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Found 20 results

  1. Hi everybody, I started compiling a document of the best tips I came across in these forums. They mainly relate to CMBS but many of them are applicable across all CMx2 games. Then I realised these might be of use to other players. It is a bit ad-hoc but I hope everyone is credited for their good ideas and sage advice. So here it is: https://www.mediafire.com/file/ytpps4p2fcwall7/Treasure_Trove_CM_Tactics_Info_V1.4.docx/file It is a docx so you can add your own tips or edit as you wish. (if you want to suggest other places I should put it then do so. I'm going to upl
  2. I've been playing some battles for a few weeks, reading forums, manuals, etc etc etc. CMBN 4.02. I seem to often hit a similar problem which I would like some advice about. Defenders behind a hedgerow: I build up a base of fire, and pretty much suppress them. Then I advance some unit(s) a bit to the side of the defenders (e.g. I flank them). In some cases, there is a suitable hole in the hedgerow, but if I send units through it, the defenders often are still alive enough to shoot them up. Another choice is to blast a hole through the hedgerow in a suitable place, but still
  3. Have been thinking a lot about Opfor in general (sucker for an underdog), and how to approach this with CMSF 2, particularly from a PBEM standpoint, and trying to be somewhat competitive. Doing some experimenting with CMSF 1: The heaviest option for civilians in CMSF will allow Combatants (not Fighters (Mujahideen), but the guys in camo and jeans), and possibly VBIED (but not taxis) to remain invisible until very close indeed - it seems like if these are Move-ing along city tiles, these won't be spotted until around 2 action spots away. VBIED seem to have some degree of stealth, but noth
  4. So being new and naive I thought I'd play some short scenarios to teach myself. Enter "NATO Stolz von Bayern". Approx time to finish 10 minutes. I've spent around 4 hours on it, playing as a blue, turns, veteran. Results - getting my ass kicked, repeatedly. Trouble is a very high concentration of red troops in overwatch/concealed positions, they have BMPs which has a MG which smokes German Fuchs for breakfast. So, I need to rely on Panzerfausts. Trouble is that a) BMPs shred my anti tank units quicker than I can kill them. b) there is one immediate overwatch position available for Bl
  5. I'm playing the first campaign, and over a dozen times, I've had people run away the moment fire starts to be exchanged. Why is this?
  6. Do you guys split your units often? Perhaps to have many people occupying buildings at the same time for area control? Only time I've actually used it wasn't a real combat situation, but during the training exercise. It does make people useful for scouts at least. Speaking of which, can buildings be used as scouting locations once you shorten the targeting cone? I'm trying to learn about every tactic I can use to my advantage, this game is really tough, even on the training difficulty.
  7. I know this is a pretty loaded question so let me break it apart. I'm watching Armchair General's tutorial on Battle for Normandy, and he said that the most important thing is fire superiority. This question is going under the assumption that this is 100% fact, so it can be used as a universal unit of trade. So, first, because it's 4am and I'm bored, let's define just what fire superiority is so we are all on the same page. Essentially, it is the measurement of Delta between you and your opponent's firepower; the bigger difference between them, the more superiority is had. On to the
  8. So, after getting this game yesterday, I'm having a hard time with it. I'm loving the game regardless of my failures, but I just have to ask, why do tactics fail here but succeed everywhere else? In most other games, there is the general idea of, "push first, and push hard" in order to capture your objectives. While I attack with what I believe are "overwhelming odds" (although without any intel to support this), by the time the battle ends, it was a horrific, bloody draw. In my current game, the first campaign mission, I've gained control of multiple areas, but barely nobody is alive to
  9. Tactical lifehack. I think that it is important for us to share some tactical lifehacks related to this wonderful game. Please attach screenshot of your knowhow and some description of it. I think if we will organize our answers that would work better. So please share your ideas supported by screenshots and detailed description of what it does or what it serves for. Thank you. Since I’ve started this topic I will provide first lifehack. As you can see on a picture there are some barbered wire around mixed mines. This thing is useful when it is located on the opposite
  10. Hello all, As some of you may know I recently converted a large number of CMFI, CMBN, and CMFB maps to Black Sea. They've been fantastic and let me really play around with different formations. Chief among those units that I am being acquainted with is the US Infantry Battalion. Most of the elements of the battalion I'm familiar with, but I am having great difficulty effectively using the Weapons Company. I can plainly see that 4 platoons of heavy weapons mounted in Humvees is a powerful and mobile striking force, but I have no idea how to use them. I have tried establishing a base of fir
