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  1. It was a showcase for the products of domestic armament industry and Military Technical Institute (Lazar 3, M 20 MRAP, Nora B-52, Pasars, modernized M 77 Oganj, modernized Orao,Vrabac UAV, upgrades for M 84 tanks - M84 AS1 and AS2 (domestically produced T 72M/M1 variants), new firearms and opto-electronic devices for it) and new purchase from abroad - Mil-Mi 35's, Pantsir S1's, Chinese UAV's. More of everything from above (domestically produced preferred) would be good...
  2. I like playing with T 34/85's. Excellent anti-infantry performance, excellent anti-armor performance, excellent anti-structure performance, OK mobility, good spotting (even buttoned up). I don't like playing against Stugs.
  3. While mopping up remnants of German resistance in the latest PBEM, my team stumbles upon an HQ unit. The German commander prepares a grenade. He gets shot and the following happens. I wonder who will get credited with the kill...
  4. There also seems to be an issue with AGS 17 ammo in QB's for the Syrians. They often don't even have 2 full drums of ammo (29 in a single belt which goes into a drum).
  5. Tank commander Raboud destroying a T 55 MV. The round exited through the other side.
  6. While repelling HTS counter-attack, T 72 tank commander Raboud spots a jihad-mobile loaded with fighters and orders it's destruction. The aftermath.
  7. From the same PBEM. There is nothing quite like flanking a Panther and taking it out with a 75 mm M4! Note the already existing damage on the Panther. Side skirt was hit by a bazooka, the tracks on the side of the turret were hit by a cumulative rifle grenade. The tank was engaged frontally four times by a 75 mm M4. The commander was killed by machinegun fire from an M4. His replacement, the gunner was shot by an M1 Garand. By the time it was destroyed it had only three crew members and it was still capable of fighting.
  8. From an ongoing PBEM game. A Panther hides behind a damaged house. M 36 fires an AP round at the house. It hits the front wall, goes through it, exits through the collapsed back wall and destroys a Panther!
  9. Tal Othman continued> Hezbollah fighters moving up, after repelling yet another HTS attack. Meanwhile, 9K111 operator engages a T 72M. Distance to target: 1300 meters. Missile flight time ~8 seconds. The operator is being encouraged by militia machinegunner. The missile is fired. The missile flies straight to its target. Target hit! The tank is knocked out. Turret crew evacuates, no sign of the driver - mechanic.
  10. Another PBEM concluded. Played as German Army. Some interesting screenshots. They killed his team mates, he captured a squad. Even in death they form a line.
  11. My guess, those guys thought it was a VBIED and were preoccupied with saying their prayers...
  12. Decided to try them out, just to see how much time will pass until my sense of invulnerability gets one of them destroyed
  13. While doing my set up for a PBEM qb, I inadvertently perfectly aligned my Tigers and halftrucks... Only the Stummels are sticking out like a sore thumb. What a sight to behold!
  14. We don't need a story. Just an opportunity to play Late war USSR formations against Late war Western Allies formations. The rest we can make up ourselves!
  15. Decided for a huge Red vs Red PBEM with my friend. He decided to push his T 62 MV platoon forwards. I couldn't let that happen unpunished. It was a busy day for gunner Ta'anari and his Konkurs BRDM - 2. T 62 MV platoon got rekt!
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