in the APS defense perimeter and destroy the entire vehicle.
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