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  1. I am playing the NTC campaign in Cold War and having a hard time figuring how do I survive the opening barrages on my units even before leaving the spawn point even if I leave the barrages and later on helicopter attacks seems relentless and my units will be combat ineffective to take the other objectives. Of course if I were to play again I would place my units elsewhere knowing where the initial arty would land but realistically what can I can do to avoid or survive this in the future?
  2. About the Campaign This campaign covers a short and sustained period of combat operations taking place over a period of less than 72 hours, in Poland, on the Eastern Front in early August 1944. Although fictional it is heavily based on actual events. In the campaign you take the role of 1 Kompanie Commander Hauptmann Hans von Schroif, of the 3rd Panzer Division’s (Known as the Berlin Bear division – the bear features on the city coat of arms) I(gep)/PzGrn Rgt 3 equipped with half-track carriers (SPW). Hauptmann von Schroif - AKA you - has been tasked with commanding a small kampfgruppe, to which has been attached the 6 Kompanie (Panzer IVs) under the command of Hauptmann Eric Faust. You have a sister kampfgruppe – commanded by Hauptmann Krüger – with roughly the same make-up, SPW and PzIVs. Krüger is a glory hunter with a desire for a Knights Cross. Correspondingly his unit is very aggressive. Other elements from Division will be attached given the situation – mostly recce units from Aufklärungs-Abteilung 3 (AA3). Reinforcements; Resupply and Refit It is worth noting that the player receives no reinforcements and little in the way of refit in the 72 hour period. Therefore you, the player, have to use your forces wisely, especially your panzergrenadiers. Keep your casualties as low as you can, for as long as you can. The key to success is close co-operation between your SPW, panzergrenadiers and panzers. Key characters, including platoon leaders, are all named individually and are tracked throughout the campaign. You’ll notice, as casualties mount that key names slowly start to disappear. Don’t get killed yourself though early on, as it may lead to you ending the campaign, like your life, prematurely. Player Campaign Briefings and Tactical Maps The briefings take the form of an immersive narrative. Therefore they tend to be fairly lengthy, Not everyone’s cup of tea but I like that. To help process the info I compiled all the campaign briefings into a PDF file titled Kampfgruppe von Schroif Campaign Briefing Handbook. Each brief is linked via the Campaign Flowchart so you can quickly access the briefing you want. If you don’t like reading then the Operation and Tactical Maps in each mission provide the key info required at a glance. There is also a table showing your unit, its commanders and their ‘soft’ values e.g. experience, morale etc. In addition there are Force Tracker graphics which allow you to track casualties and effectiveness of your unit as the campaign rolls on. In addition there is a pack of Tactical Maps included in the zip file. These are maps of all the main missions and are blank unannotated JPGs. They offer the player the ability to use them to plan their actions either on paper (print them out) or digitally on your PC/Laptop. Mods There are no mods required to play this campaign. It’s playable “out of the box” using the base CMRT game. If you are interested in what mods I use (and you’ll see in the screenshots) then I use the following: Aris' vehicles (both German and Soviet) Kieme's buildings and terrain mods Tanks a Lot buildings (these just add more 'skin' options for buildings but they are great!) Veins' German and Soviet soldiers Veins' tracers and special effect s(smoke, flame and dust) Rambler's CMBS Trees and Hedges (yup CMBS mod but it works in CMRT). Acknowledgments Huge shout out to SeinfeldRules for the kind permission to use his “Assault Position” scenario in this campaign. I owe a huge debt of thanks to the guys who did the playtesting. So a big shout out and thanks to the following for playtesting, feedback, proof reading and critical comment: SeinfeldRules, Raptorx7, mjkerner, RepsolCBR, TAKODA. BarbaricCo, olliwa, SlowLarry, Reech, borg, bangalor44, Chudacabra. Special mention goes to Combatintman who painstakingly proof read and checked all the briefings for every scenario and their associated tactical and operation maps. I think the words Oberleutant and Oberstleutnant will be forever etched in his brain! He also provided the “Force Tracker” graphics. Any subsequent errors, omissions and weirdness are entirely my fault! You can grab a slightly tweaked version 3 (some minor changes made to the first mission and corrected some typos in the brief) from TSDIII HERE.
  3. Armed Forces of Ukraine are my favourite faction to play. I've completed Shield of Kiev -- great, but difficult, campaign. I'd be grateful, if someone can recommend another one?
  4. Hi all, Just wanted to formally announce my next campaign release titled 'First into Antwerp'. Ironically this was actually the first campaign I designed but the second I've released. Command the British 3rd Royal Tank Regiment and the 4th Battalion Kings Shropshire Light Infantry as they advance from Boom to capture the port city of Antwerp, Belgium, and later attempt to establish a bridgehead over the Albert Canal. This campaign consists of 8 battles and is historical. To be played as PLAYER vs AXIS AI. Be aware in order to play this campaign you MUST have both Commonwealth and Market Garden Modules. Battle sizes are varied. It is strongly recommended that the player reads the README in the attached zip-file. The Zipfile will contain the following: 2 Campaign folders. 1 Campaign file within each folder. 49 page Campaign Design booklet including Campaign Progression Tables and Order of Battle. (You know, for some 'light' reading ) Campaign has been tested and should be compatible with patch 4.03. Total battle duration of the campaign totals roughly 8 hours. Annnnddd here's some pictures: Download link CM CW: First into Antwerp (thefewgoodmen.com)
  5. Gents, the campaign is finally completed. Join the paratroopers of "Attack" Company, 1-503rd Airborne, as they rush to stem the tide of the Russian advance in central Ukraine! There are two files associated with the campaign. There is a "Mod Pack" which consists of a compilation of my favorite mods as well as some additional mods specifically for the campaign. The second file is the .cam file for the campaign. Many people contributed to the creation of this campaign, without your help I could not have completed this project. I thank you all. Until I can get it on the Repository, the campaign can be downloaded from here: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/27642219/Task%20Force%20Spartan%20Resolve%20Campaign.zip
  6. I've been attempting to compile a small test campaign. Just taking notes, reading forum posts and trying to understand how this works. I keep getting the following error: Incorrect syntax in campaign script on line 5. I have tried everything I can think of with line #5. I deleted, re-typed, copied and pasted Line #5s from other campaigns. I don't know what the problem is. Below are the first eight lines of the campaign script txt file. The editor is advising the problem is on line five. I seems like the editor counts the open lines. As a result I think the problem is with: [bLUE VICTORY TEXT] Congratulations! Any adult supervision would be greatly appreciated. /* Alarm Unit*/ [PLAYER FORCE] Red [HUMAN OPPONENT ALLOWED] No [bLUE VICTORY TEXT] Congratulations! [bLUE DEFEAT TEXT] You lost [RED VICTORY TEXT] You won. [RED DEFEAT TEXT] You lost. EDIT: The forum forces you to have open lines between the above text so I can't make it display as it does in the actual txt file. In the file there is an empty line after [HUMAN OPPONENT ALLOWED] No and then again after [bLUE DEFEAT TEXT] you lost.
