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Getting into more complex builds. Is it worth it?


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It's almost impossible to believe and "just crazy good" from  Bubba883XL term to describe it,  that these pictures are from the CM games

But I m sure they are, and they are wonderful they reflect a vivid reality, that (I) we would like to have them all on (MY) our screen.
Maybe they can become available to the public, I dare hope?
Anyway, thank you to let us dreaming on !

Waiting for more...


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59 minutes ago, Lucky_Strike said:

+1 👍

Are you using ReShade?

How playable is the game with this level of stylisation? I’d love to see a video of some of this in actual gameplay.

Yeh it runs fine my maps are quite large but they stil run fine, I have 16gb Ram 1 gig vRAM, imac...

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