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  1. i've never uploaded before, how does one upload it with a nice preview picture as with most
  2. map is ready for uploading, currently just a map at present , no mission etc.
  3. having issues setting it up so we did a few TCP/IP games instead, via the black sea and shock force 2 demos, experienced some waypoint oddities for the first time, my bradleys went around a field not through it, was odd.... did look at drop box but they changed what they offer and i'm not gona pay some the crazy prices they were showing. still trying to just get some titles recognised via the CMH, was gona try and use it with my google drive if it would work, CMBN is all intergrated with CMH just fine but its the way they change the folders around which is screwing it up, why on ea
  4. so can i just ask when you do play via email, (once i set it up) you get the wego replay option?
  5. right, thanks a mil...but the read me isn't fool proof...and some of my installs are not behaving as they should or showing not intsalled etc...which folders (or path) do i need to have selected? lolo
  6. Where does one obtain this combat mission helper?
  7. Am referring to playing on internet with real opponent.. via turn based. I will try the email method Cheers
  8. Even tho I'm a veteran of the series I was shocked to learn there is no 60 second replay when doing a multiplayer session. Maybe my mind was set back in cmx1 days. But I can't believe this is the case. Part of the reason I've always loved the replay on Wego is the immersion and cinematic feel to the game. Plus the pacing. Suppose what I'm getting at is this something possibly to add to the franchise in the next engine upgrade? P.s I've never tried playing via email. Is that have the 60 seconds replay? Cheers all. Bubba
  9. i also loved how strategic it could be, blocking alleys of movement, used to do it alot in berlin to Barbarossa
  10. would love to see setting fire to buildings return!
  11. its a shame we can't have some way of saving that status of the battle once its over, like condition and status of all units etc, and the status of the map, so if you wish to keep on fighting or making multiple scenarios with a cascade affect etc without having to make a campaign. and a list to some degree of the casualties per unit etc. is always something i like to see in detail. in similar fashion as done by close combat games.
  12. but you came back with warts'n'all lol...(joking)
  13. again, these two titles have been out of stock for sometime and get seriously inflated. found one of these for sale somewhere online once for £1000+
  14. Unternehmen Ilse: 5. SS-Panzer Division Wiking Eastern Front 27 April 1944 Kampfgruppe Mühlenkamp: 5. SS-Panzer Division “Wiking”, Eastern Poland, July 1944 just grabbed these babys!!!!!! yes!!!.....
  15. I have emailed them and asked etc, they mention they are working currently on a 3rd book and would rather wait for a reprint when that title is released. And I think the publishers/authors like the limited prints etc as it increases the value and demand of their titles. Which is annoying. Lol.
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