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Found 5 results

  1. I'll start it off with a bang! Long range BMP smack down, courtesy of Germany and the milan. Mord.
  2. I'm no longer able to post screenshots. I have used Imgur for the past few years without a problem. I am still able to post screenshots on other sites like Grogshead but not here. I have tried to post from different computers and different browsers. I contacted the help desk (they suggested trying a different browser). I don't think anything on my end has changed. Same computers, same Imgur, same Windows 10, same browser etc. The forum did change to this new format. It was after the forum change I discovered I could no longer post. I am still posting screenshots in other sites. Any ideas? @Schrullenhaft any adult supervision would be greatly appreciated.
  3. I have always been one that has loved looking at game screenshots and short gameplay videos. Most combat mission game forum sections have their own unofficial screenshots thread. There always seems to be a trickle of new content pertaining to each game, but this seems to so limiting to have one for each game. If we were to create a centralized screenshot/media thread here in general to pertain to all combat mission games, cm1 and cm2, it would allow for easy viewing and a constant stream of content in one area. What do you guys/gals think of doing something like this? -Edit- First it was a question. Now this thread has become the Combined Unofficial Screenshot/Meida Thread. Start posting your screenshots and videos for all to gaze at and be struck in awe by their glory.
  4. I noticed that there's a screenshot and video thread for Black Sea but not for Shock Force, so I thought that I'd get the ball rolling. An M1A1SA Abrams shows off the power of its 120mm smoothbore A US Army Mechanised Rifle Platoon creeps through a woodland Wadi Not tho' the soldier knew Someone had blunder'd . . .
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