  7. Fancy fighting some big battles in Normandy? Your Mission The Canadian 8th Brigade is tasked with taking Carpiquet and the adjacent airfield. The 12SS Panzer Division stands in their way. Carpiquet is a fortress. Take command of a reinforced Canadian Infantry Brigade and crack the German defenses to the west of Caen. - For those who love big battles. - Lots of chances to use the Vehicle Pack 'Toys'. - Perhaps the most explosions you'll see in one battle. Included in this download: • The Campaign File – Copy this into the “Campaign” folder of your CMBN directory. • A ‘z’ folder – Contains compulsory mods that are already mod tagged and ready to go. If you do not copy this folder to your existing mod folder the maps will look really silly! • Operation Windsor – The Overlooked Battle – A scenario ‘history’ document outlining my final thoughts on the battle and the concessions I had to make in designing this campaign. SPOILER FILLED! The Scenario designer notes if you will. This is a separate document so the in game briefing field can be spoiler free. • 4 x blank Master Maps • Northern Map covering the village and northern approach. • Southern Map covering the southern hangers, airfield and eastern control buildings. • ‘Clean’ and ‘Damaged’ versions of each. Many thanks to the following community members for providing feedback for the early release version. Mad Mike - FGM David Harding-Smith “Jofontaine” And also a special thanks to Rambler - FGM, for making the briefings that little bit special and coming up with the title card theme. Requirements • Combat Mission Battle for Normandy; • Commonwealth Module; • Market Garden Module; • Vehicle Pack; • Upgraded and updated to at least version 3.11; and • A beefy enough computer that can run battalion plus sized battles. Grab a Copy http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tsd3/c...-battles-for-normandy/the-lions-of-carpiquet/
  8. Celleno: The Final Battle The Mission Before us, lies the hill-top fortress of Celleno. This is the final objective of our campaign, and it looks to be the toughest one, yet. We did our best to conserve our fuel, ammo and manpower for this battle. We are ahead of the recce, and nearly blind. Now, night approaches and we must begin the assault. The Plan Phase 1: Establish observation points and direct the initial bombardment. Phase 2: Occupy the heights and establish a base of fire. Phase 3: Begin the combined assault on ALPHA. Phase 4: Mop up BRAVO and CHARLIE. The Forces Task Force 1 (Armoured): C Squadron (Major Chetty) Task Force 2 (Infantry): B Company (Major Jansen) Task Force 3 (Infantry): C Company (Major Ntsimango) Supports: 2 x Recce Troops, 2 x Forward Observers, 2 x Machinegun Sections
  9. Recently kohlenklau who is heading up the mod team of the Finnish Mod asked me to contribute a short campaign to go with the mod pack. Below are the details. The Battle of Tali-Ihantala The Battle of Tali-Ihantala is a CMRT Mini-Campaign depicting the actions of the Finnish IV Army Corps during June -July 1944 on the Karelian Isthmus. It was designed originally with version 3 of CMRT but was finished with version 4. However none of the new features in version 4 were incorporated into this campaign. It should play out fine in either version but let me know if problems arise. As always let me know of any corrections or problems as the campaign has only been quick tested. The battles depicted in this campaign, which is part of the Continuation War had been going since 1941. It focuses mainly on the actions of Finnish 18th Division and several supporting units. I tried to tag each unit with the correct Finnish abreviations as well as included the actual commanders but if any of our Finnish players see anything totally screwed up let me know. Below is a listing of the core units: Core Units: 1 P JR48 (1 Battalion Infantry Regiment 48) Eversti (Col.) Vaino Forsberg 2 P JR48 (2 Battalion Infantry Regiment 48) 2 P JR6 (2 Battalion Infantry Regiment 6) 2 P JR12 (2 Battalion Infantry Regiment 12) Eversti (Col.) Yrjo Hanste 3 P JR13 (3 Battlion Infantry Regiment 13) (Company of Swedish Volunteers) 1 Er.P 16 (Seperate Battalion 16) 3 Jaeger JP (Jaeger Battalion) Eversti (Col.) Albert Puroma 1 Er.Pion.K (Pioneer Battalion) Everstiluutnantti (Lt. Col.) Reino Inkinen Panssaridivisoona ( 2 Rynnakkotykki Assault Gun Battalion) Kenraalimajuri (Maj. Gen.) Ruben Lagus Sturm Brigade 303 (German Assault Gun Unit) Hauptman Friedrich Scherer 1/SG3 (Lufftwaffe)(Gefechtsverband Kuhlmey) Ju-87D Ground Attack Aircraft 1/SG5 (Lufftwaffe)(Gefechtsverband Kuhlmey) Fw-190F8 Ground Attack Aircraft Soviet Forces: 45th Guards Rifle Division 63rd Guards Rifle Division 27th Tank Regiment 30th Armoured Brigade Campaign Tree: 1. The Assault on Tali 2. Portinhoikka Crossroads 3. Counterattack at Tali 4. The Road Block at Ihantala This campaign features the excellent Finnish Mod Pack designed by the team put together by kohlenklau and all credit goes to them. The mod pack is included in the download. I added a Finnish Stug III mod to the pack to represent the Finnish armoured units. The mods are tagged for this specific cmapaign and should not interfere with any other campaigns or battles with the exception of the Finnish voice pack included in the mod folder. Remove this folder after playing or your German pixeltruppen may speak Finnish. All the maps were hand created by me based on what information I could find and google maps. Hopefully they represent the battle locations reasonably accurate. Also be sure to read the campaign designer notes as I have added some historical information about the battle. Hope it proves enjoyable Michael Here is the link to the campaign. Just place the mod folder into the dataz folder in your CMRT directory and the .cam file into the campaign directory. https://www.dropbox.com/s/i9d5icpdod3r0vs/The Battle of Tali Ihantala.zip?dl=0
  10. This thing has been sitting on my hard drive for quite sometime. I was waiting for a module or vehicle pack to be released to give me the correct vehicles needed but since that doesn't look like its going to happen anytime soon I decided to finish it and put it up for play. If the vehicles needed are released I will go back and update it. It has only been partially tested. Zitadelle:Totenkopf's March to Prokhorovka depicts actions of the 3rd SS Panzergrenadier Division Totenkopf during Operation Zitadelle, or more commonly, The Battle of Kursk, during July, 1943. It requires the latest version of CMRT. The details are as follows: Zitadelle: SS Totenkopf's March to Prokhorovka Zitadelle is a CMRT Campaign depicting the actions of the 3rd SS Panzergrenadier Division Totenkopf (Deaths Head) during Operation Zitadelle, the German code word for the Battle of Kursk. It follows the divisions engagements from July 4, 1943 until July 12, 1943. The campaign should be considered semi-historical simply because of limitations in the CMRT engine, mainly force composition and equipment. All the battles however were actual engagements and I tried to replicate them as accurately as I could. It requires the following: CMRT version 4. The Included Mod Folder for immersion. Division Totenkopf was one of three SS Divisions attached to the II. SS