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    BACON, military history-particularly WWII and Civil War history, reading thrillers, BBQ, and, of course, CM.
    Former Naval Flight Officer...but read more military than naval history...what's up wid dat?

    GO Navy BEAT Army

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  1. Yup I also noticed this.
  2. Hear hear. @JujuThanks so much for the UI mods!!
  3. "Once we did all this we came back to Steve like proud children that had just performed surgery on the family cat." @The_Capt Seriously, you should do standup. I am particularly impressed with your depth of research...this is also my era of service...and I remember pouring over books about the Soviet military when I was a wee midshipman...This is gonna be great.
  4. I am an old Mac guy as well and have had no issues running CM on my trusty ol' iMac...I guess my bigger concern is does the latest Mac OS Big Sur do anything to CM? I stopped upgrading from Mojave cuz I heard some guys had issue and I remember when Apple broke CMSF1 a few years ago...but my iMac is also getting long in the tooth so am thinking about upgrading this year. Any issues @Panzer Lehr with your OS?
  5. HEY, so just in case no one else asked...can we get a crack at that scenario?...I've always wanted to have a gunfight over OBJ Coffee!
  6. Congrats...I know you probably can't share much, but would love to hear more about your work with the military...I think the CM games would make excellent training tools. In any event, sounds like a good arrangement as you head into the next generation of games. HOPEFULLY still on the Mac as well as PC.
  7. Hi, sadly the old CMBO, CMBB, and CMAK will not run natively on OS X...you would either need to get an OLD Mac that has OS 9 or get some sort of emulator.
  8. More importantly...THANK YOU for supporting CM on Macs for so long...yes Macs have always been less than supported by the larger game community but Battlefront has been steadfast in supporting Mac even when Apple screwed them over a couple of times...yes I've been here all 20 years and remember when Apple abandoned Quickdraw for OpenGL so the old CM games don't work on OS X and when Apple broke their Mavericks OS X and forced BFC to do an emergency patch to CMSF 1... SO THANKS THANKS...CM series is the ONLY game on my Mac for almost 10 years now...
  9. WOOT! Thanks for the heads up..I also downloaded this.
  10. Yes indeed. Thanks for this. Very cool cuz I play a lot of QBs
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