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  1. Awesome great to see them in different settings.
  2. These are early release they all need finishing properly, then I will. Cheers
  3. Oh yes it was Jackson...great stories , The Secret Files Of The Luftwaffe....
  4. Cheers bud, i'm playin with them grass textures, looking really good i'm from Norfolk which is very similar in places (North Norfolk) to Normandy and am very familiar to the countryside and love studying it now for map ideas...
  5. To be honest dude i've still got loads... I used to have the first edition of warlord but lost it over the years now worth 10,000 quid in good nick....FFS. Yeh loved um bud... the Executioner, Union jack johnson awesome stories...
  6. Its best if you play as the attackers as the as the story goes something like this the SS officer goes to a cafe every night and drive from his command post to get there with escort, plus german SS units are patrolling the local area, this is perfect for AI setup, then the SS officer goes back to his Chateau HQ, so British Commandoes have been given the job of Killing him, now if you miss him whilst in transit you will have to assualt the HQ, which will be tough, if you manage to kill him then there is an exit on the map for you to escape....nice bit of fun and quite difficult as i've set armo
  7. MY Z folder is so big i need to update my dropbox to accommodate it all, I plan to do this at the end of the month, then let anyone use what they want, I also have literally 100s of maps all drawn from original 1944 aerials, mainly British and Canadian focused on D-day, Sword, Gold and Juno beaches then the early days of Normandy to operation Epsom plus a few quirky stealth ones when you have to kill a Waffen SS Obergruppenfurhrer and tiger tank crew who had to abandon their tank and must now get it back under fire...all exciting stuff... then I have the Utah to Carantan scenarios which are m
  8. Sainte Marie Du Mont with new grass, Bushes and trees from Hedgerow Hell mod, (highly recommended)... Beautiful natural countryside around Sainte Marie Du Monts, where para fought para on the first day of D-Day. To the north of St Marie du Monts is the Brecourt Manor Battery, lets see how many men you would need to extinguish this threat to Utah Beach. In St Marie Du Monts In St Marie Du Monts In St Marie Du Monts The grave yard in St Marie Du Monts In St Marie Du Monts, note the Normandy stone farm houses whe
  9. Loving the trees as well, such an improvement, I don't feel the need to change any of it, love it as it is. I've kept my ground files as they have been designed to work as a set all interlinking with each other. Cant wait to see the rest, let me know when completed. Cheers
  10. Wow love your mod just what i needed for the long grasses and flowers, I cant use the Reshade as its only available for the PC im on mac, but what i downloaded from you is better than i'm using so all good there, just wish i could use the full thing, blurry backgrounds etc soft shadows awesome...
  11. How do i download Hedgerow hell I cant find anything???????
  12. IM using Mac Os Catalina latest version. i haven't touched the trees yet and use other peoples mods for certain bits.... Cheers
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