Panzer Korps that fought in the southern sector of the campaign. Totenkopf, along with the other two divisions, 1st SS Panzergrenadier Division Leibstandarte and 2nd SS Panzergrenadier Division Das Reich, along with support units, were under the command of SS Obergruppenfuhrer Paul Hausser and would be the main offensive punch for the Germans in this sector. The 3rd SS Panzergrenadier Division Totenkopf is commanded by SS Brigadefuhrer Hermann Preiss during Operation Zitadelle. Note on Commanders: I have tried to add in as many of the key commanders as possible for historical immersion. During the battle the II.SS Panzer-Korps lost many key commanders since many German commanders lead their troops from the front, so there was a lot of moving leadership around. I set the command tree for this campaign as it was in the beginning of the actual battle where I could. This campaign features the following units as the core units. German Order of Battle: 1. I.SS Panzergrenadier Regiment 6 (SS Sturmbannfuhrer Fritz Knochlein) 4 x Kompanies 2. II.SS Panzergrenadier Regiment 6 (SS Sturmbannfuhrer Ernst Haussler) 4 x Kompanies 2 x Kompanies (Reserve) 3. III.SS Panzergrenadier Regiment 6 (SS Standartenfuhrer Karl Ullrich) 4 x Kompanies 4. I.SS Panzer Regiment 3 (SS Hauptsturmfuhrer Erwin Meierdress) 2 x Kompanies ( 47 MkIVG tanks) 1 x Kompanie (Reserve) (22 MkIVG tanks) (These represent tanks repaired and returned to service during the battle and will be available later.) 1 x Support Kompanie (Flak Zug) 5. I.SS Panzer Regiment (SS Obersturmfuhrer Wilhelm Schroder) 9.Kompanie (Tiger Kompanie) (11 MkVI Tiger 1 tanks) 6. II.SS Panzer Regiment 3 (SS Sturmbannfuhrer Georg Bochmann) 4 x Kompanies (59 MkIVG tanks) 1 x Support Kompanie (Flak Zug) 7. SS Pionier Battalion 3 (SS Obersturmfuhrer Georg Kinzler 1 x Kompanie 8. SS-Sturmgeschutz-Abteilung 3 (SS Hauptsturmfuhrer Werner Korff) 2 x Batterie 1 x Batterie (Reserve) 9. SS-Panzer-Aufklarungs-Abteilung 3 (SS Sturmbannfuhrer Otto Kron) 2 x Kompanies (Equipped with SPW 251 from the divisions halftrack battalion) 1 x Kompanie (Reserve) 10. I.SS Panzergrenadier Regiment 6 (Armored Battalion) (SS Obersturmbannfuhrer Rudolf Schneider) 1 x Kompanie (Armored Car) 2 x Kompanie ( Halftrack Battalion) 1 x Kompanie (Halftrack Battalion) (Reserve) Soviet Order of Battle: (Non Core) 1. 1241st Rifle Regiment (375th Rifle Division) 2. 155th Guards Rifle Regiment (52nd Guards Rifle Division) 3. 196th Guards Rifle Regiment (67th Guards Rifle Division) 4. 245th Tank Regiment (2nd Guards Tank Corps) 5. 289th Guards Regiment (97th Guards Rifle Division) 6. 237th Tank Brigade (31st Tank Corps) 7. 96th Tank Brigade ( attached to the 52nd Guards Rifle Division) 8. 284th Guards Rifle Regiment (95th Guards Rifle Division) 9. 287th Guards Regiment (95th Guards Rifle Division) 10. 181st Tank Brigade (18th Tank Corps) Notes on unit composition: Due to limitations in the current CMRT engine I used Aufklarung compositions to eliminate most of the panzerfausts which were not present during Operation Zitadelle. A few of the HQ units still randomly retain a few but there is nothing much I can do. Just use your imagination and let them be very accurately thrown teller mines. Also historically Totenkopf had the following tank strengths: 59 PzMkIII's 47 PzMkIV (long barreled 75mm) 11 PzMkVI Tigers 8 Befehls Pz. (Repair Vehicles) With the MKIII not being available I have substituted in the correct number of MkIV's, so the tank strength is correct on numbers but not correct on tank types. If BFC decides to make the MkIII (and KV-1) I will try and update this beast. As mentioned above there is one Kompanie in the I.SS Panzer Regiment 3 that is a reserve and this represents repaired tanks that were returned to service during the battle. These will be available towards the end. The Campaign Tree: 1. Hill 218 - Axis Assault (Dawn) 2. Breaking the Line - Axis Assault (Day) 3. Actung Panzer - Axis Probe (Day) 4. Clash at Kochetovka - Axis Attack (Day) 5. Decision - Gives you the opportunity to play the next mission with or without using some of your reserves. You must be careful here as you will need every available asset in the later battles. 6. 96th Tank Brigade Counterattacks - Meeting Engagement (No reserves) (Day) 7. 96th Tank Brigade Counterattacks (Reserves) - Meeting Engagement (Reserves) (Day) 8. Hells Bridgehead - Axis Assault (Day) 9. Tooth and Nail - Allied Attack (Dawn) 10. Fire and Steel - Meeting Engagement (Day) For this campaign to be successful it will require careful management of your unit preservation, as the last battles will require every resource you can muster. 9.Kompanies Tigers will be especially important as you will get no replacements for them. (There was only 11 total during Zitadelle) Artillery and air support will be available in most missions for both sides. The Mods: Included with the campaign is a mod folder that contains the following: 1. Veins excellent Totenkopf Uniform mod. 2. Several terrain and effects textures from different sources for immersion. 3. Aris PzMk IVG, SPW 251, Stug III and PzMkVI Tiger textures modified by me with the correct insignia used by Totenkopf during Operation Zitadelle. 4. Custom Loading Music 5. Totekopf Portrait Mod - I added the Deaths Head insignia to the portrait of the armored infantry and tank commanders from Mords Red Thunder Portraits mod. These will now show the correct insignia and are tagged to this campaign only. The Maps: The maps were all created by the author (me) and I have tried to make them as accurate as possible. Most are large and may task slower systems. Be sure to read the mission briefings for each mission. I have included some historical information that the campaign was based on in each of the designer notes for each mission. This will give you a bigger picture of the events that are happening when each mission is played out. As always let me know of any bugs or screw ups and I will fix and update. I hope the campaign proves enjoyable. Here is the link to the campaign: https://www.dropbox.com/s/jl13w5orjp2b7dz/Zitadelle.zip?dl=0 Michael
  11. For King and Country How can I live among this gentle Obsolescent breed of heroes, and not weep? Unicorns, almost, For they are falling into two legends In which their stupidity and chivalry Are celebrated. Each, fool and hero, will be an immortal -Keith Douglas, 1942 For King and Country is a CMBN Commonwealth campaign that follows the actions of the 1 Regiment Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry from their landings at Gold Beach on the Normandy coast on June 6th, 1944 and the hard fought battles through France until June 26, 1944. I have tried to keep it as historical as possible based on what research I could dig up though a few of the engagements should be considered semi-historical. After the British moved inland there were many small battles that were waged across the French countryside so to keep some variety I have "created" a few of these engagements. However, to keep to the flavor of historical, most of the included scenarios are actual battles and I have tried to model them as accurately as I could portray. Most of the battles are offensive operations as the German forces during this time