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  1. could possibly the case off course. While the actual hit (+ penetrating geometry) was more on the side corner, the abstracted (enlarged) fire slit area might still allow some damaging effects. Who knows. I have a save file available, if anyone asks for it. Think I need a couple more test runs before some final conclusion. Still with just 4 test games I´d say there´s a change to the better.
  2. But to the other things as well. Played my self made urban test mission and saw quite a big difference. There´s no bocage terrain in it but previously suffered from various the known evade issues, retreating from buildings unnecessarily and related foolish stuff. These things seem history now. 😎 Even green troops in really bad morale states (shaken, panicked) keep sticking to their (modular) building positions in full suppression. Same for infantry in foxholes. Not sure on all the influencing factors but all viable (to rout/evade) units still had any type of C2 to a superior HQ (Plt or Coy). S
  3. Looks like I was a bit early. The 4th test run yielded a bunker busting mortar round again. It was a US 60mm onboard mortar positioned to the NWN providing the lethal round. The round exploded somewhere between inner and outer pillbox geometry, so wasn´t a full interior detonation.
  4. just made 3 test runs in a particular mission of mine and (concrete) pillboxes vulnerable from mortar rounds penetrating straight to the interior seems gone now. 😎 There´s some occasional lightly wounded from near misses, but I treat that as realistic (more or less). Got to check evade behavior next (CMBN & CMFB).
  5. I don´t own CMSF2, but I believe yes. It´s just a single animation file obviously (re-) used for ALL games and opponents. Just drop the file into data/z and check it out. 😎
  6. like to remind of this little helper mod. This helps medics to not become the next casualty. http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net/?p=713
  7. That´s good news. 😎 Hope the patch addresses this issue as well?
  8. Trying out Beta2 and it´s quite a beauty! 😎 Haven´t explored optional (or variation) files yet but seems I make this my default CMBN environment. All textures match perfectly in resolution and colors, as well as detail works. Big 👍 up! A quick screen of my default game setup. LS ´s Bocage1 Test mission, no Reshade, bits of my personal ingame movie shader tweaks and all details full up.
  9. I don´t have CMSF2 so can´t test your mission setup. But you say you could enter a building via balcony (2nd floor) directly from ground mesh? I know you can exit a building this way, if balcony is "leaning" on ground mesh. But other way round? Yep, got the Blender plugin working. 😎 Still attempt figuring out object custom properties, which I think are crucial for any objects ingame functionality. I "see" some possible bounding- or hitboxes and maybe data that defines "armored" and not so armored areas. I think a window´s "alpha" data was already discovered by @sbobovyc but which Meta is
  10. Nice showcase battle for F&R and wetting appetite. 😎 But beside that not quite a realistic setup and tactics are accordingly. I still see issues with protection levels of buildings which is rather sad. If you can so easily shoot out each other from (heavy) buildings and just slightly beyond hand grande range, battles like Stalingrad and comparable would´ve resolved in a matter of minutes instead of weeks or months. Also nice to see efforts are beeing made on improving the TacAI´s "evade" behavior. But will it be a real cure or rather superfical symptom treatment?
  11. So tinkering with foxholes didn´t yield any usable results, except some cosmetical changes maybe. That´s majorily from the way foxholes and trenches work in the game generally. As long as they can´t be pushed down below ground mesh level and infantry adapting to it there´d be no increase in protection. Infantry always adapts to the ground mesh 1m grid automatically, no matter of foxhole geometry or position changes. There´s also issues with mentioned bounding boxes. While it´s unclear if they´re used by the game engine and for what exactly, I found some data in an objects custom properties tha
  12. Interesting that the war movie shader file is in use by anybody but myself. In fact it contains just a slight increase in contrast and some lowering of color saturation. Also no use with Reshade (or similar), which I´ve to install and try out yet. Though still have it in use by default (always on) in all my games. Tinkering with trees and bocage objects in Blender can be a bit difficult, but seems doable. Thus far I use them as additional flavor objects to be put into "stump" category. Otherwise just looking at an imported bocage or foliage object gives a better idea about geometry, used
  13. the latter part (0:35) of this short YT video is quite interesting as well. Particularly where cone shape and length is factored into the overall effectiveness of a HEAT warhead. The referenced book can be found for free here: Walters & Zukas - Fundamentals of Shaped Charges
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