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New Scenario: Coup D'etat

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A new fictional scenario for CMSF2: “Coup d’etat” is in Beta testing now and is intended as player vs AI.  The player will lead rebel (Syrian) units in an early morning (0400hrs) coup attempt to overthrow the governing regime (also Syrian).  It is set in the fictional third world country of Abbudin and takes place in the heavy urban terrain of the city of Al Mout.  The city of Al Mout is a heavily modified portion of the Ramadi-Government-Center map created by @LongLeftFlank.  Approximately 1072 meters by 592 meters. 

The scenario has a variable end time.  The optimal scenario length is two hours and 15 minutes however it can be played to four hours.  If the scenario is played longer than two hours and 15 minutes the regime AI is awarded an extra 200 Victory Points.  It requires all the CMSF2 modules to play since it features US Marines (guarding a US Consulate & later an amphibious force), a British SF unit (hunting for WMDs) and Canadian advisors (assisting the local city police).

The scenario was created with the idea of taking a small, under equipped, rebel force and using in-game intelligence and insurgent tactics to expand the combat power of the rebel force until the rebels controlled the city.   Below are some daylight screenshots of the urban part of the map.


View of the 4th December Bridge.


Slums in the south west area of the city.


Looking east on Al Jazeera Boulevard from the area of Asfarr Taksi Company.


An Agricultural Specialist, looks east out a window from Hotel Mout.  In the distance is the Mayoral Residence along the bank of the River of Martyrs. 



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The scenario provides in game intelligence to help guide the decision-making process. The two types of intelligence are Human Intelligence (HUMINT) and Tactical Site Exploitation (TSE). HUMINT is collected from fugitive aldermen who were members of the old regime and wish to return to power.  The HUMINT intelligence is in the name field of the fugitive aldermen and includes an intelligence code, grid coordinates and time. A quick glance at the intelligence code sheet (included in the briefing) allows the player to know what, where and when something will occur or where something is located. Some of this HUMINT is time sensitive. The TSE is provided by touch objective notifications at the top of the screen.  The grid coordinates are created by a pattern of grid lines placed on the map using a blue occupy objective. The grid numbers are displayed on the map edges using landmarks. A brief explanation of this modified military grid system and how to use it is provided in the briefing.


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The player can, if he decides to, use IEDs, VBIEDs, assassinations, bribery, mercenary units, radio propaganda, extra scenario time and foreign assistance.  As the Coup d’etat progresses the player must decide which methods to use and when.  All the methods have advantages and disadvantages.  Some methods cost Victory Points (VPs).  Want to hire mercenaries?  4 VPs for each mercenary.  Want to use IEDs? 25 VPs per IED explosion.  VBIEDs? 50 VPs per VBIED explosion.  Want to bribe a regime commander to withdraw his unit 100 VPs.  Want up to an extra hour & 45 minutes to take your objectives? 200 VPs.  Want 100 VPs in foreign assistance?  Meet with the US Agricultural adviser at the location designated in the briefing.  The Agricultural adviser can also make arrangements for demo teams, triggermen, spies and a UAV.    

Some methods are triggered by activity on the battlefield.  Capturing the Air Defense HQ will cause the regime’s AAA units to exit the map allowing the player the unhindered use of a foreign UAV and allow rebel aircraft to conduct bomb runs in the city.  Following up on intelligence leads and locating WMD evidence will earn 100 VPs and will trigger the release of a British SF unit to the player’s control.  Use intelligence to locate and Assassinate the Minister of the Interior and earn 150 VPs.  This assassination will also lead to some regime troops deserting their posts at the Ministry of the Interior Compound and facilitate the freeing of rebel troops, held at the compound.  Free political prisoners held at Fisbuk Prison and trigger the release of a police unit (and their Canadian advisers) to the player’s control.  Use demo charges to gain access to supply trucks.  Make a Rebel propaganda broadcast from WTF Radio station and trigger the release of a unit to the player’s control.  However if the rebel broadcast is made while the above mentioned political prisoners are still in prison the prisoners will be executed.  Follow up on intelligence to locate the regime leader and earn 250 VPs.  Restore democracy by returning the 20 surviving aldermen (10 of whom are in prison) to the city council building and deny the regime 200 VPs. 

