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  1. Moreover, this scenario is running smoothly with other players (the campaign has been playtested). Only one other player reported a CTD… and he was also a Mac user. So it really seems there is an issue with the Mac version for fortifications heavy scenarios.
  2. By the way, I focused a lot on the German Panzergrenadier, but the Pionier squad is even more… bizarre: You get a huge MG team and a big manoeuver element. 6 men in a team, that's a lot of people on a small action square, the ideal target! I think only the HMG German teams are as big. Just try to send a scout team with such a Pionier squad… You get a 4-men scout team!
  3. Agreed, even though the type of actions you depict is more the business of a squad than of a team. But the teams in CM sense cover not only the fire teams you're depicting, but also the specialist ones (scouts, tank hunters, even runners if you play C2 to the core) whose use should not alterate the fire team structure like it practically does. In that sense I feel that it would be more realistic to provide the German with three teams, by example two fire teams and one two-riflemen, scout teams. This way the Germans would retain more flexibility than with two straight fireteams.
  4. Thanks for taking the time to answer. I'm running an iMac 2,3 GHz Intel Core i5 dual core (8 Gb RAM) under Ventura 13.6.7. The scenario is noteworthy for being fortification heavy. Forces are probably 1 battalion vs. 1 battalion. But I highly doubt the AI is moving durring turn 1… Additionally, as I pointed out, even without moving anybody there were some weird issues…
  5. Yet another test. I took an earlier save and did only the following operations: - displace some units inside their set up areas - place 2 off-map artillery orders. I placed no movement orders of any kind. Computation time of the initial turn is much faster… but a couple of units start to run !!! Link to these files: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/uicxzdjir2lgknha6jhh7/No-movement-order-before-and-after.zip?rlkey=51tplwx94dsh4yfx8jdn2mnrx&st=z0380101&dl=0
  6. Agreed. But it's basically the core of infantry training, beside learning how to use weapons… Why so? Ukrainian army is a mix of volunteers/semi-conscription army not that different (from its composition point of view) from large conscription armies of WW2. Considering the high complexity of today warfare (complex weapon systems, highly 3D warfare, high lethality and precision of weapons, etc.) I think it's tougher to have well trained volunteers or conscripts today than it was in WW2. German and US soldiers and NCO were reputedly well trained, and talking about Panzergrenadier it's even more true. I probably won't argue for Italians or Soviet infantry, though.
  7. I made an additional test by removing the initial bombardmeent. Computation of the first turn is unsurprisingly a little bit shorter and the result is (a little) less weird: - roughly one third of the troops apparently do what they should; - roughly on third moves roughly 90° from the designed direction - roughly one third of the troops crawl instead of hunt!
  8. @Erwin For your personal enjoyment… I'm not specially ashamed as I haven't done any major mistakes! I could certainly have managed my MGs better, but my opponent was very, very good. Congrats on him!
  9. I'm facing a super bizarre bug. (hence: tag @BFCElvis !) I'm playing @Mr.X Partisan Land campaign's 5th mission ("The Camp"), which is apparently fortification heavy. Once I've placed turn 1 orders, I press the red button. I have to wait about 2 minutes for the turn to be computed, then I can see the action phase. That's where things go weird. Most of my troops are on "hunt" order. Roughly half of them don't move at all (even though there is no enemy in sight), while the rest moves… in a completely different direction as expected (even though there is nothing but forest on their waypath)! I played the turn a second time with the same results. Super weird… I posted both save files for analyses: https://www.dropbox.com/scl/fi/d8lg6y6uyw5klu6k0ckrq/Partisan-Land.zip?rlkey=s05wm7n8scrinlvi686dhcqhe&st=z9hzsngw&dl=0 I'm running an iMac 2,3 GHz Intel Core i5 dual core (8 Gb RAM) under Ventura 13.6.7. Since I'm playing CM (roughly 18 months, on the very same machine) I faced only a single CTD which was solved by reboot.
  10. It's not fair to mock You won't believe, but the Italians enjoy armor superiority (their armored cars are amongst the best of their kind) and are in overwhelming numbers. Add some artillery support on top of it, and they're not much to do with a bunch of paratroopers in front of a competent player…
  11. @Anthony P. Totally agree. And it makes sense for a purely tactical simulation. What remains is proper map analysis, analysis of the relative forces and weakness of your forces and of what you know of your opponent's, and draw out of that a basic plan.
  12. As @Anthony P. rightfully pointed out, there are so many German squads configurations in terms of weaponry and number of men… As I already stated, I'm only concerned with the 2-LMG, 2-teams, 8-men German squads. No issue with the others whatsoever. I didn't know that, thank you for pointing it out. I have played the Italians only once and it was more than one year ago… Sure, but its not as critical as it may seem. By example, the US rifle squad is divided into three teams, whereas officially there is only one squad leader and one assistant squad leader. Who is supposed to lead the third team? The German squad also has one Gruppenführer and one Stellvertreter Gruppenführer: it's completely similar to the US one. Same for British rifle section. One can asume that any "specialist" teams (LMG, Tank Hunter, Scouts) has its own "natural" (if not official) leader. AFAIK it's already modelled in the game: generally, when you lose official leaders (squad leader and assistant), the leadership modifier of the squad decreases, reflecting smartly the loss of leadership. Absolutely, but adding a third team to German 8-men team completely fits into the game mechanics. The possibility to uncombine squads proposed by @chuckdyke, however, probably doesn't. Unfortunately.
  13. Absolutely. And that's why I'm convinced that stocking to purely theoretical doctrine at the squad level is not as good as it may seems: it lowers realism. While it has nearly no impact on the US and British squads (as well as on the 3-teams German squads mentioned in another post), it has a lot on the German smallest squads and make them more brittle than they should be.
  14. Don't tell that… I'm presently losing a PBEM as the US against Italians (Lemon Hill)… The Italians are very good for human waves, the good ol' Russian way… A small 75/13 artillery barrage and hurrah !…
  15. I'm discovering that we're not talking about the same German squads! I've yet to play with very late war German squads heavy in smgs. I'm talking about the 1944 Panzergrenadier and infantry squads, which are still only using the good old Kar. 98 with 2 LMG and a single Schmeisser. I get your point regarding the firing line (scouting by fire). I'm in the midst of Mr. X's Partisan Land campaign. Big forest/swamp maps with short LOS (excellent terrain for Soviet smg). Unfortunately, with a scout by fire tactical approach, I'd be out of ammo before reaching the middle of the map…
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