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  1. On top of what Krasno already pointed out, are you going to have me believe that there were 3695 KIA and only 4262 WIA? That is some bull **** if I have seen it. These Pro-Russians must be scoring a hell of a lot of headshots and they must have some of the best artilleryman and mortarman in the world if they have almost as much KIA as WIA. I don't think I have ever seen a battle in world history where KIA was almost proportional to WIA. It is usually KIA is much lower than WIA because, well, humans are hard to ****ing kill sometimes.
  2. MREs are awesome the first time you get them. Then its all downhill from there. I was at the LRC when I had the first one..... they made all of us give up all our candy.... I wonder if the Russian rations make them **** brick sized chunks as well.
  3. "****, Yuri! First Sarn't isn't going to be happy when he sees this!"
  4. I thought I would necro this post a little bit to talk about the POW thing a little bit. I am reading Company Commander right now, and the author (Rifle Company CO) said how they captured an injured German soldier one time. This was in the middle of the night after they had lost a lot of men during the Battle of the Bulge. They were confused, running into German patrols, friendly fire, etc. etc. They held onto him for a little while until he told two joes to take the POW back in the lines to a rear company and report back. After sometime the two joes come back and they are caught off guard
  5. Honestly, look at ArmA and OFP for inspiration. I love making scenarios, and there are so many scenarios for the ArmA and OFP series. Even campaigns that are branching, longer, and better than what BIS have made. Even "dynamic" campaigns have been made. The reason because the Editor in those games are easy to use for entry level people but hard to master. It needs to be appealing to the entry level customer, but have enough depth that the veteran make something truly wonderful.
  6. Honestly mate, you portray it by making smaller scaled maps. I think people need to stop thinking the "Battalion vs Battalion" mindset that is prevalent because of the WWII scenarios. Make it much smaller as a PLT vs PLT affair or if you want something more realistic, PLT vs Squad affair (which isn't really fun if you are playing a video game). So just make something that is smaller. The days of large scale of high intensity warfare are far from happening if you want to portray something realistic and relevant to the war.
  7. Nope. That is not what happened at Donetsk Airport. The Ukrainian Army had rotated soldiers there when the fighting flared back up again. Separatists bombarded the airport for like a day before assualting. They finally cornered the UA and killed around a plataoon (Ukrainian estimates is like 34 I believe) and captured some more. (These are the ones you see paraded around on Separatists videos). The UA was trapped on the 2nd and 3rd floor of the new terminal I believe with the Separatists on the 1st and 4th. They just wore them down until the actual terminal collapsed in on itself and killed a
  8. I want to believe this, and I partly do, but the truth lies somewhere in the middle I believe. Here is a 50 minute long video from the offensive (pretty great cinematography, editing, and covers the soldier's experience in the battle for the New Terminal) just last week (translated into English): Most of these guys seem like ripe old separatists to me, and I have seen them in multiple videos since the escalation in August. Granted that theiy equipment is OBVIOUSLY supplied by the Russians. There is no doubt about it. It's kind of fishy to see that "Green Man" camo mixed in with them
  9. This is actually pretty interesting to me. A lot of my instructors here at the academy were in the Balkans in the late 90s and early 2000s, and I have never really heard about a lot of combat between US forces and forces in the "peacekeeping" missions. One of my former instructors, a LTC (engineer), had to clear minefields in Kosovo in the late 90s, but that is the extent of anything I've heard in regards to any activity. And I knew one MAJ that was an armor officer in Bosnia, but I'm not sure what operations were going on between the NATO(?) forces. I'm very ignorant about this haha
  10. I don't know where you got this idea from. Defense, hull down, fighting holes, etc. etc. are definitely not a thing of the past. The modern battlefield actually necessitates this need for fighting positions for soft bodied infantry. Just because we have been slomping around the mountains of Afghanistan and sands of Iraq establsihing FOBs, COPs, and large camps doesn't mean converntional means of defense are thing of WWII. Hell, just look at the fighting positions the current situation in Ukraine necessitates for both sides. In fact, the Army right now is making a big push to the old down a
  11. Shhhhhh... everyone knows ATGMs and SPGs make for good TV footage for RT and Rossiya 1. Everyone loooooves watching combat footage especially if its a cool weapon being fired lol.
  12. While I know it will most likely modded, do Ukrainian soldiers and marines really have a uniform camo? I know they did before hostilities, but now from what I've seen on the front the VDV units and whatnot all have a conglomeration of different camo styles like Flecktarn, ACU, Multi-Cam, DCU, CADPAT, etc. The only time I've seen them with a uniform camo style is when they have photo ops like when President Poroshenko is around. That is also the only time I see them with any sort of new gear. Not at the front....
  13. Anyone else notice the subtle change the infantry animations. They look much better.
  14. I feel like I'm in Military Science class now lol And on the story, I think it's an interesting way to do an AAR. I don't think I've read an AAR like this one yet.
  15. I've seen that pic, but from what I've heard it was the blasting cap for a Claymore. And another thing is that I see wargames as some sort of authentic, playable movie. Especially Combat Mission. While in movies I always cringe at the tactics and whatnot being used for the sake of entertainment while here I can go at my pace and create an authentic experience. It's pretty fun when I look at it that way.
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