The player’s HQ team also has a 100 VP bounty on its head.  To keep the regime from collecting the 100 VPs the HQ team will need to request asylum inside the US Consulate (BluFor exit zone) prior to the end of the scenario.

US Consulate


SF Unit


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Great minds think alike! Well, your great mind thinks like my run-of-the-mill mind, lol.

But, after re-reviewing MOS' description, and then going back to his other masterpiece (My mind forgot the g-damn name in like 5 minutes--what?..I told you it was run-of-the-mill!), I'm not even going to bother making my own scenarios (which I have always done, in all the titles), let alone one for the public.  Genius is just too difficult to follow.

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3 hours ago, borg said:

What’s the ETA on this one ? Or is it already being tested by the SAS ?

:D Depends on what the beta testers report and how much RL gets in the way but March 1st is probably a reasonable date.  


3 hours ago, Xorg_Xalargsky said:

What manner of wizardry makes everything you describe possible?

This scenario sounds amazing!

Thanks.  Triggers and barbwire are the two most common forms of the wizardry.  The game mechanics of the radio station are a little more involved.  I'll have some detailed screenshots to explain how that works.    

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If one likes the look of Coup, for heaven's sake go d/l and play MOS's Tactical Operations Center (TOC) - that scenario has been polished and available in CMBS for months! 

Aside from TOC being extremely good fun, it will enable learning some of MOS's brilliantly innovative concepts.  So, Coup will be (perhaps) less of a culture shock re what can be accomplished in a CM2 title these days.  

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If anyone's in any doubt, go to thread linked above and give @MOS:96B2P's CM:BS TOC scenario a whirl.....Then imagine it in CM:SF2 on probably the best MOUT map ever made.  :o

It's really rather good!  :D

And the creativity involved in desiging it is quite simply unsurpassed.  B)

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This scenario is proving truly fascinating to test, the intricacies of Uncon warfare in the CM engine are really becoming a major factor.....I've already witnessed two Uncon related behaviours during testing that I've never seen in CM:SF1, whether they are new, purely something coincidental, or just a figment of my imagination, remains to be seen and tested!  :ph34r:

I'd confidently say we are all on a learning curve with this one, even those of us who do Uncons all the time.  B)

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WTF Radio Station (game mechanics)

A feature included in the scenario is the ability to make a radio broadcast from WTF radio station.  Both the rebels and the regime can make a broadcast.  A rebel broadcast will result in a unit joining the rebels.  A regime broadcast will result in regime supporters flooding into the streets.  The rebels can also destroy the radio transmitter preventing regime forces from making a regime broadcast.  The broadcast booth contains a regime (RedFor) friendly trigger that will trigger regime supporters to take to the streets.  The broadcast booth also contains a regime enemy trigger that will trigger/release a unit from lock-down for rebel use.  However if the rebel broadcast is made while political prisoners are still in prison the prisoners will be executed.  A rebel announcement will also trigger some regime units to make a final desperate attack on the radio station.  A rebel (BluFor) Touch Objective is in the broadcast booth which displays, “Rebel broadcast”, confirming for the player a rebel broadcast was made.   

Some regime AI units have orders to reach the broadcast booth inside the radio station complex.  The regime AI units will fight and navigate through the radio station complex to the broadcast booth.  The front (north) door of the radio station is barricaded.  The only accessible door is on the south side of the radio station complex.


The rebels can use demolition charges to destroy the radio transmitter.  More importantly the demo charge destroys the wall along which the radio transmitter is located.  This creates a more direct path to the broadcast booth for the regime AI units.  As a result, the AI now takes this new shortcut when trying to reach the broadcast booth.  However, the new path contains a regime (RedFor) exit zone.  As a result, after the radio transmitter is destroyed it is no longer possible for regime units to reach the broadcast booth and make a regime radio broadcast.




Regime troops attack WTF radio station, in response to a rebel radio broadcast.  However now that the "Transmitter" is destroyed the regime AI path finding runs the regime troops into a RedFor exit zone.  The regime is now unable to make a regime broadcast.  A regime broadcast would trigger combatants, loyal to the regime, to flood into the streets across the city.   Below: The green arrows are regime troops exiting the map after the regime RedFor AI takes the shortcut created by the destruction of the radio transmitter.     


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