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Shock Force 2 Unofficial Screenshot And Video Thread

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Some Marines keeping an eye on things.

Dialing in the Reshade and messing with filters and camera angles for screenie taking.       Mord.  

Posted Images


They hadn’t been paid in three months. The fighting had been a hard, interminable cycle of fighting, withdrawing, regrouping, only to fight and give ground again. And this was the last straw. A trail of broken promises as long as their retreat. When the colonel fled they followed. They surrounded the compound and when he refused to come out, they brought a recoilless rifle to the gate. A last chance was turned down. 

They fired...


...and hit the window where he last stood a moment before.


But the colonel was wily, and more experienced than his men. He fought against rebels - and soldiers - longer than most of these young men had lived. 


The RPG took out one of the pickups in a sudden blast that killed everyone aboard. By the time the dust cleared, all that stood in front of the heavy concrete building were abandoned vehicles and a burning wreck. The mutiny was over. 


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images fixed
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@Bud Backer I'm seeing your images as grey Do Not Enter signs!


I've been playing around with screen space ray tracing in CM... it's a bit finnicky but it can get some nice occlusion and reflection.  It's subtle, but look for shading in places that light would have trouble reaching - in corners, in the grille.


Wiesels move into position, ready to meet a Syrian assault.


Pop goes the T-62.  You can see the shading in the Wiesel's tracks in particular.

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It's cool to make the pics look as realistic/atmospheric as possible.  But, on my monitor in the first pic, most of the side of the vehicle is black with no detail visible.  So, there are pros and cons.  Everyone's experience will differ depending on how one's nVidia settings are.

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I can see the beautiful pictures too!

Further tweaking (and enjoying the huge amount of CMSF2 scenarios!).


No post processing.


Current post processing.

I think this shows off all of the fun depth stuff you can do, particularly the ray tracing.  You can pull a lot of depth out of the image and really show how beautiful Battlefront's models are.  I agree with Erwin's earlier comment that it was too dark, though I think it also depends a lot on weather and time of day 😎

There are two things I wish I could fix, but unfortunately can't.  1) depth based shading showing through smoke (and trees in all other CM titles except this one) and 2) the exaggerated effect on grass.

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It is interesting how putting things slightly out of focus can make them look better/more like RL.  I think it may be that we are used to the slightly less sharp look of film vs the ultra crisp look of digital photography.  Also RL has atmospherics - dust and haze which softens an image and its colors.

The only place one sees digital crisp images and colors is in space where there are no atmospherics to interfere.



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