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  1. Ok heres the dropbox link please let me know if it allows you to download? Cheers https://www.dropbox.com/sh/vrkfrw40525ne43/AABy-v3KYZXlQohBsX-IQbzaa?dl=0
  2. OK quick update all the Z folders are uploaded and i will really try to get some maps and scenarios uploaded this weekend. Cheers
  3. Yes bud thats what ill do over the next few days. Cheers
  4. Cheers JM, ive modded so much even modded others mods etc so this seems the only way, also the red thunder buildings have nearly 100 different variants? The folders are big it would take me weeks to organise properly, so I hope this is good enough. Cheers
  5. Guys ok ive just got 2TB of space on my dropbox, i'm going to upload my CMBN z folder and my CMRT z folder plus tons of maps, its the only way i can get them to you as i have no time now to oganise all the scenarios writing orders etc, so you will be able to choose what you like, for best results copy your z folder then replace with mine, this will save any clashes but you can just take what you like, if you download any of my maps i strongly advise to download all the buildings as they will look strange if not. OK question how do i share my dropbox?
  6. Latest from Berlin Central Area Map. See how ive made a bombed out version of the New Reichs Chancellory.
  7. Latest video showing the bombed out version of the New Reichs Chancellory.
  8. The complex wasn't damaged that much it was flattened after the war for obvious reasons. Here's a shot from 45?
  9. LOL Thanks The wrecked vehicles are from Umlats factory mod, the grennery is from Lucky Strikes Hedgerow Hell and all the Vehicles are from Aris mods. but I built all the buildings and still in the process of making more. Cheers
  10. Yes bud they are all there, I had to do the Brandenburg Tor as on the original map they used a bridge LOL However I would say the designer done some good research into where the streets where and its not his fault the game doesn't allow for professional 3d Berlin buildings from 1945. When will the CM team move from those aweful modular buildings and make some that look authentic, its been 10 years and still no updates, they will soon be left behind which would be a real shame as its a great game?
  11. With Panzerschreck teams everywhere it's unwise to move forward in ya tank without infantry...
  12. I'm not only making complete buildings but smashed up ones also which is much harder than the former?
  13. Just finished making the Gestapo HQ on Prince Albrecht Strasse... here's a Panther in front of it...
  14. Most can but i intend for all, but i have intentionally not placed doors on every building because these are all ministerial and gov buildings which all have an entrance which you can then gain access to the the adjoining office blocks attached to the main entrance, the New Reichs Chancellory rooms are all linked so battles can take place in the buildings, and can fire from every level, every window, this is a work in progress but shouldnt take to long to complete.
  15. I have red swastika flags all around ill post some later, Im not political and the flags were used, its history and I cant change that?
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