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Found 12 results

  1. I’ve been working on a new scenario for CMBS 4.0 called “Tactical Operations Center”. It is in Beta testing now and is intended as player vs AI. Below is part of the Designer Notes that gives an overview. Followed by a few screen shots. This is a fictional scenario that may take a while to load depending on your computer. The player takes charge of a Tactical Operations Center (TOC) located in a Forward Operating Base (FOB) for a four-hour shift. The player is responsible for the successful execution of the mission during his shift. The scenario was created with the idea of being a static campaign in a counter insurgency environment. It is a multi-battle scenario set on a large map (approximately 7.5 square kilometers) that, unlike a traditional combat mission campaign, shows persistent map damage. So, as the player maneuvers a Quick Reaction Force (QRF) down a roadway in response to actionable intelligence he can drive past the burning wrecks of a mistake he made earlier or the scattered bodies of a Separatist unit he destroyed. The scenario also provides three types of intelligence to help guide the decision-making process. The three types of intelligence are Human Intelligence (HUMINT), Signals Intelligence (SIGINT) and Tactical Site Exploitation (TSE). HUMINT is collected from Separatist who defect under an amnesty program administered by the Ukrainian government. The HUMINT intelligence is in the name field of defectors and includes an intelligence code, grid coordinates and time. A quick glance at the intelligence code sheet (included in the briefing) allows the player to know what, where and when something will occur or where something is located. Some of this HUMINT is time sensitive. The TSE and SIGINT are provided by touch objective notifications at the top of the screen. This intelligence will be useful in bringing The Butcher of Belz (enemy commander) to justice and for disrupting Separatist operations. The grid coordinates are created by a pattern of grid lines placed on the map using a blue occupy objective. The grid numbers are displayed on the map edges using landmarks. A brief explanation of this modified military grid system and how to use it is provided in the briefing. The player can, if he decides to, launch an air assault during the setup phase. There are four different landing zones to choose from. Forward Operating Base (FOB) Apache has a Helicopter Landing Zone (HLZ) where reinforcements will arrive, and other units will exit from. The FOB also has a mortar pit that will be resupplied with ammo both by air and by convoy if the roads and HLZ remain open. Another feature included in the scenario is the ability to destroy base camps thereby preventing the Separatists from receiving their scheduled reinforcements. A Quick Reaction Force (QRF) mount their Strykers as 120mm mortars fire in the background as the FOB responds to assist an ambushed patrol. Separatists scouting for vulnerable infrastructure to attack. Separatist mod created by @pquumm. Street fight in the town of Belz.
  2. This is my first completed CMCW scenario and I'm hoping that it will be the 1st scenario in a campaign I am writing up the outline for. It does fall outside of the 79-82 CMCW module timeline (is set in July 1985). More details will be found in the Designer's Notes but in the end, I hope all who played this scenario got some enjoyment out of it. I welcome any feedback people are willing to provide. It's designed for "Play as BLUE vs AI only (only the RED force has AI plans - x3). At some point I would like to tweak it for play as either side and H2H but we'll see as I'll need to learn some more stuff I'm sure. Full description and download link are at: CC-s01 Baumholder Army Airfield!