were on the defensive. You can expect to see some counterattacks however as this was the common strategy for the Germans. I also have included the actual commanders of the various troop HQ's of the regiment. However the chain of command must be considered to be semi-historical as there were a number of leadership changes of the SRY as they fought across France during the real campaign due to casualties or simply reshuffling of the command structure. The leadership tree in this campaign is setup to reflect what the actual command structure was at the end of June. This campaign can be considered a preqel to my previous CMBN campaign Operation Clipper: The Geilenkirchen Salient which includes the SRY also. About the Campaign: This campaign requires the following: CMBN Game Engine 4 CW Module Market Garden Module Vehicle Pack It is designed for single player only from the blue side. All the information here is also in the designers notes of the campaign. Most of the battles and maps are medium to large so it could impact some older PC's. The Campaign Tree: 1. Gold Beach (Allied Attack) 2. The Ridge (Allied Attack) 3. A Meeting at Hervieu (Meeting Engagement) 4. A Hard Day in Hottot (Allied Attack) 5. Tea Time in Cristot (Allied Attack) 6. Fontenay (Allied Assault) 7. The Assault of Rauray (Allied Assault) 8. The 12th SS Counterattacks (Axis Attack) Victory Conditions: A Draw will advance you through the campaign. However careful management of the core units (SRY) is vital. You will get some replacements later in the campaign. Also the primary leadership is essential to preserve as the Germans get high points for killing top HQ assets. Maps: All the maps were created by the author (me) and I have tried to get them as accurately as possible based on google maps, drawings and old photographs I could find. Most are medium to large maps. Unit Tree: 1 Rg SRY (Core Units) HQ - Maj S.D. Christopherson 2 x Sherman V Tanks HQ Squadron - Maj R.Sutton-Nelthrope Recce Troop - Capt. P. McCrath (2 x Stuart V Tanks) 3 x Sections (3 x Stuart V and VI Tanks each) A Squadron HQ: Maj. J. Semken (3 x Sherman V Tanks) 4 x Troop (3 x Sherman V and 1 x Sherman VC Firefly Tanks each) B Squadron HQ: Maj. M. Gold (3 x Sherman V Tanks) 4 x Troop (3 x Sherman V and 1 x Sherman VC Firefly Tanks each) C Squadron HQ: Maj S. Mitchell (3 x Sherman V Tanks) 4 x Troop (3 x Sherman V and 1 x Sherman VC Firefly Tanks each) Feature Units: British: 1. 1 Bn Hampshire Regiment 2. 82nd Assault Squadron Royal Engineers 3. 6th Assault Regiment 4. 2nd Bn Essex Regiment 5. 1st Recce Regiment 6. 11th Royal Scots Fusiliers 7. 6th Royal Scots Fusiliers 8. 2nd Bn Hampshire Regiment 9. 1/6 Duke of Wellington Regiment German: 1. 726th Infantry Regiment 2. 916th Infantry Regiment 3. 352nd Fusilier Battalion 4. 352nd PzJag Abt 5. 1 Bn PzGrLehr Regiment 901 6. PzLehr Regiment 130 7. 12th SS PzAufk Abt 8. 1 Bn 25th SS PzGr Regiment 9. SS PzRg 12 Mods: As is common for most of my campaigns I use featured mods by some of our very talented modders of the CM series. Below is a list and all credit goes to them. 1. Aris Vehicle Textures (I have modified a few with the (hopefully) correct unit symbols or to represent damaged or destroyed vehicles 2. Mords Unit ID (The featured British units (except non core armor units) have the correct ID patches that will show up in the UI) 3. Various terrain modifications 4. EZJax CMBN Uniform Heer (Lehr) 5. EZJax CMBN Uniform SS All mods needed are included with the download and are tagged to this campaign so they should not interfere with any other scenarios or campaigns. The campaign has been tested but if any issues arise please let me know. Also any suggestions are welcome and I will make any adjustments necessary. I hope the campaign will prove enjoyable. Michael Special Note: The first mission Gold Beach can prove to be a beast. To quote Captain Miller " Get your men off the beach" will be an understatement. "Keep em moving". Below is the link https://www.dropbox.com/s/sce3ibep7mysjto/For King and Country.zip?dl=0
  12. Good morning/afternoon/evening everyone. This will be an AAR series, covering my playthrough of the US Army campaign of Shock Force 2: 'TF Thunder'. I briefly dipped my toe into this campaign in Shock Force 1, but only as far as the first mission. This will be my first proper playthrough of a Combat Mission campaign, and I'm sharing it all with you! So, without further ado, let's get into the campaign briefing. The ground invasion of Syria has begun. After a three-day-long aerial bombardment, NATO forces are pouring into the country from all sides; The US Army from the East, the British Army from the North and South, NATO forces from the North and the US Marines from the coast. I am commanding a battalion of Task Force Thunder, a Stryker Brigade reinforced with armoured units. I have under my command two Stryker rifle companies (A and C), an armoured company of M1A2 Abrams tanks (B), an armoured infantry company in Bradley IFVs (D) and an armoured engineer company also in Bradleys (E). This is a fast and powerful combat force, equipped with the best fighting equipment on Earth and manned by some of the best soldiers on Earth. And in the finest American tradition, the battalion is liberally supported by artillery and airpower. Our brigades mission is to slice Syria in half, striking from East to West along a route designated 'Route Lightning', with our limit of advance being the important Syrian city of Hims (also known as Homs). My enemy will initially consist of Syrian reservists and militia holding the border. These units are poorly trained, poorly led and poorly equipped. As we push into the interior of the country resistance will stiffen, varying from the still poorly equipped but slightly better led and trained regular units, to the elite, well-equipped units of the Republican Guards currently around Hims. Also, scattered throughout the country there will be pockets of paramilitary, special forces and other irregulars, many of which are well trained, motivated and equipped. There will be tough fighting ahead. Speed and force protection is the name of the game for this campaign. Our mission is to neatly snip Syria in half as quickly as possible, but our last objective is a tough urban target. Replacement of casualties and destroyed vehicles will not be happening. Taking too many casualties early on will make our mission exponentially more difficult. I will have to carefully balance aggression and caution to complete this campaign successfully. In the next instalment, we'll take on the first mission. Stay tuned!
  13. Hi Can anyone help me with an issue I am facing? I am playing the german campaign but for some the map where you have to choose which branch of missions to follow is messing up. the first branch is done by just pressing cease fire right at the start. That works fine for me. I kept a save of that map(so that i could come back and choose the other branch). However when i try to select the other branch(by going to the objective marker at the end of the road and the pressing case fire) the game just hard crashes. Don't know what's happening since everything else works fine. I have a copy of the branch choosing map in m machine.
