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  1. Spoilers here as well... Without going too much into detail, in our PBEM with me as US I ignored the 'hang back and wait for the rest of your forces' suggestion, and sent a lot (but not all) of the guys in Rittershoffen immediately up to the front in Hatten. They had a tough time against things like the flammpanzers, but delayed German progress quite well. At the same time a German long-flanking move on my left got to the outskirts of Rittershoffen but was halted there, while a move on the right was deflected into Hatten (largely by my 57mm guns, say no more), to be reinforced shortly after by the seemingly huge German reinforcements (lots of Panzer IVs and more). One group headed up the middle behind my front line but was gradually and then fully taken out by carefully positioned Shermans, mostly from my reinforcements. The rest of the panzers continued to advance towards the church in Hatten, with a bit of attrition either way. My infantry were tough, and took out various vehicles with bazookas, and right at the end I got a demo charge on a flammpanzer - nice! A surrender soon followed as it was apparent things were going in my favour. As I also had another set of Shermans (9 or even 12 I think) just about to come on, I think that was a reasonable call. All in all, a great PBEM, and quite an epic battle, which I thought for a long while was going against me. EDIT: just checked the tank count, 5 US lost versus 25 German lost but that doesn't tell the whole story.
  2. Perhaps I'm an odd one out. I do live in the countryside and do spend my time 'spotting' other people when I'm out. No I'm not the phantom flasher, I have two crazy (well mostly barky, so not so bad) dogs and I like to be on top of the 'approaching dogs/people/horses/farm animals' intel. I also spot (or sound contact) tractors, but in my mind I'm imagining they're T34s . Of course I always carry a Panzerfaust just in case.
  3. Me too Frank, great work and it deserves the 'exposure'. Hope all is well with you my friend .
  4. There must be at least a dozen who have previously said they would buy it . Me being one. If they adopted your trademarked name, who could resist it?
  5. I would say that's almost certainly a mod conflict of some sort. You could try moving the contents of your Z folder elsewhere and re-running the scenarios to see if they are now okay. Do you have a couple of examples of which scenarios have the problem? My CMBN Z folder is currently quite bare, so I could see what I get.
  6. I agree, but doable with luck on your side . Without it, you're skrewed.
  7. This was against @Phantom Captain I assume . It was a while ago but I think my opponent had some of their Stugs in woods behind buildings near the back on my right. I leveled the buildings (as you do) and they had nowhere to go. And the others on my left got caught out in an attempted counterattack. My gunners got medals for that. Good battle though, and initially I thought I was going to lose as you're a bit exposed up there...
  8. I was looking back to see when @RockinHarry last posted (hmmm, July 23, hope all is well) and came across the above which I missed at the time. So hi Michael, Keep up the great work, Tim
  9. How's it going overall? I got a PBEM win as US - no pressure .
  10. It's amazing how you can still take a selfie though .
  11. The firing squad? Bear in mind you're talking to someone who was beheaded after he died. Isn't that right @Warts 'n' all?
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