  3. THE BASIC PROBLEM: I'm sure that you've all noticed over the years that this scenario plays itself out over and over: Person A: "Hey, does anyone still have X for $Insert_Game_Name$ ?" Person B: "Yeah sure, here, let me put it up on my webspace or on a random download server like Mega.NZ" <five years pass> Person C enters the thread and gets excited. Person C "The link doesn't work anymore!" *pause* Person C "Hey, does anyone still have X for $Insert_Game_Name$ ?" A Potential Solution: Might be with the Internet Archive. It's funded by a foundation and they seem to be relatively durable; so they're the closest thing to archival on-line storage we might see for some time. With that in mind, I've been slowly working on a project for the last month to quasi bring back the old Wargamer.com scenario archive back from the dead -- and that's morphed into a general archiving program for old game mods and such. Naturally, I did the Combat Mission x1 series. ============================================================ GENERAL INTERNET ARCHIVE NOTE: If you wish to download a specific file within the main ZIP container, just click on the ([b]View Contents[/b]) link on the contents page. ============================================================ The Proving Grounds / The Scenario Depot II Site Rip (with Meta Data) (NOTE, I've duplicated the scenarios themselves in each CMx1 individual scenario archive, but this is here for completeness since TPG/TSDII were quite important CMx1 websites back in the day) ============================================================ ============================================================ https://archive.org/details/wargamer-depot_TPG-TSD2_siterip Main Page https://archive.org/download/wargamer-depot_TPG-TSD2_siterip Information Page From 5 to 8 May 2021; I ripped the following websites: THE PROVING GROUND (TPG) http://garykrockover.com/cmbb/index.html Site Rip as of 5 May 2021 has: 6 x CMBO Scenarios 281 x CMBB Scenarios 223 x CMAK Scenarios 2 x CMBO Maps (some are not downloadable) 73 x CMBB Maps (some are not downloadable) 43 x CMAK Maps (some are not downloadable) THE SCENARIO DEPOT II (TSD2) The original Scenario Depot (I) was at http://www.dragonlair.net/combatmission/ until it's hosting company crashed with no backups. It's successor, The Scenario Depot II was at http://www.the-scenario-depot.com/ until the domain wasn't renewed. It was then "lost" for several years until I contacted the site owner; and got this URL: Site Rip as of 8 May 2021 has: 52 x CMBO Scenarios 587 x CMBB Scenarios 527 x CMAK Scenarios 15 x CMBO Maps (some are not downloadable) 26 x CMBB Maps (some are not downloadable) 36 x CMAK Maps (some are not downloadable) ============================================================ ============================================================ CMMOS/CMMODS DVD Backup ============================================================ ============================================================ This was created from an old DVD that I burned with about 3.7 GB of Combat Mission CMMOS data on or around 2004. A lot of the information on this was "lost" over the years, and this is my way of giving back to the CM community. Here is a file list: Total number of folders = 62 Total number of files = 1809 Sum of file sizes = 3.5~ GB It's all within several spanned ZIP files. https://archive.org/details/wargamer-depot_CMMOS_mods (information page) https://archive.org/download/wargamer-depot_CMMOS_mods (contents page) ============================================================ ============================================================ CMBO Mods: ============================================================ ============================================================ https://archive.org/details/wargamer-depot_CMBO_mods (information page) https://archive.org/download/wargamer-depot_CMBO_mods (contents page) On 5-10 May 2021, I cleaned out the following CMx1 repositories: cmx1mods.greenasjade.net in an attempt to archive as many of the old Combat Mission 1 (Beyond Overlord/Barbarossa to Berlin/Afrika Korps) mods as possible to safeguard against the probability of greenasjade.net disappearing in the near future. I downloaded 458 out of 458 files; and their total size is 1.46 GB. ============================================================ ============================================================ CMBB Mods: ============================================================ ============================================================ https://archive.org/details/wargamer-depot_CMBB_mods (information page) https://archive.org/download/wargamer-depot_CMBB_mods (contents page) On 5-10 May 2021, I cleaned out the following CMx1 repositories: cmx1mods.greenasjade.net in an attempt to archive as many of the old Combat Mission 1 (Beyond Overlord/Barbarossa to Berlin/Afrika Korps) mods as possible to safeguard against the probability of greenasjade.net disappearing in the near future. I downloaded 1,806 out of 1,811 files; and their total size is 4.35 GB. ============================================================ ============================================================ CMAK Mods: ============================================================ ============================================================ https://archive.org/details/wargamer-depot_CMAK_mods (information page) https://archive.org/download/wargamer-depot_CMAK_mods (contents page) On 5-10 May 2021, I cleaned out the following CMx1 repositories: cmx1mods.greenasjade.net in an attempt to archive as many of the old Combat Mission 1 (Beyond Overlord/Barbarossa to Berlin/Afrika Korps) mods as possible to safeguard against the probability of greenasjade.net disappearing in the near future. I downloaded 1,605 out of 1,605 files; and their total size is 4.69 GB. ============================================================ ============================================================ COMBAT MISSION: BEYOND OVERLORD SCENARIOS ============================================================ ============================================================ https://archive.org/details/wargame-depot-combat-mission-beyond-overlord (information page) https://archive.org/download/wargame-depot-combat-mission-beyond-overlord (contents page) This file contains recovered Wargamer Scenario Depot data from two sources: 1.) The 2015 Dump at https://archive.org/details/WargamerGamesDepotArchive20160514.tar 2.) A Internet Archive Downloader Dump in April 2021 to recover what was stored on the Internet Archive's backups. Out of 5 scenario files on the WGD for "Combat Mission Beyond Overlord", 5 were recovered (100%) directly. HAVE 3508 - Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord: East of Bryansk 3551 - Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord: 101st in Normandy 3701 - Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord: Big Red Omaha V2.0 4176 - Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord: When Trumpets Fade 4558 - Combat Mission: Beyond Overlord: Fischbach MISSING: NONE Out of 69 scenario files on the WGD for "Combat Mission", 0 were recovered (0%). HAVE: NONE MISSING: 1003 - Combat Mission: Strategic Highway 1198 - Combat Mission: Kelly's Heroes full campaign 1211 - Combat Mission: Cintheaux - Totalize 1273 - Combat Mission: August Bank Holiday 1279 - Combat Mission: We Don't Need No Education 1280 - Combat Mission: Lacko's Centiepied 1281 - Combat Mission: Lacko's Tea Party 1433 - Combat Mission: Parker's Crossroads 156 - Combat Mission: Wonder of Ihantala 162 - Combat Mission: UPDATE: Wonder of Ihantala 172 - Combat Mission: Crucifix Hill 1749 - Combat Mission: Beta Mission 178 - Combat Mission: AG1 Sgt Feibecke at Ozero 179 - Combat Mission: K3 A Brief Visit to a Church 181 - Combat Mission: K2 Pyrrhic Victory 183 - Combat Mission: K1 The High Ground 1864 - Combat Mission: Beta Mission 217 - Combat Mission: der Nebel 218 - Combat Mission: Minor Victory 219 - Combat Mission: Pockets of Resistance 226 - Combat Mission: Attack on Selz crossroads 237 - Combat Mission: Battle of Kiestinki 281 - Combat Mission: Gains Measured in Yards 282 - Combat Mission: Dangerous Information 304 - Combat Mission: Buda Castle 337 - Combat Mission: The Notch 34 - Combat Mission: Zurück on Chainbridge 363 - Combat Mission: Battle Of Honkaniemi 381 - Combat Mission: Gute Jagd 382 - Combat Mission: Falschirmjaeger On The East 383 - Combat Mission: My Grandfather 384 - Combat Mission: Der Erste Marsch 385 - Combat Mission: The Last Hussars 39 - Combat Mission: Dieppe 398 - Combat Mission: Bitche Bulge 426 - Combat Mission: Pacific Mod: Shallow Water Files Tarawa 427 - Combat Mission: Joe's Bridge 428 - Combat Mission: Brit Burma Uniform 442 - Combat Mission: CM Pacific Theater Mod Iwo Jima 443 - Combat Mission: Combat Mission Pacific Theater Mod 444 - Combat Mission: CM Pacific Theater Mod Scenarios 47 - Combat Mission: Dog Green, 6 June-2 476 - Combat Mission: Maple Leaf Down 496 - Combat Mission: Lacko's Elba 506 - Combat Mission: Screaming In The dark 507 - Combat Mission: Holding Villebaudon 515 - Combat Mission: Hell On Wheels 538 - Combat Mission: Break On Thru 539 - Combat Mission: Back To Hell 564 - Combat Mission: Assault On Gambsheim 586 - Combat Mission: Gheel 621 - Combat