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  1. gosh...hope he's well. any chance u guys can PM a DL for the missing ones ? thanks
  2. quick quest. Why were Qasabiyeh defend and attack, and the Kabani - files deleted ? can't find them. 10x
  3. just wanted to chime in - to really really give a BIG KUDOS to these AFG missions. They simply feel genuine, and capture the moment. Thanks man
  4. could it be, that only three files are working in the dl link dropbox, whilst rest have been deleted ? 10x guys. hope they can get live again soon.
  5. Make sure to have a badass mullah in it thanks man
  6. just popping by, to say hi. And of course, a HAPPY NY 2020 guys to you all. Was abit quite from play testing due to some heavy work loads. Now bit better / smoother. Been a while since I Schwacked some... Was there any major progress in the campaign of all this ? I can see the maps are wonderfully made !
  7. I so love the setting of this. Since parts of Op Husky left from Maltese shores . Thanks for the tips. once - years ago - there was an attempt to make a what if scenario - for Op Herkules ! For CMFI.
  8. The landing is a real b**ch., what is best.. lying low until reinforcements arrive ?
  9. I’m now in the third scenario of this campaign. Just went up the hill to check the IED ‘incident’ down hill .... perfect vantage point
  10. I know this scenario !! I played it ! And i swacked them ! I also had pics to prove it in cmsf1 thread
  11. This IS sweet. Thanks man. can we recognize you in this screen ? 🤓
  12. Thanks @Zveroboy1 are u referring to the night op by @Combatintman of Bin Laden ? That was adrenaline rush and I loved it. I’ll watch the clips you mentioned , and in case u know of cmsf1 scenario name can u bump it here ?
  13. Thanks for this! Tbh I have ZERO experience in afghan/talib boots on the ground since I’m no soldier let alone being present. The scenario works beautiful During the day as you said and as written. I was asking whether a scenario (any one ) can be shifted from day to night in the editor - which it seems it can ! And in the context of Afghan ops - I was inclined to think of / follow the ‘controversial’ joint US/afghan night ops to capture talib commanders. I guess such high value targets would be protected . And even IF surprise is key at the beginning ... maybe this won’t be the case
  14. Ur style and comparisons reminded me of OP Neptune Spear !
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