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  1. thats how i mean...exactly that. just odd behaviour
  2. odd way of thinking for myself tbh, the games are all the same really its more about the experience you are wanting. in terms of front etc and atmosphere to me, anyway.
  3. Hi all. Been awhile. But I've noticed sometimes when calling in artillery in multiple ways (i.e under suppression , stress and good) sometimes the counter for calling it in will countdown but then no artillery will come in? Almost seems like a game glitch but wondered if ya'all know if I'm missing something Norm.
  4. this is bit silly, you can go back and forth its just folks personal choice,i used to mod everything but with the modders understandably being bit burnt out etc example being CM-italy, i don't like to mix the modded with the unmodded. i have the terrain and sounds and affects etc. but all vehicles are vanilla which is refreshing in away, as the default details are really good and clear, easy to see.
  5. I prefer the other flame mod. Tad more yellow. Great pics tho.
  6. Wait or no wait. Still my favourite game and can't wait. Thank you for all your hard work. Still can't get over the fact you guys keep the game with us in the modern era. Love that! More titles should do this! Thank you.
  7. its a real shame... they need to increase their work force 😄
  8. Hi all, Hope all is doing well in this heat!!! anywho, when i search for missions on the fewgoodmen site, i can see only about 6-8 missions and then the only way to find others is via the bottom suggestion section when you look into the details of any mission? is there no other way to get the full list to show? is kinda frustrating and am sure many missions don't even get seen this way. bubba.
  9. i got a question about the thefewgoodmen mission list's how come it doesn't show all the missions? it will show like 1 page worth and then the rest have to be found via related link via each mission
  10. erm if i recall so far its about 1200 x 1400, was wanting to widen the beach each side etc, if i can just seeing how it all goes, also got a mock battle in waiting to see how it test plays
  11. actually, i don't know what its preferences are, further testing shows it's regular enough to check every mission.lol
  12. i noticed a post about this back in 2017, so i'll post a new to keep to current date, has anyone else had this? so far i've only noticed it in normandy since the 4.3 patch but the shaders turn themselves off, i have to re enable them each fresh game....and this is only when you completely exit the game down to the desktop, just tested wether this was from scenario---menu--scenario and it wasn't, only from desktop.. bubba
  13. i must admit a 80's cold war theme would go down so sweet, would even things a little i'd say unlike the super force the allied forces are in shock force... and plus, you have all those M113 to play with, and the MERC camo to do!
  14. still very nice, thank you for doing that for me...excellent stuff
  15. Can we see what these look like under non reshade please as I don't use reshade. Again tho. Excellent work!!
  16. I will try and see if the converter would allow me to change those values but how did you achieve it sir. ?
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