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  1. Any idea on what changed? I haven't played that campaign in so long, I'm not sure I would notice changes if I didn't know what to look for...
  2. Did anyone else notice that the soldiers in the 1st video(of the 2 just above) all had "but-pads"? Never seen that before...
  3. @Jobu88 I thought it was hilarious when you asked "if the flash was caused by me using tactical nukes?!?"
  4. Totally agree! But...that isn't the situation described in the article. There, the tactic/technique was to be used in tank vs tank warfare(against western tanks). It's not like I don't see that tanks can be used in a variety of roles other than strictly tank vs tank fighting. And...yes...if they have nothing else they can be used for, then by all means, re-purpose them as "artillery", etc. But...(from my reading of the article) the "new tactic" seemed to be about tank vs tank warfare. I still hold that, while the technique of "area fire" to expose hidden enemy tanks/positions is valid...the job is much better done by artillery(which the Russians have never been in short supply of!). BTW...it did just occur to me...doesn't every round fired from the main gun of the tank progressively (slightly) degrade the accuracy of the gun(even smooth bore)..leading to lower muzzle velocity, greater dispersion, etc? I know muzzle reference systems help correct for this but...if you are lowering the accuracy and penetration of your primary weapon (even slightly) every time, why would you willingly do so right before the part of the battle where you'll need those factors the most(i.e. tank vs tank)?? Found these on barrel wear IF you like REALLY technical reading ... http://www.naun.org/main/NAUN/mechanics/17-292.pdf https://www.sciencedirect.com/science/article/pii/S2214914718300217
  5. If you plan for failure... Because...those rounds are going to come in handy when you are fighting infantry in an urban environment.
  6. I have no knowledge of if/how the game setting of EW affects the radar on the Tunguska, but...even if it does, I'm not sure the trade-off in degraded UAV comms and artillery times would be worth it? You are better off "rolling the dice" and hoping to spot it first with your UAVs and using artillery on it. Last time I played a (US)battle with EW at the highest setting, I came to realize that it was almost pointless to even have artillery(beyond 1st turn and maybe TRPs). It reminded me of training in the US Army(infantry) with full MOPP suits on!
  7. Unless I missed something in reading it...it sounds like the "new" Russian tactic is...area fire of suspected enemy positions. Nothing revolutionary there. And extremely wasteful of precious tank ammo. If anything...it seems to confirm that they know that their sighting systems are lacking(vs Western systems) since it is implied that they don't expect to spot western tanks first. They are HOPING that the western tanks will "reveal themselves by firing". Thereby allowing their "sniper tanks with special crews" to target them. Then there is stuff about fighting from trenches and behind berms. Not exactly practical when engaged in mobile tank warfare... The only thing I agree with them on is... that a tight-knit crew functioning as a team is vital....
  8. @Hardradi No worries. I appreciate that you took the time to respond.
  9. I set it up the same way I had with the previous monitor... by editing the game data file. It's okay. The graphics for the battlefield(trees, vehicles, etc) is what I expected. The ability to see the whole battlefield without scrolling is the biggest plus. I just wish the UI wasn't so "muddled". It's certainly readable, but not enjoyable to look at. I realize the game isn't designed to scale to this resolution. It just seemed that from his screenshots, the UI looked better than what I am seeing on my setup. Figured by asking, he might reveal his setup just in case there is a setting I might have missed...
  10. @Hardradi I finally got my new computer & monitor. How did you setup the game resolution? Did you leave the display setting at "desktop"...or go into the game data and manually write in "3440 X 1440"??
  11. @Hardradi Lol...that is the same one I am looking at getting! Well...it looks great from these pics...but...what's your impression? Any problems? Does it get worse when you zoom in...or stay crisp looking? What about screen lag as it re-draws trees in the distance while zooming around?
  12. @Muzzleflash1990 @Erwin @RepsolCBR Really appreciate all of you for responding! I'm going to read up online about running 2 monitors at different resolutions off of 1 video card. Otherwise... I will have to "pass" on getting the wide-screen, ultra resolution, monitor this cycle. I'm not willing to give up Combat Mission...
  13. It's about that time to upgrade my computer setup(over 6 years old). I'm considering moving up from my 24" monitor to one of the 34" widescreen ones. It isn't a 4K one...but it offers 3440 X 1440 resolution. Of course, I will get a graphics card that can support it(probably Nividia GTX1080). My question is...what is the max resolution anyone has gotten with CM: Black Sea? It's the only game I even play these days. All the flashy new FPS games that are perfect for those ultra high resolution displays are of no interest to me. Right now I am using a 1920 X 1200 display and the game works fine(sometimes a little slow to refresh trees, etc but definitely playable). Has anyone had problems getting the game to play with newer graphics cards? Any insight on personal experiences with getting the game to play on the more modern equipment that has come out in the past 2-3 years would be appreciated...
  14. No offense but this is "old news". They made this announcement months ago. What is frustrating isn't your post...it's that their "urgent upgrade" isn't going to get deployed till 2020! So much wasted time already on this. For the cost of 1 or 2 F-35's we could have paid the Israelis to "rush" installation on 1 or 2 actual units and had them in service NOW! Just venting...
  15. It's a PBEM game. The problem is...I would have to also send you my password for you to open it.
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