Mission: Operation Nordwind 644 - Combat Mission: Bouncing The Rhine 656 - Combat Mission: Ed's Grass Mod 740 - Combat Mission: Bridges Near Stavelot 750 - Combat Mission: Fortress In The Bocage v1.02 868 - Combat Mission: Frontovik Russian T-34 Tank Mods 893 - Combat Mission: DFDR Complete Scenario Set 894 - Combat Mission: DFDR Clubfoot's Scenario Set 895 - Combat Mission: DFDR (Complete) MOD 896 - Combat Mission: Finland MOD 897 - Combat Mission: Frontovik I (Infantry) MOD 898 - Combat Mission: Frontovik Complete Scenario Set 899 - Combat Mission: Frontovik II (vehicles) MOD 900 - Combat Mission: Fading Hopes III (Germany 1939-40) 901 - Combat Mission: Fading Hopes II (France 1940) MOD 902 - Combat Mission: Fading Hopes I (Poland 1939) MOD 903 - Combat Mission: Fading Hopes Complete Scenarios Set 904 - Combat Mission: Roadblock At St. Severs BONUSES I have included more CMBO scenarios from around the internet. There's likely to be massive duplication between all of the different packs and sources, but put together, I think this corpus constitutes most CMBO scenarios made. 1.) Pacific Mod: 28 scenarios + the graphics to mod them 2.) Rune Pack (in a specific folder): About 59~ scenarios/campaigns 3.) Ardennes DeSobry Pack: 3 versions of this scenario 4.) A Scenario Pack (AltWars) I made from an old CMMODS v4.03 database that I downloaded years ago; combined with a trawl through (http://cmx1mods.greenasjade.net); giving about 295 scenarios. 5). CMHQ Depot: About 306 scenarios with metadata 6.) Koen Pack: 4 Scenarios 7.) Rhine Pack: 10 scenarios 8.) St Malo Pack: 5 Scenarios 9.) The Blitz' CMBO Pack: About 187 scenarios and 27 maps. 10.) TheGamersNetwork: About 200 scenarios with metadata. 11.) TLD Scenario Pack : 22 scenarios 12.) The Proving Ground / The Scenario Depot II Scenario Pack for CMBO: About 59 scenarios and 13 maps. 13.) Zuf's CMBO Scenario Pack: 1,645 scenarios ============================================================ ============================================================ COMBAT MISSION: BARBAROSSA TO BERLIN SCENARIOS ============================================================ ============================================================ https://archive.org/details/wargame-depot-combat-mission-barbarossa-to-berlin (information page) https://archive.org/download/wargame-depot-combat-mission-barbarossa-to-berlin (contents page) This file contains recovered Wargamer Scenario Depot data from two sources: 1.) The 2015 Dump at https://archive.org/details/WargamerGamesDepotArchive20160514.tar 2.) A Internet Archive Downloader Dump in April 2021 to recover what was stored on the Internet Archive's backups. Out of 10 scenario files on the WGD, 10 were recovered (100%) directly. HAVE 3294 - Combat Mission: Barbarossa to Berlin: KH2 The Count 3295 - Combat Mission: Barbarossa to Berlin: AG3 Flak Dance at Vilna 3352 - Combat Mission: Barbarossa to Berlin: HSG AG4 The Cross Roads 3513 - Combat Mission: Barbarossa to Berlin: East of Bryansk 3878 - Combat Mission: Barbarossa to Berlin: Sons of Zrinyi 4017 - Combat Mission: Barbarossa to Berlin: Danzig Panther 4054 - Combat Mission: Barbarossa to Berlin: PreeKuln 4269 - Combat Mission: Barbarossa to Berlin: Hungarian Mission Pack 4366 - Combat Mission: Barbarossa to Berlin: Road to Rzhavets 4823 - Combat Mission: Barbarossa to Berlin: Darsunikis MISSING: NONE BONUS: I have included a large amount of CMBB scenario packs in the BONUS directory. I think with all this, we have most CMBB scenarios ever made. I've tried to include everything I can; there's too many to describe here; from the Stalingrad Pack, Kursk Pack, Russian Training Set, Denhost CMBB Pack, Philippe CMBB Pack, a Boots & Tracks site rip (scenarios and AARs). Some of the packs are: The Blitz CMBB Pack: 371 Scenarios and 15 maps. The Proving Ground / The Scenario Depot II Pack: About 840 scenarios and 87 maps. Zuf's Scenario Pack: 2,164 (!!!) scenarios. ============================================================ ============================================================ COMBAT MISSION: AFRIKA KORPS SCENARIOS ============================================================ ============================================================ https://archive.org/details/wargame-depot-combat-mission-afrika-korps (information page) https://archive.org/download/wargame-depot-combat-mission-afrika-korps (contents page) This file contains recovered Wargamer Scenario Depot data from two sources: 1.) The 2015 Dump at https://archive.org/details/WargamerGamesDepotArchive20160514.tar 2.) A Internet Archive Downloader Dump in April 2021 to recover what was stored on the Internet Archive's