  11. I guess all of us went through scenarios and battles with some "green" or anotherwords poorly trained soldiers. At first it can feel as highly uncomfortable thing: your soldiers are low on moral, they are poorly trained, they get into panic fast and they are dying fast. Yet it is still possible to win, and the core principal of any fight is that it is always possible to win. For you guys using "Green" trained soldiers it is important to understand that distance is your friend. Green soldiers are dying fast when it comes to close combat, their reaction time is low and th
  12. Some help for those learning to handle US infantry! These are what the Army's CM level sims look like. My understanding from one of the comments on a vid is that this is something called VVS and is a military only version of Arma. Introduction to Rifle Squad Squad Movement Formations & Techniques Regards, John Kettler
  13. In reading John C. McManus's generally splendid The Deadly Brotherhood: the American Combat Soldier in World War II, I came across a great piece of tactical info. On page 126, 6th AD (Super Sixth) tanker Charles Hogg lists the composition of the armored point: 5 x Light tank, 5 x Medium tank, 1 x Armored Infantry Platoon, 1 x Engineer Squad, 1 x FO in Light tank and 2 x M7 Priest. The basic concept is the spearhead keeps going, smashing through opposition until it can't, whereupon it hunkers down and calls for reinforcements. Though it's not stated, presumably the Engineer Squad is in a halft
  14. I have mentioned this scenario before. But after tinkering with the scenario, very intermittently for months, I wanted to write more about it--not as a historian, or a military person, but as a gamer, who is looking for a good game. Some people may blast though a scenario, getting perhaps a big victory, and then move on. But I like to savor the work that went into the scenario's construction. I plan multiple posts, and no pictures. This will be retro and conceptual. You can fire up the scenario to see most of what I am writing about. First, to me the scenario is a "puzzle". I mean that i
  15. For what its worth, here is some lighter reading I recommend for members of the forum. Gamers will enjoy the tactical takes from military history. Scenario designers might find it helpful for AI plans; forces, deployment, and programming. The book " Understanding Defeat: How To Recover From Loss In Battle To Gain Victory In War" by Trevor N. Dupuy. ISBN-10: 1557780994 ISBN-13: 978-1557780997 A nice survey or summary covering history's Great Captains and individual actions, especially Huertgen Forest. The copy I borrowed was purchased by a friend at Half-Price books. Check your librar
  16. Introduction: IanL and Method Gamer started two threads seeking contribution and discussion from the forum members in order to improve knowledge and share techniques in playing CMBN (and I think largely transferable to other CM games). Something not really discussed because it was outside the scope of their scenario is how to deal with the German heavy armour - Tiger I, Tiger II, Panther - as the allies, especially before the introduction of units like the Pershing. I checked with Ian and he didn't think this would have much overlap with his own thread, so here goes!
  17. Please tell me I am not the only person who does this. I know the game you can pause but I need a real world medium to help plan my missions. The Op orders for scenarios are great but they are more like a WARNO, you have to come up with one for each piece. I think I spend more time planning than I do playing.
  18. While I find it disturbing that I can find these open source on the web might as well put them to good use. I can tell you that the SBCt ( Stryker Brigade Combat Team) manuals are the legitimate ones Strongly suggest any serious CMSF or CMBS player really take a look at the SBCT Company manual. I have noticed the missions involving Strykers tend to get you blown up alot if you try and use the ICV like an IFV. Conventional Army Mission for Strykers is to work supported by heavy mech or lots of arty in Urban terrains against limited armor. the Most dangerous thing in a Stryker is the Dismounts.
  19. The main problem seems to be when I move forward to the next building(s) I get ambushed by a couple of enemy soldiers while my squat is in the open running for cover. Before any supporting units have time to respond I already have lost 1-2 soldiers. The "ambushes" are fast and almost always I kill the shooters fast but the first couple of seconds already cost me a soldier or two. This happens almost every time crossing a street ext. (read:all the time) so after even a small town fight I could lose easily 50-75% of my infantry. (I rarely lose my tanks) I almost always have eyes on the buildings
  20. Hi, This topic is about tactics and questions they bring with them. My first question is about tactical runnings in long and flat fields like ukrainian first campaign mission. => Observation is always a key for victory and be the first to see is most of the time to be the first to kill but on this ground, they can see us coming, => We've got 2 major AoA easily identifiable for enemy. => We face covers and concealments but we haven't much in return... Not so many obstacles .... So, how do you tactically proceed to advance in such situation. documentation, links an
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