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Shock Force 2 Unofficial Screenshot And Video Thread


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Another unfortunate victim of the Wiesel. Not a single crewman bailed from the tinfoil coffin.


A forensic battlefield examination of the 20mm penetrations. Any wonder why there were no survivors?





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27 minutes ago, Combatintman said:

Surprised to see an ex-airborne type so excited about this ...😉

YES ................... :D :lol:.  I think some cool scenarios could be made with this amphibious ability......................  Maybe some loosely based along the lines of Operation Urgent Fury in Grenada..........  Kind of like the scenario Consulate Evacuation but a lot more ability with the editor now................ :)  Cool, cool game.     

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I never played this in Shock Force, but I assume you didn't have Amtracs moving through the water to land Marines...maybe its just as well...a Sagger missile took out the Company Commander, FO, Fire team, MG Team and 2 heavy weapon teams. No survivors. No more magic teleporting to the beach anymore...


CM Shock Force 2 Demo-1.jpg

CM Shock Force 2 Demo2.jpg

CM Shock Force 2 3.jpg

CM Shock Force 2 4.jpg

CM Shock Force 2 5.jpg

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Carnage and death, the twin reapers of the battlefield, have feasted well this day.



As comrades rush to fill the gaps left by the dead and dying...



another finds he has had his fill and flees the banquet of misery and destruction.




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3 hours ago, HerrTom said:

@borg I'm adding a few shaders to the pipeline using Reshade to get some depth based effects - Ambient Occlusion and Depth of Field in particular.  Not sure about others.  :) 



Cool ! Mac compatible ? Or only Windows from what I gather.

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