backups. Out of 6 scenario files on the WGD, 6 were recovered (100%). Also included as a bonus is an archive of other scenarios and campaigns recovered from various sites for completeness. HAVE 3492 - Combat Mission: Afrika Korps: Small Village in Valley 3520 - Combat Mission: Afrika Korps: Village on Hill - Allied Attack 3709 - Combat Mission: Afrika Korps: Kommerscheidt 3746 - Combat Mission: Afrika Korps: Rearguard Action at Fuka 3953 - Combat Mission: Afrika Korps: Band of Brothers, Part 4: Replacements 3960 - Combat Mission: Afrika Korps: Bridgehead Eberbach MISSING: NONE BONUS: I have included a Combat Mission Beyond Overlord Scenario Pack with this for completeness. It was put together from an old CMMODS v4.03 database that I downloaded years ago; combined with a trawl through (http://cmx1mods.greenasjade.net). I've tried to include everything I can, including Philippe's 11-part pack that breaks down as: 1940 - 67 Scenarios Ardennes - 88 Scenarios East Africa - 19 Scenarios France & Germany - 95 Scenarios Greece - 37 Scenarios Italy/Southern France - 258 Scenarios Market Garden - 23 Scenarios Normandy 198 Scenarios North Africa - 195 Scenarios Norway - 4 Scenarios Arab Israeli Wars - 8 Scenarios Korea -4 Scenarios PTO - 14 Scenarios SCW - 7 Scenarios SeaLion - 5 Scenarios Vietnam - 13 Scenarios Everything Else - 10 Scenarios Along with graphics mods for a SEALION set plus a few scenarios to go with it. BFC Companion Scenarios: 12 scenarios CMAK Operations Pack: 59 items? BootsNTracks Pack: 16 Scenarios CDST Pack: 16 scenarios Koen Pack: 5 Scenarios Random Pack: 62 scenarios (random potporri from my own files) Small Battles Pack: 68 scenarios The Blitz CMAK Pack: 117 scenarios Tiny Battles Pack: 5 scenarios The Proving Grounds / The Scenario Depot II Pack: 743 scenarios and 73 maps WBRP Pack: 11 scenarios Zuf Pack: 1,001 scenarios I'm confident to say that even though there may be massive amounts of duplicates, this corpus constitutes most CMAK scenarios published.
  4. "Field Trials" Red-vs-Red - Syrian Army attacking Uncon Fighters Base game only - no modules required 1-hour on a 544m x 400m map 05 MAY 2008 0615H – Latakia Region Syrian Army BTR Company is approaching a farming village captured in the night by a band of fighters. In the center of the village is a regional government administration center of vital importance to maintaining control in the region - it must be preserved and liberated at all costs! ---------------- Decided to update an old (circa 2007) scenario of mine for CMSF:2 - this time sticking with the Syrian setting of the base game. Best played as the Attackers or Multiplayer. The AI has several plans for the defenders and one basic plan for the attackers. I kept the force balance pretty well exactly the same as the original scenario - which in multiplayer has proven challenging, but fairly balanced for both sides - at least back in CMSF:1. Download here - https://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tsd3/cm-shock-force-2-2/cm-shock-force-2-scenarios/field-trials-red-vs-red/
  5. A new fictional scenario for CMSF2: “Coup d’etat” is in Beta testing now and is intended as player vs AI. The player will lead rebel (Syrian) units in an early morning (0400hrs) coup attempt to overthrow the governing regime (also Syrian). It is set in the fictional third world country of Abbudin and takes place in the heavy urban terrain of the city of Al Mout. The city of Al Mout is a heavily modified portion of the Ramadi-Government-Center map created by @LongLeftFlank. Approximately 1072 meters by 592 meters. The scenario has a variable end time. The optimal scenario length is two hours and 15 minutes however it can be played to four hours. If the scenario is played longer than two hours and 15 minutes the regime AI is awarded an extra 200 Victory Points. It requires all the CMSF2 modules to play since it features US Marines (guarding a US Consulate & later an amphibious force), a British SF unit (hunting for WMDs) and Canadian advisors (assisting the local city police). The scenario was created with the idea of taking a small, under equipped, rebel force and using in-game intelligence and insurgent tactics to expand the combat power of the rebel force until the rebels controlled the city. Below are some daylight screenshots of the urban part of the map. View of the 4th December Bridge. Slums in the south west area of the city. Looking east on Al Jazeera Boulevard from the area of Asfarr Taksi Company. An Agricultural Specialist, looks east out a window from Hotel Mout. In the distance is the Mayoral Residence along the bank of the River of Martyrs.
