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  1. latest Ukrainian APC 'modding' ...in convoy seen near city of Artemiwsk Foto: Reuters (reported by German tabloid Bild this morn)
  2. Gah Dzeeh Dibé yázhí Dzeeh Wóláchííʼ Dibé Dzeeh (read it to a WW2 vet origin mabye close to Canyon de Chelly ;-) happy deciphering Gents ;-p)
  3. First I have to say I loved the playthrough YT vids of the upcoming Black Sea and watched them all in the meantime Now, when I start browsing back and watch Red Thunder vid, or fire up my RT copy (with latest patch) I have the 'impression' the landscape/maps in Black Sea vids looked somehow richer/nicer. But I can't pinpoint it. Are there any significant changes made from RT to BS in this section? ...or does it all boils down to the map-design and all the effort spended making them look so 'natural'?
  4. I think giving specialist squads a M203-swap simple laser 'illumination'-module (mounted under a rifle witch has also a sufficient optics to aim the laser) to fool tanks in the far out to exhaust their smoke and to disrupt them would be a good tactic. Of course you do it out of a "Wechselstellung" ! or an observation spot that will be vacated then
  5. i have to report the very same problem :-( ...reinstall (with one eye on the knowledgebase-article) worked
  6. Para, i am locking forward to your project ..and thought about the landingcraft dilemma here's a test of carefully 'submerged M3s' facing with the backside to the beach and the front a little deeper in the water doesnt look to bad from the distance... http://img641.imageshack.us/img641/8730/beachtest1.jpg or even zoomed in http://img217.imageshack.us/img217/6260/beachtest2.jpg what you think? Regards Mike (PS: when i try to caputre a screen the smoke (first pict, right M3 burning) doest get captured?.... strange) on a side-note playing with fording tiles
  7. When the dust of the Normandy release will have settled (and the first patch addressing some minor issues that may show up - or not, has been done also) is there a chance that some of the improvements will reach CMSF with a final patch too? Whats possible, whats not? I know the usual Battlefront response is: "Investing time in that would delay the 'Brits vs FJ+SS module' for Normandy, so ... unlikely" ;-) but from a marketing point of view, a lot of old CMx1 users are coming back and may decide after some time in Normandy, they want to go 'modern' too and it would be a good sellin
  8. crowbar, your post inspiered me to finally upload my CMBN+ TrackIR video (see forum) even so i had planed to make a better much honed one befor going public ... but not enuf time yet
  9. Hi Gents ...here my first attempt of CMBN + TrackIR Regards Mike
  10. mmmh ...more realistic? how about a house rule (or an extended setting in the menu in the future ) above 'Iron Mode' ...lets call it 'Tungsten ;-) ' after the setup-phase (where the camera is free as usual) when the clock starts ticking down, the camera always stays fixed to the selected unit in follow mode and over the shoulder height ( "Tab" and "1" and "2") no zooming, gliding, only camera turn and tilt (Left, Right, Up, Down key) i have to test that...
  11. ...and another 'technical-orientated' ;-) immersion question How about TrackIR support for CM:BN? did anybody tried to further enhance the immersion of CM2 'simulations' with a TrackIR? I did some first workaround experiments using Trackmapper (a free utility) to slave the Left, Right, and Tilt-Down panning keys to the head movement and it works ...'ok' ... but a mutual in-game support would be much better IMHO Combat Mission is more a simulation then 'just a game' so i think its a valid suggestion... regards Mike
  12. Hi will CM:BN (and does CMSF and CMA already) support 3D stereoscopic view with the kit from Nvidia? since Thursday i am sporting a brand new 27' TFT + shutter glasses, and the 3D-driver reports 'Combat Mission' with the CMA icon in the 'supported installed games window' ... so i am only using the CMA Demo for testing 3D on a Vista partition, with no success yet :-/ (my full games + modules are still installed on an older XP partiton. and i dont want to fiddle with the eLicence thingy just for fancy display test purposes, ...never change a running system! ;-) well, i will migrate
  13. You can order it here ;-) http://www.rheinmetall-detec.de/index.php?fid=1053〈=2&pdb=1 (sorry link in German) Regards
  14. Battlefront/Steve, 200 posts 6820 views in this thread ! (2nd most viewed non sticky in the forum) Now with the ceasefire in place... Isn't it time for ordering us all a nice little IDF module from your 3rd-party-contractor to buy? (no delay for Normandy so) ;-) I just quick-browsed the back story in the manual again. I think there is still some wiggling room for IDF-action at the Lebanese and Golan boarders, even a preemptive-trip into Gaza to keep that place quiet, while the USA and Allies deals with Syria, could have been possible... btw, did Battlefront ever got some heat from
