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  1. the moment I saw the red leaf trees - I was blown away. And the standard camo on faces ! for the US. Thanks so much Battelfront
  2. Would u mind telling me Exactky how u did this - is the reshade a downloadable file (software ?) that needs to be implemented with movie mode ? These screenshots are hugely impressively - artwork
  3. aaaaaaa this little link mod u sent me. WORKS. so what do I need to do ?
  4. Cool. I’ll try it out tonight . It also happened to me in fact with another large mod fir Afghan missions dl . So it must be common prob on macs and a quick quick suppl question - the mod tags - do I need them ? If yes . Where shall I place them and under which folder name. Thanks guys
  5. dear all. I have installed the mod., copy copying pasting as a Z folder under data. It seems I have no sound hmmm... I use a Mac OS.. Anyone had this .?
  6. This type of mission / campaign is EXACTLY what I like. Thanks so much !
  7. I’m still here thanks ladies for all this . I need to get into the generals seat - and report back soon.
  8. gosh...hope he's well. any chance u guys can PM a DL for the missing ones ? thanks
  9. quick quest. Why were Qasabiyeh defend and attack, and the Kabani - files deleted ? can't find them. 10x
  10. just wanted to chime in - to really really give a BIG KUDOS to these AFG missions. They simply feel genuine, and capture the moment. Thanks man
  11. could it be, that only three files are working in the dl link dropbox, whilst rest have been deleted ? 10x guys. hope they can get live again soon.
  12. Make sure to have a badass mullah in it thanks man
  13. just popping by, to say hi. And of course, a HAPPY NY 2020 guys to you all. Was abit quite from play testing due to some heavy work loads. Now bit better / smoother. Been a while since I Schwacked some... Was there any major progress in the campaign of all this ? I can see the maps are wonderfully made !
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