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  1. Yes, I have stopped the attackers from crossing the river. We've both taken up overwatch positions in the tree lines. I've rushed in and taken the towns in the center early in the game, but dunno if I can hold it. I haven't really employed my TOW missiles yet, but it sounds like they may not be as effective as we first thought?
  2. How can you tell if an M150 needs it's crew exposed for optimal firing? I'm pretty sure an M901 doesn't, and a TOW Jeep doesn't really have a choice.
  3. Wow! That's good to know. Thanks! I thought the 105mm APFSDS rounds could penetrate 400mm+ of armor. I wonder why I got that impression. I guess I'm gonna have to think of some new tactics then.
  4. In a tank fight of T-64As vs M60A1 RISE+ at a range of ~750-1000m, I have scored at least 15 frontal arc hits on 8 T-64As with my Patton M60A1 RISE+ tanks and Dragon teams. The result, as far as I can tell, is 1 immobilized T-64A. Granted, the T-64s may have suffered damage, but not one of them has been destroyed. Luckily for me, his T-64As can't hit the broad side of a barn. I believe I've lost only one M60A1 RISE+, but that was to an ATGM. I was able to take one out with a direct hit from a 105mm Arty to the top of the engine compartment, but that's pretty much it. Is Cold War broken or is this result to be expected? I'm playing "The Grieshof Meet and Greet" scenario on Veteran.
  5. That is a version of the M6 American heavy tank. Or at least it was based on an M6. Not many were made and it was so heavy that Eisenhower said No Thank You. We don't want it. The original tank had guns and machine guns sticking out everywhere. Someone who knows a little more about it might elaborate.
  6. It was 5Mb/s internet or indoor plumbing. You can see which one I picked. Come on Starlink!
  7. I don't think Schörner couldn't hold a candle to Oskar Dirlewanger. Even the SS hated him.
  8. I'll take that as I'm not supposed to use the word "Nazi". I apologize most profusely for insulting you and the murdered millions. I shall take myself out behind the woodshed right now.
  9. That takes the Cake for a sexy tank! Maybe not too scary, but definitely sexy!
  10. Curses! Y'all be correct! Dang grammer Nazis.😆 Oh! 🥺 Am I allowed to say that @BFCElvis?
  11. I know that all of @Warts 'n' all post's are clear as mud, 🤨 but what are you guys talking about?
  12. The vision slits were the other place you were supposed to shoot as a matter of fact. If you happened to have a machine gun, you could shoot the engine grill on the side OR walk up to it, lift the engine grill, and drop in a couple grenades. Sounds easy, no?
  13. I agree with much of what you said except for maybe the last sentence. I think it's a bit earlier than the '80s. At least the Arab-Israeli Wars. Massed tank attacks were stopped on both sides. As for placebos. I just watched a video on how the US Army said you could take a Japanese tank out with just a rifle. One way was to shoot the rim off the forward tank wheel. That's one good shot.
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