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  1. I am 186 cm tall and have 86 kilograms and most definitely am not medium built. Still, I managed to fit in T72 mechanic-driver position. Saw taller and bulkier people fit into them quite well. Your point is moot.
  2. The trick with the RPGs is to find a way around the slat armor.
  3. Excellent scenario. On the first try, got three vehicles (two with IEDs, one with RPGs), but the slat armor ate almost all my ammo. After analyzing the first playthrough, I gave the scenario another go. This time all vehicles destroyed, two with IEDs, two with RPGs (in total 3 rockets fired). Slat armor caused no problem this time. Had 2 guys killed, one wounded, the rest retreated. Total play time of the second run was nine minutes - destroyed the vehicles (most of the infantry was killed while inside) and evacuated.
  4. Will do! Strangely enough, I have no problems with the Soviet side in Red Thunder, even though it has some pretty severe restrictions - a common soldier can't walk up to the company commander and tell him the situation. The company HQ exerts no C2 over him.
  5. @Chibot Mk IX Great illustration. One major flaw - it took you five minutes to transmit that data throughout your units. As I play H2H only, it is of no use to me. I tried doing something similar on several occasions and the results were spotty - hence my doubt. I had a reserve militia battalion HQ (highest HQ of the formation) and special forces company HQ (highest HQ of the formation) in the same building. Next to the building was the tank company HQ (highest HQ of the formation) that was unbuttoned. They shared exactly 0 spotting contacts. The Syrian C2 system is sketchy at the best.
  6. @Chibot Mk IX I am not sure any of those solutions work.
  7. Or you can concentrate them, keep them out of line of sight and use them to strike at the tip of the enemy force or, better yet, flank. If you are playing against Blue Force, you are just asking for trouble if you place them in hull down and prepared positions. If you are playing against Red Force, prepared positions are OK, but don't rely on them to spot for them self. With the way how Syrian C2 functions (different formations won't share data, sub-ordinate units wait to share data, then info-dump with outdated data), it can be really frustrating to use them.
  8. It was a showcase for the products of domestic armament industry and Military Technical Institute (Lazar 3, M 20 MRAP, Nora B-52, Pasars, modernized M 77 Oganj, modernized Orao,Vrabac UAV, upgrades for M 84 tanks - M84 AS1 and AS2 (domestically produced T 72M/M1 variants), new firearms and opto-electronic devices for it) and new purchase from abroad - Mil-Mi 35's, Pantsir S1's, Chinese UAV's. More of everything from above (domestically produced preferred) would be good...
  9. I like playing with T 34/85's. Excellent anti-infantry performance, excellent anti-armor performance, excellent anti-structure performance, OK mobility, good spotting (even buttoned up). I don't like playing against Stugs.
  10. While mopping up remnants of German resistance in the latest PBEM, my team stumbles upon an HQ unit. The German commander prepares a grenade. He gets shot and the following happens. I wonder who will get credited with the kill...
  11. There also seems to be an issue with AGS 17 ammo in QB's for the Syrians. They often don't even have 2 full drums of ammo (29 in a single belt which goes into a drum).
  12. Tank commander Raboud destroying a T 55 MV. The round exited through the other side.
  13. While repelling HTS counter-attack, T 72 tank commander Raboud spots a jihad-mobile loaded with fighters and orders it's destruction. The aftermath.
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