  15. @Ali-Baba Immersion, its an ongoing conflict btw: cant wait to play 'Brits vs Taliban' on maps based on 1:1 modeled existing 'historic' places too I wish there were an auto-map-generator tool were anybody could mark a 4x4 km place on google earth and after some heavy calculation (and maybe a small fee to get high-res data) it spit out a raw-CMSF map @Sergei nobody is forced at gunpoint to download a certain map, mod, or a scenario from the repository ;-) how would you like these: - rescue missions where 'IDF' special forces have to free long time (or fresh) captured soldier
  16. IMHO: Its a very interesting asymmetric conflict for a simulation: a user made scenario(mod), with population density high, and victory condition with minimal Blue (Israeli) casualties, and buildings to be preserved, lots of artillery/air support,... playing as Hamas could be also a challenge and an unusual tactical perspective for a 'i used to play mostly blue-side' wargamer. I have to admit I like tactical simulation of ongoing conflicts -> more immersion Merkava Mk 4 hmm.. anything with a 120 smoothbore canon, no reactive armor, and a good optic will do. there are no tank batt
  17. I was playtesting the new 1.11 behavior with Webwings nice infantry heavy Red Pepper Scenario (i really liked that map already from the Crossroads-Campaign, so i used that very familiar map to notice the differences best) I found it difficulty to handle all the 'resupply' micromanagement of my units and a distraction from the real task fighting the battle ...its very demanding (at least for me) with 1.11 ...so i came up with this proposal. Auto Resupply Button If the 'Auto Resupply Button' of a unit in the organization menu is highlighted and the unit runs out of standard ammunition a
  18. na, 1.12 will support Battlefronts newest secret item: the CM-BSS-module (Combat Mission Battlefield Smell Simulator) The first hardware module for CM! The USB connected devise comes with a small silicon hose you strap to the mike-beam of your headset, and a pump generates a tiny stream of air which gets enriched, fitting to the action on the screen, with different fumes from a multi-chamber cartridge module (similar to what already known from your generic color printer) the synthetic flavors released will be a mixture of: blood, sweat, tears, diesel, cordite, JP6, burning rubber, burning
  19. on a side note technically of course "agenda" is already the plural of "agendum" which means 'thing to do' derived as a gerundive from the verb "agere" = to do Gents, every time i read the CMSF-Forum i am delighted with the quality of discussions going on and i learn something new, with topics spreading from international affairs down to the latest equipment-upgrade recommended for personal use when getting deployed. salus ubi consilium ! PS: bets being taken, how long will it take until the first 'The Cross Border Raid - Scenario' surface at CMMoDs?
  20. Prince Harry This guy has guts! and the Brits can be verry proud of him. (well, he will be in the game but for security reasons you never know when and where ) now seriously i would like to see: The Regiment with their older customized Landrovers 110 and the newer HMT 400 DPV cant wait for the new module! I guess i would even buy a CMSF "Pontificia Cohors Helvetica" -Module on release day if the halberds are modeled well
  21. pal, your knowledge of ongoing conflicts is ridiculous (you better off with SIMS, like you claimed :-P) Do you think an IED triggered in the northern sector is less deadly then one in other parts of that war-torn country? Germany has the 3rd biggest contingent in ISAF and just added up to 4500 soldiers including SF and QRF-tasks You also dishonor our 28 fallen soldiers (and 3 police officers) so far and the 24(?) French fallen in the line of duty! PS: i would buy an Israeli module on release-day, just like i did with the Marine Modul, which is GREAT!
  22. a disturbance in the force i feel... release today will be ;-)
  23. THX great to get it ready before the WE! :cool:
  24. here: http://www.paradoxplaza.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=39&Itemid=120 they still didn't pulled the 1.06 Paradox - nomen est omen ! :mad:
  25. I second that too. Pushing doesn't help BFC, now were they are fully aware of the magnitude and reacted quick and accordingly. Need a helping hand? I volunteer for testing any 1.06.x fixed beta.
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