  6. Since backups came up in another thread I thought I would share my backup scripts. I thought I had done this in the past but I did a search and came up empty. I wrote these scripts years ago and have been using them for scenario design, mod design and programming projects. The basic principal is to zip up a directory and copy it to a backup location (keeping old versions) and a second location. This lets me know I have the last 10 versions and the second copy allows me to move my work between computers. I used to use a USB stick (hence the command line option "portable") but now I use drop box. I hope others can benefit from these scripts feel free to modify and enhance them as you wish. Dependencies: Winzip and WinZip Command Line Helper. I currently use WinZip 20.0 and WinZip Command Line Helper 4.0. I have used older versions so my scripts do not need the latest but they do need those two things to be compatible. Changing to use a different .zip utility would be a one line change for the command line and two other lines to make the batch variable name match a different tool. With those in place you can unzip the backup command and an example usage from here: https://www.dropbox.com/s/ifzujn77afk1ei3/BackupExample.zip?dl=0 In there are two .cmd files. The first is BackupToZip.cmd It is the generic backup utility that preserves the last 10 versions and optionally makes a second copy of the most recent backup. When you run it you see the following command line usage guide: C:>p:\BackupToZip.cmd BackupToZip zipname backuppath pattern [-portable path] [other zip options] Press any key to continue . . . zipname is the name of the file you want to create backuppath is where you want to place the backup copies pattern is what to backup portable path is an optional location to place a second copy other zip options lets you pass other command line options to winzip (or what ever other .zip utility you might swap in) these are passed as it to the winzip command Rather than typing a complex command line every time I want to backup my work I create a project specific backup .cmd file. An example of which is included in the above .zip file. This is the script I used while I was working on the Lanzerath ridge scenario: @echo off call P:\BackupToZip LanzerathRidge P:\Backups D:\Users\IanL\Documents\Battlefront\COMBAT~1\Bulge\GAMEFI~1\WorkInProgress\LanzerathRidge\*.* -portable D:\Users\IanL\Dropbox\ScenarioWork -x*.class What that does is copy the entire (*.*) contents and sub folders of my WorkinProgress\LanzerathRidge folder to a .zip file named LanzerathRidge in a Backups directory (also saving the last 10 back up .zip files) and make a second copy on Dropbox under a folder named ScenarioWork. The -x*.class is a left over from a java project backup script that I copied to create my LanzerathRidge backup file. Oops my bad. Just ignore that. If you cannot ignore it here is the explanation: it serves as an example of passing additional zip command line options through. I never backup .class files in a Java project since those are the compiler's artifacts and there is no value in saving them since they are derived from the source files. I create a WorkInProgress directory under the Game Files directory and under there I have a sub folder for each thing I'm working on. Then I create a Backup<ScenarioName> command line script to back it up. Under that sub directory I have all my notes, links, briefing text files and graphics files as well as the scenario itself. You might have noticed that I am not using paths with spaces this is simply because I never did the work to support that. In my development projects I never use spaces in directory names and this backup script was initially created for backing up programming projects. There was just no need. When I moved to use it for Combat Mission purposes I just didn't spend any time changing that since I can just feed the scripts the old 8.3 directory names. Yes, that looks sucky. Yes, it means you have to do an additional step when you create your backup script No, I'm not going to be changing that - but you could if you want You can always find the 8.3 directory name by using these command line arguments with the dir command in any command shell: dir /X
  7. The scenario Coup D'etat has been uploaded and is available at the Scenario Depot III. Link below. http://www.thefewgoodmen.com/tsd3/cm-shock-force-2-2/cm-shock-force-2-scenarios/coup-detat/ rocketman created a very cool PDF map and reference document available at the below link. https://www.dropbox.com/s/n8weqdobt7pidc8/Coup d Etat Reference and Map Document.pdf?dl=0 Enjoy the scenario and if there are any questions feel free to ask here or send me a PM. Have a safe taxi ride. And, as @Sgt.Squareheadsaid, don't get in the red taxis. The player leads a small under equipped rebel force in an early morning (0400hrs) coup attempt to overthrow the governing regime. It is set in the fictional third world country of Abbudin and takes place in heavy urban terrain. The scenario is Red vs Red AI only, heavy urban terrain, all modules required, variable end time (extra hour, 45 minutes for 200VPs). The scenario provides in game intelligence to help guide the decision-making process along with a modified military grid system and an intelligence code. The player can use IEDs, VBIEDs, assassinations, bribery, mercenary units, radio propaganda, extra scenario time and foreign assistance. As the Coup d’etat progresses the player must decide which methods to use and when. All the methods have advantages and disadvantages. Some methods cost Victory Points (VPs). Four VPs for each mercenary, 25 VPs per IED explosion, 50 VPs per VBIED explosion, 100VPs to bribe a regime commander to withdraw his unit, 200 VPs to fight until 0800hrs etc. After 0600 hours the player can choose to use a USMC amphibious force. This force includes the USS Wasp, USS Ticonderoga and USS Oak Hill. This overt outside military intervention will trigger a backlash in the streets of the city………