  14. Since backups came up in another thread I thought I would share my backup scripts. I thought I had done this in the past but I did a search and came up empty. I wrote these scripts years ago and have been using them for scenario design, mod design and programming projects. The basic principal is to zip up a directory and copy it to a backup location (keeping old versions) and a second location. This lets me know I have the last 10 versions and the second copy allows me to move my work between computers. I used to use a USB stick (hence the command line option "portable") but now I use drop box. I hope others can benefit from these scripts feel free to modify and enhance them as you wish. Dependencies: Winzip and WinZip Command Line Helper. I currently use WinZip 20.0 and WinZip Command Line Helper 4.0. I have used older versions so my scripts do not need the latest but they do need those two things to be compatible. Changing to use a different .zip utility would be a one line change for the command line and two other lines to make the batch variable name match a different tool. With those in place you can unzip the backup command and an example usage from here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ifzujn77afk1ei3/BackupExample.zip?dl=0 In there are two .cmd files. The first is BackupToZip.cmd It is the generic backup utility that preserves the last 10 versions and optionally makes a second copy of the most recent backup. When you run it you see the following command line usage guide: C:>p:\BackupToZip.cmd BackupToZip zipname backuppath pattern [-portable path] [other zip options] Press any key to continue . . . zipname is the name of the file you want to create backuppath is where you want to place the backup copies pattern is what to backup portable path is an optional location to place a second copy other zip options lets you pass other command line options to winzip (or what ever other .zip utility you might swap in) these are passed as it to the winzip command Rather than typing a complex command line every time I want to backup my work I create a project specific backup .cmd file. An example of which is included in the above .zip file. This is the script I used while I was working on the Lanzerath ridge scenario: @echo off call P:\BackupToZip LanzerathRidge P:\Backups D:\Users\IanL\Documents\Battlefront\COMBAT~1\Bulge\GAMEFI~1\WorkInProgress\LanzerathRidge\*.* -portable D:\Users\IanL\Dropbox\ScenarioWork -x*.class What that does is copy the entire (*.*) contents and sub folders of my WorkinProgress\LanzerathRidge folder to a .zip file named LanzerathRidge in a Backups directory (also saving the last 10 back up .zip files) and make a second copy on Dropbox under a folder named ScenarioWork. The -x*.class is a left over from a java project backup script that I copied to create my LanzerathRidge backup file. Oops my bad. Just ignore that. If you cannot ignore it here is the explanation: it serves as an example of passing additional zip command line options through. I never backup .class files in a Java project since those are the compiler's artifacts and there is no value in saving them since they are derived from the source files. I create a WorkInProgress directory under the Game Files directory and under there I have a sub folder for each thing I'm working on. Then I create a Backup<ScenarioName> command line script to back it up. Under that sub directory I have all my notes, links, briefing text files and graphics files as well as the scenario itself. You might have noticed that I am not using paths with spaces this is simply because I never did the work to support that. In my development projects I never use spaces in directory names and this backup script was initially created for backing up programming projects. There was just no need. When I moved to use it for Combat Mission purposes I just didn't spend any time changing that since I can just feed the scripts the old 8.3 directory names. Yes, that looks sucky. Yes, it means you have to do an additional step when you create your backup script No, I'm not going to be changing that - but you could if you want You can always find the 8.3 directory name by using these command line arguments with the dir command in any command shell: dir /X
  15. Quick Battle Campaign: Donetsk (Prototype) This is a field trial for an operation-based Quick Battle generator. After taking into consideration all the great systems that were recommended to me by the community, I've finally settled on an implementation. This thread will contain both the operational mechanics and the Quick Battle AARs. I apologize for the lack of flavour text, as this is a test. The objective of this trial is to get the balancing right, both for the QB settings and the Operational Metagame component. I'm starting this demo with 4 players (1 US, 1 UKR, 2 RF). You are welcome to participate as one of the players, and play against CPU, or a partner. If so, please post below -- as well as any questions you may have. Note: BLUFOR and REDFOR sides will be able to see eachother's "hands" in this trial. This way it is easier to compare, for balance.
  16. Good evening all, @BFCElvis has granted permission for some preview pics to be shared with the community of the upcoming Dutch Campaign revamp. (The remaining CMSF campaigns haven't been forgotten ). Dutch Campaign revamp for CMSF2 is being handled by @Imperial Grunt and Ithikial_AU. Some of the key changes from CMSF1 version (slight spoilers) - Reworked briefings to provide more narrative flavour around the Dutch effort and it's role in the wider conflict. - Lowered campaign difficulty to be more accessible to players of varying skill levels. (Don't worry I don't think having to undertake MOUT missions with a small Company(+) force will be considered "easy"). There was an initial 15% casualty rule in the old campaign, equating to automatic scenario and potentially campaign loss - this was considered pretty harsh. Some hunting around archive forum posts on the Battlefront forums helped identify issues. We were also aware the CMSF engine had evolved since the original release, with automatic weapons now being much more lethal making this parameter difficult for players to meet. - Victory conditions and campaign script reworked for some scenarios to reflect their close timing and geography between battles. For example, shared support assets, no ammunition resupply, the next missions time of day dependent on the outcome of battle before etc. - Infantry replenishment added at key points of the campaign. - Maps tweaked to take advantage of new map features (water, bridges, fortifications etc). Some urban maps have been cratered/ruined to reflect the timing of the campaign in the wider conflict. - Changes to AI plans to take advantage of new features introduced since CMSF’s release. - Joint ops for all. (You'll have to play through the campaign to know what that means). So I guess the cat is out of the bag. I was asked to come on board to help out earlier in the year and the first task I got was helping out on this one. Most of the work is done with scenarios individually tested and tweaks made. We're just waiting on briefing graphics and final blind runs through the entire campaign to see how it plays. Obviously R2V has priority at the moment but for the modern war fans there's something around the corner. Cheers Ithikial "MOUT again?" Tweaked mission conditions and maps. The Syrians get some new toys. Your air support is no longer invincible. Reworked maps. In this MOUT engagement the city isn't as pristine as it once was.
  17. I was wondering if anyone knows how to repack a campaign once it's been unpacked into it's individual missions. I'd like to unzip CMBN 'The road to Montebourg', increase all the mission duration times, then repack it into a working campaign again. I've managed to unpack everything but I don't know how to put it back together again. I'm also relatively new to modding CM so a detailed 'how to' would be appreciated.
