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  1. I saw only ! ! Some cool desert vehicle for personnel transport or towing Pak38's... think this could include the SdKfz 10 and SdKfz 11 which we already have the chassis for, and we for sure need the SdKfz 7 for shunting those 88's around and perhaps even the Famo ... And maybe some Bren carriers with AT rifles?
  2. Very interresting to know ! the restriction from "my documents" is for me always a loosing time and this for all that I want to install on PC, and personly I find this, sometimes not really usefull, and annoying, only usefull for certains programs with code or personly infos, and when you have to reinstall OMG...but... is only me ! JM
  3. 67 dont forget 73 82 merka desert middle east...I feel sparks in my eyes ... ...wait !! I go already making a mod or a conversion from the us halftrack for the btr 152, armed the super Sherman and prepare the sand guns !
  4. Thank you guys it's a good motivation !
  5. Little update from my corner ! US Airborne and Glider updates Camo faces (reserved for Airborne and British CW Paras and Cmdo). some gogles yellow gloves Shell Dressing View from the shell dressing in Blender I made a lot of tests, when in Blender, appear nice and acceptable, in the game very strange and uggly, so I prefer let it without bumbs ! I am not very sure about the Glider emblems, I dont put it on the shoulder... I take the opportunity to say thank you to @Damian45 for his wonderful uniforms job, also that he let me make some little updates with his helmets ! I Hope you will like, the dirty faces, that I promised you months ago... ! The next one about USA will be the Armor infantry and the last the Rangers ! than I am done with Usa, and can starting with British and Commonwealth ! Soon to download <Us Airborne camos> ! Hope this will be usefull ! JM
  6. Beautiful map (Game Map on Google Earth) this will be an interresting scenario ! Nothing to do with your job @Rice but will be nice to created some Floating Icons in this form, all differents Hq s, everything at a glance !! Looking for your scenario ! JM
  7. @Falaise, @Lucky_Strike thanks you from the team ! JM
  8. Yep ! this is the good one, welcome on the forum, and thanks you, they are nice ! JM
  9. Very interesting stuff Phil and it grows with time, when BFC reads your thread he will be amazed and "jealous" that they will produce a module dedicated to Afrika Korps! JM
  10. Oups !! yes Phill totaly agree, Bootie don t have nothing to do with this, is only me that put this campaign in CMBN,...when I check the scen in details is all in Italian, thanks you to your help Amical JM
  11. Hi there I try to start the campaign Conrath' Counterattack, I know this is a old one, and don t appear more in CMMODs IV, but I have this campaign and would like play it, but the campaing don t appear in the game list, is there a reason that Bootie take it out of the CMMODs ? Can somebody tell me why or give me some advice about it ? Thanks in advance JM
  12. I see with the time, MG reborn, The Netherlands is already a flowers country, so you will be in your element !
  13. Very instructive ! Details make always the difference.
  14. You know Mark I am confident to all your works... this will be like always overwhelming! JM
  15. You know Mark I am confident to all your works... this will be like always overwhelming!
  16. Probably they were so happy to find the freedom again that they don't realise the danger, and was probably awaiting the "Russians liberators" to help them in case of confusion with a real gernan tank ... but the good comrade peoples never come... the beautiful targets were destroying from earth and air ... JM
  17. Thanks Bootie, nice to see it on the good place, I hope this little entertainment will be welcome. JM
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