  8. I have just started playing Edge of Darkness, which is a bunch of 5 Scots taking a town. I am playing some bagpipe music to lift my Jocks' morale, even if it annoys me! (love the classic Brit TV series names btw) I won't do any spoilers, but I was puzzled that some of my reinforcments - namely the assault pioneer section + HQ + Land Rover didn't turn up (OK that may be a normal HQ Snafu!) when they were supposed to; 7 Platoon arrived but not them. I could do with more smellies on the ground for an urban dust up - my Glaswegian scum love it! Is a straight razor prohibited in close combat? I am operating SnailKrieg, a form of warfare I pioneered in BS. It's exactly like BlitzKrieg but much...much slower. I creep up by inches. It does work and only goes wrong when I get bored in the later stages of the game and take unnecessary risks. The Javelin infantry aren't due till D+45. I really need them and don't feel like going down while there are several active BMPs which are going to do me a terrible mischief if I expose myself (?!).
  9. So this is in relation to a topic I posted just before Thanksgiving.... There may be some mild spoilers ahead, but nothing I think is show-stopping. Just recently I was playing The Lions of Carpiquet. For those who don't know it, it's a challenging campaign that covers a difficult battle in the Commonwealth sector west of Caen. It's one of the few that really gives the player some serious time to make decisions on how to approach the objectives and neutralize the Germans. The first two scenarios offer the players three hours to complete them; the second, I believe, is somewhere in the two-hour range. I was able to make good use of reconnaissance and artillery spotters to locate and eliminate German positions with supporting arms and shape the battlefield to make the best use of my infantry in the attack, and my armor when it was needed. I even got the chance to clear a mine belt with flail tanks, which was really cool to watch. I took casualties, but they felt reasonable to the firepower and deployment of the Germans and the unforgiving nature of the terrain (it's almost pancake flat throughout!). I remember thinking "Finally! I'm able to actually to use recon, tactics, and mission planning in a way that maximizes mission accomplishment while minimizing casualties. Scenarios 2 and 3--the first big moves of the campaign after the recon mission--were tough, but they're engaging. I had started this campaign after dropping Courage & Fortitude at around the Razorback Ridge scenario. I had managed through scenarios two and three, but once I hit Razorback Ridge I just gave up. It's an absurd scenario... Not because its a necessarily unrealistic piece of ground to have to take, or an unrealistic enemy, but because the scenario conditions themselves--the time and map limits--make it an over-the-top "lesson" in taking casualties just for the sake of doing it. Once I began Carpiquet, it gave me an opportunity to contrast between the two and learn a little bit about what frustrates me about the average scenario design, and learn a bit about myself as a player. Here's what I learned: I hate taking casualties. But not just any casualties. I hate taking casualties that are forced on me by the conditions of the game itself and the scenario, NOT the conditions related to the enemy and the terrain. If I take casualties because I misread a piece of ground I can generally stomach that. I made the mistake. What I can't stomach is when I have to rush through a scenario because I have to take two or three objectives over a kilometer away, through a defender, with a rifle company or so, with less than an hour on the clock. I get frustrated near to the point of yelling whenever the morale model forces a squad to effectively commit suicide by running into the open, or worse, toward the enemy (which has happened more times than I can count), when they break and run from perfectly good cover when under fire. I want to throw my mouse through a window when a tank crew bails out of a perfectly good taken when they get nervous only to get cut down by an MG on the outside. Some of these are controllable, some of them are not. At least not yet. The engine is great, but flawed. But I'm confident that at some point those flaws will inevitably be worked out with enough time and programming. It's maddening beyond belief, however, when I have to take casualties over something completely avoidable within a scenario. . . . Or with how it's design. Case in point: When I reached the fourth scenario in Carpiquet was was deployed with two companies, in the open, looking at a ruined, but dense town filled with Germans. I hid both companies, plus