  18. The Heart of Darkness “We penetrated deeper and deeper into the heart of darkness” Joseph Conrad, Heart of Darkness The Heart of Darkness is a semi-historical CMSF campaign depicting actions of the US 1 Bn 508 Parachute Infantry Regiment (PIR), 82nd Airborne and the British Army 2 Bn Royal Regiment of Fusiliers in the Sangin Valley, located in the Helmand Province of Afghanistan during March and April of 2007. It is designed with the latest version of CMSF as well as the NATO and British modules which are required. Several mods are included with the download which are needed to create the immersiveness of the campaign. They are included in the folder called Sangin Valley Mods. Just place in your dataz directory and remove when you finish playing the campaign. 1. Blimey's Afghan National Army Mod 2. British Camo Screen Mod by MikeyD 3. 82nd Airborne Mod v. 1.1 by Normal Dude 4. Irregulars Afghanistan by Blimey 5. Muddy Waters v. 1.4 by Birdstrike 6. Humvee modification by myself 7. Softskin Vehicles by Kieme Other mods that I recommend that are not included in the download. 1. All of Kieme's building and terrain modifications (A Must Have for the immersion of this campaign.) 2. Combatants, Mixed Combatants and Syrian Fighters by Mord All credit goes to the authors of these mods. The campaign was designed to be played from the blue side only. Core Units: 2 Bn Royal Regiment of Fusiliers 1 508 Parachute Infantry Regiment ( 82nd Airborne ) 2 Bn 319th FAR (Artillery Regiment) 1 Tolai 309th Corps ANA Campaign Tree: 1. Bombs in the Dirt (British vs Taliban) Draw will advance. 2. Hunting the Vipers (US/ANA vs Taliban) Draw will advance. 3. Blood on the Sand (US/British vs Taliban) Draw will advance. 4. Denial (US/British vs Taliban) Draw will advance. 5. Haven (US/ANA vs Taliban) Draw will advance. 6. Call of the Nightingale (British vs Taliban) Draw will advance. 7. Siege of District Center (British/ANA Police vs Taliban) Draw will advance. 8. Operation Furious Pursuit (US/ANA/British vs Taliban) Draw will win the campaign. Campaign Notes: " War is a sad, horrible, tragic, display of man's inability to accept the premise that the subjugation of one by another will not be long tolerated... ...Paul Mehlos - The Poor Bastards Club In designing this campaign I have tried within the limits of the game engine to recreate what combat in Afghanistan was like. The missions vary from probes, attacks and defense scenarios. All the maps were created by the author (me) and I tried to give each a 'Afghanistan' feel with the tools currently available in the editor. The units are historical though some of the places and engagements are fictional. Unit management is critical in advancing through the campaign. There are no reinforcements, though I have given a high refit and resupply rate to the ISAF forces involved. The Taliban have a unique way of "popping up" anywhere so stay on your toes. They have developed intricate tunnel and trench complexes throughout the valley which allows them freedom of movement. This along with their ability to mingle with the civilian populations make them dangerous. Background "You foreigners have the watches, but we have the time".... suspected Taliban insurgent The Sangin River Valley is commonly referred to by British Soldiers serving in Southern Afghanistan as The Heart of Darkness. In early 2007 Sangin, situated on the Helmand River, was the world’s poppy capital and a vital Taliban stronghold. Given the Taliban’s reliance on poppy to fund their fighters, control of Sangin was vital for the Taliban’s survival and consequently would be fiercely defended. Sangin is a district of the southern Helmand Province of Afghanistan and also the name for a town in the district, population in 2006 at about 14,000. Politically, Sangin held little sway in Kabul, a “minor backwater.” The Taliban did not see it that way, and neither did the Allies. The district and town sit on the Helmand river-valley plain surrounded by rolling hills and mountain ranges to the east and west, and desert to the west and south. It has been referred to as a canyon town, a valley town, a market town on the south bank of the Helmand River. The Sangin valley became known as the Green Zone, with a population approaching 800,000. It is a mix of rocky desert and stretches of farmland, rolling hills, groves of trees, and multiple crisscrossing canals. To the northeast is the Kajaki Dam. The Helmand River rises in the mighty Hindu Kush mountains, about 50 miles west of Kabul. It is about 715 miles in length and passes through desert, marshes, and a lake region at the Afghan-Iranian border. It provides no outlet to the sea. Its water is considered essential for farming and is crucial to the locals. The irrigation system so important to the growing of crops, mostly poppy, is fed by the river and dam and presented Allied forces multiple obstacles they had to learn to overcome. Experts say Sangin’s geographic location gives it strategic importance. It is at the confluence of two rivers in the northern section of the province, the Musa Qala coming from the north, and the Helmand. Just north of Sangin, the land rises to a plateau. Toby Woodbridge, in his book, Sangin, A Glance through Afghan Eyes, wrote "the narrow plateau (offers) commanding views over the town centre, fields, and river below, foot-hills and mountains beyond". Woodbridge was an officer in the British Army and served in Sangin. He is now a journalist. Woodbridge wrote this informative piece in his book: “From a military standpoint the town (of Sangin) was no natural fortress for those stationed within.” He said foliage and high growing crops reduced the field of view. The rolling hills could mask sight of enemies hiding behind them. There was sufficient high ground in every direction enabling an enemy a good view of the town below. The walls are “interlinked in a warren-like honeycomb without external support, a permeable perimeter enabling easy access into the town’s center from myriad different directions.” Woodbridge said that it was impossible to place enough troopers out there to cover every potential gap, and the enemy had a way of finding the gaps and punching through. He explained that the terrain was such that soldiers were virtually forced to take known paths, vulnerable to easy ambush. The troops had to take round about routes to avoid Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs), the most lethal threat they faced. He noted this reality: “From the defenders’ point of view it was a landscape that rewarded constant presence and continual oversight at all times, for the moment you turned to look another way so your enemy would ensure danger greeted the next discerning glance. There was of course no possibility to place a boot on every piece of grass, dirt or track ...” The Sangin District has long been a center for the opium trade, and has long been ruled by tribal politics. The economy depends on this opium. Dependence on opium trade, which is theoretically illegal, usually involves a requirement for a certain degree of instability. As a result, various tribes would work to assure such instability existed in order to conduct their trade. That in turn is related to tribal politics. Local government was weak which made instability easy to create and made it easier to conduct opium trading and smuggling. The opium trade is significant. It is a multi-billion dollar business that accounts for roughly half of Afghanistan’s economic output. Speaking broadly, Afghanistan accounts for nearly all the world’s opium production and Helmand Province accounts for most of Afghanistan’s opium production. In addition to all this, the region provided a near perfect sanctuary to process the raw opium. One estimate states that there are or have been some 30-35 processing labs from which the processed opium could easily be moved to Kandahar and on to Qetta, a major haven for Taliban leaders. The terrain features allowed insurgents of any variety to come through the mountains between Kandahar and Helmand provinces with unlimited access to nearly all Helmand. These features also enhanced the capacity to conduct a lucrative opium trade and enabled intensive arms smuggling to, through and from the region. The British referred to Britain’s operations in Helmand as “Operation Herrick,” and numbered each deployment with a Roman numeral, as would be the case for all British deployments. The strategy was simple yet controversial among the other coalition forces, mainly the Americans. Setup "Platoon House" bases and provide security for the local populations. The Taliban had something completely different in mind than what the British thought they were going to do. The Taliban took the offense in a very aggressive way. So right off the bat, the British and others had wrongly assessed the nature of the threat. The British forces deployed and had barely set up shop when they found themselves embroiled in almost immediate open warfare with the Taliban. The British had no idea that the Taliban’s intent was to destroy them. Over time, the British would send in about 1,500 more troops but it took nearly three months to get them there. During the period 2006-2007, the Taliban showed itself to be a formidable and