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  1. One thing I do wish Cold War could include is some kind of cut scene for helicopter and aircraft attacks. I think the Hinds making an attack run is so awesome! Then landing troops... No wait, too much... a cut scene would be cool though.
  2. Even if it was too expensive, I think I’d still buy some. Anything to encourage the developers to release more content. Hey, if everyone wanted the giant Russian T-35 tank/land battleship included, we could demand the mug! I’d buy that!
  3. I thought it would be fun to guess the date of the Fire & Rubble release. Winner gets everyone’s up votes. My guess: March 15th, 2021 🤨 - Why? I used extremely complicated orbital mechanics mixed with The Enquirer’s latest astrological horoscopes and verified the results with an ancient Roman bird entrails reading. No matter how eides read them, it was clearly March 15th. Try to pick different dates. Staff are encouraged to play. I mean, REALLY, REALLY encouraged. 😂 But seriously, give us a date and why you picked it. Thank you Sirs (do we have any Dames?)
  4. Hey Guys, I would love it if Battlefront would open a Merch store with Combat Mission t-shirts, mugs, hats, hoodies, autographed 0.50 Cal rounds. Can I get a thumbs up? Some ideas may be your title's logos, pictures of your 3D models of rare or popular tanks (and assault guns with soldiers in artillery uniforms). Also 2D pics with listings of the tanks statistics for us armor geeks. I'm sure the community has many ideas for Merch and online outlets that would make it relatively easy.
  5. I had a devastating turret hit to an M36 Jackson that killed 3 crewmembers. The last 2 didn't bail but are still fighting the tank. Not sure what is happening now. I looked at the damage and it shows Optics and Wpn Controls knocked out. Does that mean, run and hide or just a slowed rate of fire? I'd hate to take my largest AT weapon out of the battle if I could still utilize him in some way.
  6. OK folks, due to recent developments, I am considering scrapping the Market Garden approach and re-centering on Combat Mission: Cold War for the campaign. Any thoughts? Any ideas of what would make a good multi-multi-player campaign in the Cold War? Scenarios from books are welcome. Also scenarios from board games would be good resources too. Any cold war VASSAL games you can suggest? I have the boardgames NATO, Boots & Saddles, Firefight, Gulf War, and a few more.
  7. If it comes out on someone's birthday, it will be their spouse's. Then they won't be able to play it because they will be spending the day with their lovey-dovey.
  8. Now @Aragorn2002, you're not a teensy, wee-bit cynical are you? 😂
  9. Who is the author of History of WWIII?
  10. Red Storm Rising is Awesomesauce! I will have to try the others. Fertile books for scenario ideas.
  11. I've been playing a bit of Black Sea and Final Blitzkrieg. Something just... POPS about those games that sets them apart from the others. Is it my imagination or is something different with the engine/graphics? Will this update to Red Thunder make the same difference, make the game POP visually?
  12. Yeah, but is the blanket/great coat/plain-plaid Scottish blanket/bed roll new or was it there before?
  13. Are there going to be any surprises in the release @BFCElvis? This is the first new release since I rediscovered Combat Mission so I have no idea if that is a common practice. 🤨
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