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  1. Hey JM, you got some awesome mods man. I couldn't find a download link for your textures and the link in your bio doesn't work. If you could link your textures I'd be greatly appreciative
  2. Thanks for the kind words guys, I’m having a lot of fun making this!
  3. The Battle Begins for Delta It is go time! The first minute of the battle begins. My forces are deployed in the manner shown above. My company team is holding, waiting for the AT-14s to be suppressed before they advance past the muddy stream bed. Meanwhile, Bravo Team fights for their life in a bloody firefight. Only 14 Men are not casualties. Meanwhile, 3rd platoon of Bravo Team is pulling security outside of Brandenburg. Unfortunately, 3rd platoon has no Bradley Fighting Vehicles (BFV). I will likely keep them in a reserve, the last thing I need is to divert forces to rescue another cutoff platoon. (Bravo Team's fight for their life) Immediately, the kill zone inside Brandenburg erupts into a symphony of automatic rifle fire and grenades. Within 15 seconds the first enemy casualty is caused when a burst of 5.56 from a SAW zips through an SLA Sniper. Suddenly, a BMP-3 appears in the street in front of the survivors of 3rd and 1st squad. This is a serious threat, fortunately the BMP's gunner misses before the commander orders them to reverse. Bravo only has a single AT-4 between their 14 men. This means Bravo will likely be engaging the BMPs with HEDP rounds from their 203s, or die trying. Shortly after, Bravo-6's fire mission splashes down on the SLA side of the street. The 107mm mortar rounds are landing within 70 meters from friendly forces, almost right on top of them. Thankfully, the buildings mostly protect my men from shrapnel. Hundreds of rounds have already been fired in the first minute alone. (Rounds impacting while both sides engage fire) Unfortunately, Bravo's first casualty inside the buildings is sustained when a SAW gunner (carrying the only AT4) is seriously wounded by AK74 fire. Bravo has now lost their only real anti tank asset. Meanwhile, my company has spotted one AT-14 team on the southern hill, obviously the first of many. Shortly after, my preparatory fire begins landing on their head. Unfortunately, he is not mulched into ground beef, but at least the gunner is suppressed for now. My company will hold until I can identify more AT-14 positions on the hill. Suppressing one AT-14 does not guarantee the safety of my men, and those AT-14s are more then capable of destroying my tanks while crossing the muddy stream. (107mm airburst shells impacting around an AT-14 position) With that, the first minute of action has been concluded. Stick around, there will be plenty of killing. In the meantime, here are some pictures taken by a couple of reporters attached to the battalion. (SFC Bobbitt's M1A2 SEP, PSG of 2nd Platoon, Delta Team) (SSG Raney's men fight for their lives outside of the Brandenburg kill zone) (Bravo's 4th BFV burns in the kill zone)
  4. Combat Mission: Shock Force 2 AAR Attack in Brandenburg By: beeron Introduction I decided to create this AAR after being inspired by my wargaming heroes, Bil Hardenberger, Jeffrey Paulding, IICptMillerII, Domfluff and several more on the CM discord and forums. You will see their influence in this AAR. For this battle, I chose GeorgeMC's excellent scenario "Tactical Vignette 98-3 Attack in Brandenburg SF2". The battle is an intense one, with the remnants of a company team fighting for it's life against a competent near peer threat, while a QRF rushes to save them and finish the mission. I have modified many aspects of my game visually, including BLUFOR and OPFOR skins. Feel free to ask if you'd like them. Mission TF 1-8 INF is to push through the town of "Brandenburg" in order to secure the bridge that crosses the "Ohio" River. Bravo Team was ambushed while rushing to set up a SBF position, and must be rescued before they are annihilated. Brigade has ordered me to take over their mission to secure the bridge and rescue their survivors. Objectives Neutralize Sahrani Liberation Army resistance in the town of "Brandenburg" Occupy Objective White Rescue surviving elements of 1st platoon, Bravo Team Reach Route MOE, the MSR Desired End State Resistance in the town suppressed Bridge across the Ohio River secured Surviving elements of Bravo Team rescued and casualties MEDEVACED Tactical Map Enemy Forces S-2 had limited intelligence on the enemy, they suspected veteran SLA mechanized airborne units reinforced by Crack Special Forces elements. Unfortunately, they were right. Bravo-6 radioed they were ambushed by a company sized element of SLA mechanized airborne, reinforced by a few BMP 3s. To add insult to injury, my Delta Team has spotted several SLA Special Forces AT-14 teams by the Mosque, a serious threat to the well being of any human being in an armored vehicle. These forces are no joke, an overconfident commander could easily take heavy casualties before reaching the town. The AT-14 does a good job at killing any American armor put in the wrong hands. The are the biggest threat to my company right now, located on the southern part of "Brandenburg" by the mosque. These AT-14s occupy the high ground, which gives them the ability to overlook any avenue of approach my company team can take. They must be neutralized before I can execute my maneuver plan. (SLA SF Operator) (SLA Airborne Trooper) (SLA Airborne BMP-3) (A Knocked Out Special Forces AT-14 Team) Terrain & Weather The weather is good, if hotter then hell. There is a gentle breeze from the west to cool off the troops just a tad. This town hasn't seen rain in about 2 weeks, leaving the sky clear and the ground very dry. Off road driving should not be too complicated. The terrain surrounding Brandenburg is hilly, with both the north side and south sides of the town containing high ground. I expect plenty of ATGM teams from both sides. The town of Brandenburg itself is pretty small, with tiny communities on the outskirts. Civilians have evacuated the area, and only a few remain leaving the ROE extremely flexible. However, before my company team can reach Brandenburg, they either must cross two streams, or take the MSR that Bravo was ambushed on. I decide I don't want to suffer a similar fate to Bravo and opt to cross the streams. Troops I am in command of D/1-8 INF attached to 3rd BCT, 4th ID. Delta team consists of two tank platoons of a mix of M1A1HCs and M1A2SEPs and a platoon of mechanized infantry riding in M2A3 Bradleys. None of my vehicles are equipped with ERA or any extra protection against shaped charges. Supporting fires consist of a platoon of 120mm mortars, with the addition of a 120mm mortar carrier riding into battle with my company. (A Squad Leader from my mechanized platoon engaged with the enemy) Initial Scheme of Maneuver The time is 11:10 and I have 1 hour and 20 minutes to achieve my mission. Delta will move to the high ground at Hill 37.9 and then into the town to rescue the remnants of Bravo and destroy the enemy. Delta's preparatory fires will be with a section of 107mm mortars firing airburst on the AT-14s down south. Bravo has called for danger close mortar fire across the street onto enemy positions, practically on top of themselves out of desperation. They are fighting for their lives and must be rescued as soon as possible.
  5. I installed your mod, and my sandbags are still there? I am not sure if I did something wrong but the BMP still has sandbag texture on it. Playing in CMFI
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