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  1. Have you tried turning all the settings down to see if that helps? I don’t have a Mac, but I’ve definitely seen a correlation sometimes with large scenarios and graphics settings. I’m guessing that the Combat Mission Engine is 32-bit and not 64-bit. This limits the amount of memory it can access. Can anyone back that up? My favorite games right now are: Cold War Red Thunder/Fire & Rubble its a toss up for number 3. I don’t have Afghanistan but Shock Force 2 is too one sided for me to give it a top slot.
  2. I am curious as to all the options and features we will get with the new PBEM+++++ system included with the Steam Cold War release. Can anyone point me to a list of games that already use it? I probably own a few and don't know it. Thanks!
  3. I would be given the yellow with brown polka dots when I got to the front of the line...
  4. A YouTuber I've been watching tweeted about PRO: Dunno how much he can show but should be interesting to follow. He's just started uploading CM videos. He has many good things to say about Combat Mission.
  5. Ahhhh @BFCElvis, I'm playing @Artkin. You shouldn't have told him that! Now its gonna be a fair fight!
  6. Since I usually play NATO I think Soviet tank commanders, especially those in T-64As, should stand up out of their turrets at all times. That way I can actually do some damage to 'em.
  7. Thanks @Kevin2k! I've got that bookmarked now. Probably a sticky to it somewhere appropriate on the forum would be a good idea.
  8. You guyz are totally off target. Since CMCW already has desert terrain I'm guessing the mod is Israelis vs An Arab Coalition. Well, I guess @Sgt.Squarehead was getting close: I think the DLC will be set in the middle East. Prolly '67 to '82. Pre and post Merkava. My humble, but correct, opinion.
  9. Steam should be considered marketing for Battlefront. For anyone who knows about their games, it is better to buy direct and get a Steam key I would imagine.
  10. You will not regret it @BarnesWhittle. It is one of their best!
  11. That is how I currently check for updates @Heirloom_Tomato. It does take a bit of work though. I'm often very good at finding the hardest way to do things. BTW, I still have our epic battle saved . I think I was on the verge of making a comeback after your comeback, that was after my comeback.
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