skilled group of fighters, well schooled on small unit tactics. It operated extremely well in the field. The Helmand environment described earlier gave it plenty of opportunities for ambushes, and fighting quite often occurred with only 200 meters or less between opponents. Close-in fighting seemed to be the name of the game. Bayonets were employed more than once. Air power was used against them within close proximity to friendly forces. The entire landscape in Afghanistan changed. As a result, the British commanders set up what came to be called “Platoon Houses,” small fortified “bases” in the towns of Sangin, Musa Qala, Nawzad and Garmsir. Often these platoon houses were government complexes where the troops could bed down, organize, obtain shelter, and prove a place from which they could launch their patrols. The plan was to hold these towns by using these platoon houses. The Sangin Platoon House was located in the abandoned District Center along the Helmand River. Some soldiers called it “The Alamo.” The fighting here has been so fierce and deadly that British forces called it “Sangingrad” after the WWII Battle for Stalingrad. The enemy commenced its siege of Sangin, then occupied by the British, in June 2006 and this initial siege lasted until late April 2007. At the time the British had several companies located there. Helicopter and fixed wing air came in to support the troops. General Sir David Richards, the NATO commander in Afghanistan at the time, said the fighting here was the worst the British had experienced since the Korean War. Then in April 2007, J/42 Commando participated in Operation Silver, a multi-national offensive to clear the Taliban from in and around Sangin. It was meant to be a surprise, “shock” attack. During Operation Silver, 42 Commando Marines led an armored column and pushed into the town from the north. The US 1/508 Parachute, 82nd Airborne Division, augmented by the ANA, conducted a heliborne assault towards the District Center, coming at the center from the southeast. The 82nd refered to it as Operation Furious Pursuit. This was part of a Helmand wide offensive known as Operation Achilles designed to clear all of the province of enemy. Operation Achilles was the largest NATO operation to date in the war, involving some 5,500 NATO and ANA troops. It was led by the British and, at the request of President Karzai, focused on the Kajaki dam and the towns in the area. The 2nd Battalion Fuseliers infantry had replaced the 42 Commando in the town center. In their first 20 days they were attacked 79 times. (Special Note: This campaign is only partially tested (due to RL stuff) so consider it in test mode. I will make changes based on player feedback.) https://www.dropbox.com/s/sfc5316dglrf452/The Heart of Darkness.zip?dl=0 Place the mod folder contents into your dataz and the .cam file into your campaign directory. Hope it proves enjoyable. Michael
  19. The Battle of Arracourt was one the largest armour clashes of the war. Elements from three fresh Panzer Brigades formed a spearhead that struck George Patton's US 3rd Army in the Lorraine region of France in mid-September 1944. CCA of the 4th Armored Division faced the counter attack across the rolling hilly areas around Arracourt from the 19th of September before petering out in a stalemate by the 29th of September. The US advance to the German border was halted for the time being, but at a cost of most of the Panzer reserve fresh from August production runs within Germany. The battle also solidified the 4th Armored Division as one of the premier forces of the US Army of World War 2. Fun Fact: Mid-September operational Panzer strength across the western European front was estimated to be around 671 Panzers and StuG's, of which 390 were committed to the Lorraine fighting around Arracourt, compared to only 114 at Arnhem. (Zaloga) The Lorraine campaign is somewhat overlooked within mainstream wargaming in favour of the more diverse array of forces for the concurrent Operation Market Garden to the north. This common interest in the armoured clashes in eastern France brought @Holdit, @Rinaldi, @Mad Mike, and @Ithikial_AU together to create a range of scenarios covering the main engagements from this period. Please note this is just four guys from the CM community and nothing to do with a BF Battlepack release. The team is working away on some big maps and battalion(+) armored battles fought between CCA of the 4 Armored Division and Panzer Brigade 111 and 113. Plans - 8 Scenarios - To cover the fighting from the 18th of September (2nd Battle of Luneville) through to the fighting at Juvalize north east of Arracourt on the 23rd of September. - Master Maps and Quick Battle Maps - From the scenarios above to allow you to 'slice and dice' in the editor for your own fights. - (Possible) Campaign - A linear campaign option from the US point of view to track losses from CCA for those wanting more of a challenge. - (Possible) H2H Multiplayer Campaign Tracker - Separate external setup (likely MS Excel based) to give the MP crowd a tracking system for those wanting to fight through the entire series of battles with their regular opponents. - (Possible) Mods - A few mod-tagged mods to give it a bit more of the right 'feel'. (We need to check with the mod authors closer to the date). Release: When it's done! However, Rinaldi already has a battle up for testing over at The Proving Grounds, get it here: http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tpg2/cm-battle-for-normandy/duel-in-the-mist-2-0/ Feel free to ask any questions below and one of us will be along to answer them soon. Other than that please see a few preview pictures to make you hungry for tank on tank action. Oh and I hope you like fog. [Incomplete] South eastern approach to Luneville. Can the 2nd Cav "Pattons Ghosts" stop the Panthers and Panzergrenadier attack? From the other direction to give you a sense of the scale of this map from @Holdit.
  20. CMFB Campaign: Fields of Tears Fields of Tears is a interactive CMFB Campaign that picks up where my CMBN Campaign: In the Fields Where the Poppies Grow leaves off and follows the actions of Captain Charles Stevens and A Company, 31st Tank Battalion, 7th Armored Division, around St. Vith, Belgium during the Battle of the Bulge. It requires the latest version of CMFB and all immersion mods needed are in the download. They are tagged to this campaign only. It is playable from the Blue Side only. The campaign is a story driven campaign like "Poppies" where you must keep Stevens and other important personnel alive and still complete the mission objectives to advance in the campaign. The storyline is in the Designer Notes for each mission. The campaign begins with a mission in Germany and then continues after the Germans launch their Ardennes offensive Unternehmen Wacht am Rhein. Elements of the 7th Armored Division, the 31st Tank Battalion, including Captain Stevens and A Company are sent to the St. Vith area where they are to make contact and destroy the enemy forces advancing on the town. The campaign is based loosely on historical facts. Core Units: A Co HQ: Capt. C. Stevens (Snake Eye) (CO) 1st Lt. P. Jarrett (Hammer) 2nd Lt. R. Vanicor (Dancer) 1st Platoon: WO C. Carlisle (Cowboy) SSgt B. Hash (Machine) Sgt. E. Edmond (Easy) Sgt. M. Newby (Dinosaur) Sgt. J. Smith (Cleaner) 2nd Platoon: WO J. Courville (Pappy) SSgt. R. Davis (Uptight) Sgt. B. Tuck (Preacher) Sgt. K. Hooper (Jester) Sgt. D. Gray ( Slick) 3rd Platoon: WO J. Royce (Southpaw) SSgt. C. Honeycutt (Cool Hand) Sgt. W. Morris (Hook) Sgt. S. Gappa (Cruiser) Sgt. D. Burlyson (Joker) B Company: 3x Platoons 31st Tank Battalion HQ: Lt. Col. R. Erlenbusch Maj. W. Beatty 1st Lt. Minvielle CCB 7th Armored Division: Brig. General B. Clarke 1x Platoon (Recon) Non Core Units: 334th Infantry Regiment D Company 38th Armored Infantry Battalion A Company B Company D Company 423rd Infantry Regiment F Company 168th Engineer Battalion A Company 23rd Armored Infantry Battalion HQ Company B Company 87th Cavalry Recon Squadron Troop B 16th Field Artillery 4 x 105mm Howitzers 203rd AAA Battalion 1 x Platoon 275th Armored Field Artillery Battalion 4 x 105mm Howitzers German Forces: 13th Fallschirmjager Regiment 193rd Volksgrenadier Regiment 16th Panzer Regiment 146th Artillery Regiment Fuhrer Begleit Brigade Grenadier Regiment 294 Artillery Regiment 1818 190th Regiment 60th Volksgrenadier 14th Fallschirmjager Regiment 116th Panzer Division 19th SS Panzer Grenadier Regiment 20th SS Panzer Grenadier Regiment 1 Fuhrer Begleit Brigade Panzergrenadier Battalion Campaign Specifics: Campaign Tree: 1. Antons Bridge ( Allied Attack) 2. First Contact (Meeting Engagement) 3. Holding the Line (Axis Attack) 4. Something Wicked This Way Comes (Allied Probe) 5. Counterattack at Hunnigen (Allied Attack) 6. The II SS Panzer Corps Strikes (Axis Attack) Maps: The first battle, Antons Bridge, is an original map by me. The other maps in the campaign are from the excellent master maps that came with the game. I reworked them extensively to achieve the immersion I was after for the campaign. Mods: (All credit goes to the authors of the mods) US and German Snowy Uniforms and Gear by Ithikial. King Tiger Mod by PzPJ American Sherman Pack and Gear by Aris Snowy US Vehicles by Umlaut Mords US Portraits by Mord (modified by me with the unit insignias used in the campaign.) Various winter fortifications from the Winter Mod by the Winter Mod Team Assorted damaged vehicle textures by me Special Note: I used Worghern Blitzkrieg Environment : CMFB 2.0 while designing the campaign which is not included in the download. I highly recommend adding this as the campaign was designed and modified using these textures as well as the Winter Mod for CMFB which will work seamlessly with Worgherns mod.. While it can be played without these I highly recommend using them as the tags in the campaign will pick them up. Here is the link to download Worghern Blitzkrieg Environment : CMFB. http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=3984 Here is the link to download Kohlenklau’s Winter Mod for Final Blitzkrieg. http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=3991& Also Umlauts Snowy German Vehicle mods are not included but highly recommended. Once again to follow the storyline read the Designers Notes. I hope it proves to be enjoyable. Here is the link to download: https://www.dropbox.com/s/v0kdb0qhc34iti5/CMFB Fields of Tears.zip?dl=0 Michael (dragonwynn)