my mortar assets as best I could where they were placed. I pre-registered my mortars on likely areas with troop positions and called in my air where I felt it would do the most good, all as recommended in the scenarios briefing. Then I hit the Red Button. Within the first five minutes my on-map mortar section was obliterated. A German sniper had popped four or five guys from one platoon. Mortars and MGs from within the town were raking another. I had no way of avoiding any of it. So I restarted the scenario. On the second go, I replotted my fires and hid my guys. This time I avoided using the on-map mortars as that might be what was bringing down the mortars--perhaps they had been spotted as they fired. Instead I used my air and off-map 107mm to handle the prep. I pressed the Red Button. . . . And within five minutes the results were about the same. What I quickly realized was that the scenario, unlike the previous two, doesn't give the player the option or room to deploy in any other way. The Germans in the town were able to spot the Bren carriers and call in fire on that position. I have no way of repositioning them or getting them out of the way until after the scenario begins, and they happen to be carrying a good bit of my 81mm ammo. They're big fat targets and I have to just take whatever comes from because of it. I have to take casualties not because I failed to move my guys, provide cover for them, lay down suppression, or any other mistake. I have to take casualties because the scenario essentially forces me to take them. I don't get to have a say. Just press the Red Button and die. I tried the scenario two or three more times with different variations. The results were about the same each time. I was disappointed, but it's something I see time and time again. Aside from some aforementioned issues with the program itself, which will undoubtedly diminish over time, the game borders on a simulation of combined arms combat, and yet when it comes to scenario design it often seems like the game inevitably gets boiled down into a "gamey" reenactment of history, or worse, a war-movie replay, that basically remove all the agency from the player and force decisions that are tactically unwise and nowhere even remotely realistic and in keeping with the tactical and operational considerations of the type of conflict the game seeks to simulate. Why even move soldiers on a map if all I'm supposed to do is send them to their death without cause? It's not my intention to necessarily hammer the designer of the Carpiquet campaign, or any campaign. I get that it's a difficult and often thankless job. I only use them as examples in order to pose a question: Why is it necessary for me to take casualties outside of my own errors? What am I supposed to be learning? Why create a simulation that represents the tactical landscape of modern warfare, then limit the tactical options for the player to a binary choice?
  10. Just suddenly found this one on my hard drive. H2H only, Afghanistan - Kyrgyzstan border, 1993 Here is the link https://cloud.mail.ru/public/LDCj/HeBHwzWyQ
  11. Greetings! This is my first real attempt with the editor - which started out from this real-world Luftwaffe aerial shot I came across for the village of Golynki, west of Smolensk... ...which I stretched to fit more neatly into a CM-friendly grid, and came out with this map: It is a 2000m x 1792m map, covering a few types of terrain: a peat bog in the northern half, a wooded area and the near-pristine village of Tregubovka to the southeast, and the larger village of Golynki to the soutwest, which has been largely demolished and abandoned under the German occupation. The map is divided in half by drainage ditch running north-south (both it and a secondary ditch on the northeast side are passable 'shallow ford' throughout), and has a major rail line running east-west in the bottom quarter of the map. At the moment, I have no data on any actions that took place here - all I learned is that this area was recaptured by the Soviets in October 1943 (I originally thought it was part of the CMRT timeline in 1944, but it is not so). It's a very detailed, handcrafted map - it may still need a bit of optimization as I went very heavy on the flavour objects (so the frame rate might drag down in certain areas, depending on your system). On the upside, it's very pretty in places I'm trying to figure out what to do with it in terms of scenario - and since I have absolutely 0 experience with scenario building and AI programming at the moment, any help or advice would be appreciated! What would you like to see on this map? At the moment, there is no AI and all the parameters, objectives, etc. are placeholders only. It's only really usable in the editor right now. You may download my current WIP version of it here: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1hA9cr80cdMmHkGK8mhhbNgZz_LAefsyH ...or in the forum attachment. If you have anything that you'd like to create on this map yourself, or use it or any part of it for your own scenarios - you're very welcome to do so (with credit for map given). Thanks for checking it out! CCIP - Golynki (v01 map only).btt
  12. This pdf can provide some great ideas for modern day scenarios. https://history.army.mil/html/books/iraq/TotS/Tip_Spear.pdf
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