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  1. So does ASL come after Crescendo of Doom or more... along side it?
  2. So what'd I miss yesterday? Did BFC release a patch to Final Blitzkrieg that lets you play any front starting with 1939 Poland? 😆
  3. Yeah. It's a work in progress on Steam, being actively developed.
  4. With the way things are going, it's prolly the Combat Mission:Starship Troopers. Or... Wait for it... Combat Mission:Ogre Mark V (Bolo by Keith Laurmer)
  5. If you could download it then, then I'll give it some credit, otherwise, I'm not buying it! 😆
  6. Released before the end of April!! Awesome job guys. I had faith in you.
  7. 7:30 AM Eastern Time April 30th is my official release time (based on my 41st email time). Congratulations @Vergeltungswaffe! Show him some luv!
  8. We'll cut 'em some slack and give them midnight... In Alaska.
  9. So is CST and CDT different due to daylight savings time? I did not know that. You learn something new everyday.
  10. That's 3 for April 30th. @DesertFox @Panzerpanic I guess we need to add times. I'll go with 3:00pm CST.
  11. Pre-order release... release.@markus544
  12. I'm really looking forward to trying my hand at pre Abrams and post Abrams. The difference has to be huge, but these early Abrams are not the tanks of Black Sea or Shock Force 2, even. 105mm, Fire Control not as spiffy. Are there significant armor differences vs kinetic penetrators?
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