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Shock Force 2 Unofficial Screenshot And Video Thread

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On ‎8‎/‎26‎/‎2019 at 12:39 PM, Tashtego said:


I don't often see pistols in action.

That pixeltrooper is on a mission.

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17 hours ago, Aurelius said:

@Lethaface When you're done with the scenario, do tell us if you had enough ammo.

Will do!

Seems that I have plenty of mortar/artillery ammo, but haven't entered the city yet. Just called the hind for some gunruns :) Plan is to scout the hill with scout platoon while I bombard spotting contacts around town, then move the 2 plt of special forces in, supported by tanks.

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8 minutes ago, Lethaface said:

Just called the hind for some gunruns

Ah, yes, the "Russian" FAC! 😄

Considering your plan, we'd also like to know whether the scenario run time needs adjusting.

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Some screenshots from @Liveload @Aurelius revised Kabani scenario:

The hilly landscape provides not only nice scenery, but interesting tactical options as well :) Ideal terrain for the provided T-90SA and T-72 Turms-Ts, although enemy ATGM especially can ruin the party:



Moving to firing positions

Ready to dominate:


Assault force moving up:


House to house fighting


It's available here:


Edited by Lethaface

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@Lethaface Very nice screenshots sir! They have great atmosphere.

As a side note, the AI has been buffed based on this AAR prior to it being posted, so those who download this scenario will have a tougher row to hoe, so to speak.



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