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  1. just saw it on Wargamer. Looks like second best choice beside a possible 1940/41 CM game, but I´d like and buy it. Too bad none the (east/west) german cannon fodders appear included initially. 😛
  2. bits of sound like the issue I reported with mortar rounds sometimes penetrating concrete type pillboxes at any angles. Always hard to tell where a shell penetrates anyway. Similar to buildings it´s not a WYSIWYG affair. Hit or penetration areas can (and most likely are) much larger than actual geometry (windows, fire slits) suggest. I´d found some meta data in MDR files very likely related to that, but it´s too much work and time consuming to investigate any further. At least not by trial and error methods. I´d still vote for a different approach when it comes to more realistic pillbox types.
  3. Comets would be interesting for sure. I´d also like to see the Wasp flamer introduced finally. It had bits of an impact in some the Scheldt and Veritable battles.
  4. For bits of FPS fun I purchased ARMA 3 just half a year ago, mainly due to the WW2 mods. IFA3, Faces of War and Forgotten Fronts are worth mentioning. At least gives a taste of early war battles, like France 40 or Russia 41 when mixing or using mods in conjunction.
  5. For me the pillbox = static vehicle modeling doesn´t work at all. One the reasons I abondoned half a dozen missions dealing with the Siegfried Line campaign (incl. some hurtgen forest stuff). In RL pillboxes were used by both opponents unless they were deliberately demolished, thus leaving just a pile of rubble. And by using I mean they made good artillery shelters, not actual combat positions most the times. Defenses were outside usually. Using normal (stone) buildings as substitute only works to a limited extend. The main problem seems that pillboxes need to "belong" to one or the other
  6. still think isolation of such a strong point and attacking/suppressing from multiple angles works the best. Once the AI is (or feels) cut off from friendlies and more importantly it´s HQ, the AI unit in question is way more likely to throw hands up. That more independent from soft factors, but low morale and minus (-) leaders does it quicker.
  7. Watched the trailer and I´m surely interested in it. Likely would be somewhat nitpicky in certain detail works and battle presentations (examples left aside for now), but let´s see how story telling is.
  8. It´s part of "The Victory Campaign" to be found for free here: https://www.canada.ca/en/department-national-defence/services/military-history/history-heritage/official-military-history-lineages/official-histories/book-1960-army-ww2-3.html Direct link to the PDF A fairly good part of Op. Veritable/Blockbuster is to be found and dealt with in there. Use it myself for basic, as well as some more detailed planning of related CMBN(FB) missions. This is also well supplemented with Whitaker´s Rhineland book. From german POV there´s comparably little, but I´ve various divisional histories (L
  9. Would love to finally see the Scheldt, Blackcock and Veritable going. 😎 Defensive campaigns should be doable if single battles are at reasonable size and scope IMO. In Veritable germans even would have some local offensive options and surely both challenging and fun to create.
  10. Once made a 1x1m gridded grass terrain mod for purposes like these. Can grab from dropbox link buried in this posting:
  11. could possibly the case off course. While the actual hit (+ penetrating geometry) was more on the side corner, the abstracted (enlarged) fire slit area might still allow some damaging effects. Who knows. I have a save file available, if anyone asks for it. Think I need a couple more test runs before some final conclusion. Still with just 4 test games I´d say there´s a change to the better.
  12. But to the other things as well. Played my self made urban test mission and saw quite a big difference. There´s no bocage terrain in it but previously suffered from various the known evade issues, retreating from buildings unnecessarily and related foolish stuff. These things seem history now. 😎 Even green troops in really bad morale states (shaken, panicked) keep sticking to their (modular) building positions in full suppression. Same for infantry in foxholes. Not sure on all the influencing factors but all viable (to rout/evade) units still had any type of C2 to a superior HQ (Plt or Coy). S
  13. Looks like I was a bit early. The 4th test run yielded a bunker busting mortar round again. It was a US 60mm onboard mortar positioned to the NWN providing the lethal round. The round exploded somewhere between inner and outer pillbox geometry, so wasn´t a full interior detonation.
  14. just made 3 test runs in a particular mission of mine and (concrete) pillboxes vulnerable from mortar rounds penetrating straight to the interior seems gone now. 😎 There´s some occasional lightly wounded from near misses, but I treat that as realistic (more or less). Got to check evade behavior next (CMBN & CMFB).
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