  21. Hi everyone, after the release of Shock Force 2 even though i have not purchase it myself. I took the opportunity to come up with a story line for a would be campaign together with its first scenario. For now this is what I've prepared so far but I would like to expand it even further with richer story arc over this campaign and a backstory starting from the end of the Syria civil war leading toward the second US intervention into Syria. Do let me know what you think of this campaign/scenario. Operation Resurgence Ravaged by civil war the ruins left by the international proxy war in Syria barely allowed a weakened government in place consisting mostly of Assad loyalists. After overwhelming outcry from the international community over its treatments of civilians during and post civil war, the US and its NATO allies have now decided to launch a full blown campaign on the Assad regime in Syria beginning with the liberation of Rajo towards the city of Aleppo. What was once an international icon of a modern Islamic country has now turned into a hellish battleground since 2012 and would not end soon with he beginning of the second US intervention into Syria. The 42nd Marines Light Armored Reconnaissance Battalion (LAV) lead by Lieutenant Colonel Rufus White are tasked with opening a front in Syria beginning with the highways of Rajo bordering Turkey, this would allow access to its neighboring provinces. Battle hardened from the war in Iraq, they were accustomed to the harsh climate and the brutal condition of a war torn country. The town of Rajo lies at the border of Turkey and is also an intersection between between other major cities. Battle Plan Rajo’s main two roads leading to the city of Aleppo. Intel suggests a military presence in the surrounding villages in Rajo guarding the highways. Expect strong resistance coming from the southern region. Securing the nearby houses would help in getting rid of any enemy while also providing cover fire over the highways for secure passage for the main army. HQ has granted access to AV-8B Harrier from the nearby turkey airbase and would lend support to the bulk of this mission with much needed aerial firepower over the roads of Rajo. Lack of intel cannot confirm of any enemy anti air capabilities in the vicinity. Caution is advised. The main objective is to secure the highways to establish a forward base in Rajo and to open a front to the heart of Syria. “The great revolution in the history of man, past, present and future, is the revolution of those determined to be free.” - John F. Kennedy (35th President of the United States)
  22. I am doing the vanilla British campaign -- a change of pace from Normandy. During the briefings, I took a good look at the topographic maps. The ones that show you an overview of where the battle is happening in Syria. I noticed that they were not in English. Instead, in Cyrillic? I'm guessing? Maybe Russian? Blimey! What's a proper British officer, like myself, doing with Ivan's maps? Are cartography swap meets common? Were they paying us back for the topographic maps of Afghanistan?
  23. There is a new version of CMUU at https://www.dropbox.com/sh/ibiai1l1j5ssvo6/AAANU6X88kL7ANVuJslM0tTCa?dl=0 These are the major changes: Combat Mission Universal Utility Help You use this tool at your own responsibility. To prevent irreversible lost of data save all game files befor use! With the help of CMUU you can modify the campaign files, change the scenario sequence, add and delete scenarios (battles) and change some scenario preferences. Further features will be installed later. The scenario files (.btt) cannto be edited by the tool at the moment because there are some encoded data blocks. Thats why CMUU unpacks all scenario files (.btt) in a subfolder of the campaign folder called 'CM' after start. You can edit theese files using the editor included in the CM executable. After ending this editing process you should return to CMUU and 'Save' the campaign. Edit the campaign properties using the right property window. You can select a single .btt file outside CMUU and Copy it to the clipboard. Then you can paste it into CMUU. You can open multiple campaign files at the same time and copy/paste it between the campaigns. It's also possible to create a campaign script from the currently loaded campaign. To do this use the toolbar button 'Make Campaign Script'. To load scenario .btt files doesn't make sense at the moment for the reasons mentioned above. New in Version Removed a lot of bugs. Now scenario files can be loaded. Some properties like description, title, images can be edited or replaced. The file tree at the left panel is now working. Campaign images can be replaced and edited. There is a context menu at every image window. The images will be reloaded after saving in the image editor of your choice. Scenarios within a campaign can be deleted, exchanged and added. Drag and drop works within the application window and from the explorer and vice versa. So you may easily extract scenarios from a campaign by dragging it in a explorer window. If you edit a scenario file extracted into 'CMUUTemporary' with CM builtin editor it will be reloaded after saving. Best regards and send me your wishes Steinfisch Mail to mumumba@gmx.de CMM uses CMx2 ScAnCaDe sources by Mad Mike Steinfisch
  24. I really love these battlefront games overall. Been playing for a few months. I am wondering how can I edit the campaign battles? I am really sick of the too-strict (for me) time limits on everything and I want to give myself a little more time. I do this all the time in scenarios. Anyone know how to do this in campaigns?
  25. 1) Better tools to control the AI. I know building a higher level AI capable of handling CMx2 probably isn't in the cards ever, but it would be nice if the players were given more tools to make relatively intelligent AI play happen on a scenario-by-scenario basis. 1a) Branching AI plans. Nothing is more annoying than building a mission, particular one wherein the AI is attacking, and wanting them to be able to react realistic to different defensive schemes. It would be nice if inflicting sharp losses over a short time-frame would cause the AI to pop smoke, reverse and extract its force off the map to fight another day. It would be cool the AI could respond to the unexpected appearance of an Abrams on one flank by shifting its own tanks to meet the threat and if player tried the same trick from the other flank on the next play, the AI be built in such a way to react to that as well. 1b) More trigger conditions. Detecting enemies on a certain patch of ground, having artillery spotted over an objective, losses of some parts of the force, low-ammo, fatigue, running across mines, etc. should be able to be used to trigger specific actions if not branching paths. 2) Being able to edit briefing text in the editor. This is a minor annoyance, however it is one that really grates, especially when I screw the format up. I don't know how difficult programming an extremely basic text editor is but I don't imagine it could be too difficult. 3) Default images players could use for strategic and operational maps. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong places and you've already included them, but I'd love to pull the already provided graphics for my own missions instead of hunting around for something remotely relevant and finagling it into the proper parameters for CMBS to use. 4) Off-map campaign branching. I remember Field Marshal Bulcher's Devil's Descent had a "mission" where touching one of two objectives would lead down different paths in the campaign. That remains workable, but incredibly hamfisted. Instead, why not offer a screen where you could simply decide on one path or another between missions? It would definitely help with the fiddly nature of getting points and victory levels correct for choosing a mission, especially when dealing with three or more choices. That's all I got.
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