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All mods released recalling topic   A list of ALL mods released within this thread until now, organized by genre.     Terrain and environmental mods: Ground mod (HD) pt1 https://app.box.com/s/yw

Open letter and personal statement   I would like to express a few words on a recent situation that came out in the gaming community: pay for mods. I have no intention to, I never had intention to a

Kieme CMBS T-90AM   This mod starts with BTR 's research and conversion of russian vehicles into a realistic green color, so all credits shall go to him as the author of the original texture, which

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There's only really one question about these mods, if they're great, or the greatest mods.




Out of mild curiosity, speaking as a former AJE5, what did you do, sir, ask them?




And yeah.  I did.  I asked them if they liked the old name.  They were pretty apathetic about it.  I asked for ideas for a new name, only the driver had one (he wanted to name the tank after himself, when told no/his last name didn't start with a D, he just added "D" to the front of his name).  I suggested Darwinian Selector, they seemed pretty happy with it minus the driver who caved in after no one wanted to name the tank D'Smith (name changed to protect the guilty). 

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Yay! BTR-based Russian vehicles!




Thanks also for the weathering on US uniforms.


Man, this thread is like a daily peak under the Christmas tree to see what Santa brought!




Kieme, I checked the T-72 and the color seems to be quite light--kinda' like stock. Is that necessary for the weathering effect? If not, my vote would be to have the color stay like BTR's, but add the weathering on top.


Thanks again!

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Thanks for the feed-back.

After reviewing the tank today I have decided to make another version with a darker tone, it's not a big deal because it can be done in no time.

I stick with the desaturation because, in any case, darkening saturates the color already. Looking at it should be the original BTR's green.


T-72B3 - darker green color optional


This option changes the colors of the original T-72B3 mod into a darker tone.








How to install: if you prefer this version please download the original T-72B3 mod, then copy the contents of this download into the previous T-72B3 mod folder and overwrite the files.

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Work in progress for something different, a 3-tone camo on the T-90A (still missing the smaller black patches):





Not easy to add camo on the T-90, as for the T-64 Bulat, the ERA blocks are not one different than another, and some texture bits are used for both elements of the couple (example: shtora emitters), so, unfortunately, I can't paint only one of them.


I am sure to release both the standard green version and this camo one. Both with the same weathering.

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Kieme CMBS T-90A


This mod starts with BTR 's research and conversion of russian vehicles into a realistic green color, so all credits shall go to him as the author of the original texture, which is in my opinion a great digital version of the original modern russian green, therefore special thanks to him and his work.


I decided to try the most famous russian 3-tone camo. Mixed feelings about it, it's quite hard to get the right sand color and this is only an attempt; besides, the game textures are not really camo friendly, you can't get exactly what you want, some compromise is necessary... Speaking of compromises, the side skirts should be Painted as well, I left them in black rubber because my techniques do not allow me to get the same sand/green colors on them, so note this as a necessary compromise.  



there are TWO versions of this mod. You must choose only ONE of them to install. They cannot work toghether. Therefore, please make your choice: plain dark green or 3 tone camo. The weathering is the same for both.


Plain dark green download: https://app.box.com/s/10ws24qpg2ocoxhf73dehcxfd66ebnl1






3-tone camo download: https://app.box.com/s/h97wmn4yhonwqzoxvteis394jy3l0436



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