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  1. Yeahh... The un-vinnable war...What a mess !!!! This does not look good...
  2. Experience ! I guess the guy asking the questions realized that he would not get and answer to that question...
  3. The vibes i'm getting from this interview is that CM2 is indeed nearing its end...No more larger game-engine updates, no more major editor updates but rather... "adding a host of “niceities” " And the "having at least one Module" comment kind of sounds like these three modules will be the last ones...After these three have been delivered... CM2 is finished as far as BFC goes.... any battlepacks and such can (and probably will) be made by 'partners'... Hopefully this means that CM3 is not all that far away ...two years ???
  4. I don't think they would ... If or when CM3 arrives it will most likely be a VERY limited scoped game (battle for Normandy v3 with US army and german army only). Thats nice for normandy lovers but perhaps not as much for other people...I belive that most CM-players will keep playing CM2 for years even after CM3 has been released.
  5. I seem to recall that i've read that Turkey was a logistical nightmare due to its terrain and lack of railroads.
  6. Lack of knowledege, experience and training was a very big part of the russian failure in the early part of the war imo... Sure...a limited number of commanders, primarely at the higher level i belive, had a decent understanding of combined arms but at the command levels further down the chain of command this understanding was usually far more limited as far as i understand. Corps commanders, division commanders , battalion commanders etc ...had usually a very limited understanding of combined arms...a limited understanding of logistics etc... Even if some of the best front, army comanders knew what they needed to know...they had a hard time to implement their ideas because of the low quality of their subordinate commanders...as well as the low training of the troops...
  7. Here probably... Some of the last posts... Engine 5 Wishlist - Page 17 - Combat Mission - General Discussion - Battlefront.com Community
  8. Ahhaa...i feared as much... Then by looking at this list...whats new ? I guess we will see in september...
  9. To me...This statement looks the most intresting i think... "Add new equipment or modify the capabilities of any item in a database from WWII to the modern era"
  10. Isn't the 1 x 1 meter resolution already in the game...I seem to recall that this has been stated before...that the grids are 8 x 8 meters but the actual resolution already is 1 x 1 meter... Am i wrong here ?
  11. Even though you can sort of work your way around the lack of a linear (or zone) area target command i still think this would be a nice addition to the target commands....to limit micro-manageing somewhat ... The AI already has this feature (sort of) via the area-fire order. And with regards to RT-play...What works or does not works in RT really does nothing to help the guys that prefer to play WEGO... A linear areatarget command...Thumbs up from me
  12. Hello, Phil... I will respond here since my PM is not working right now.. I have been trying to PM you several times during the last few weeks but for some strange reason the PM has not been sent...It has sort of been stuck...in loading ?? Hopefully it will work now if i respond to you... What i have been trying to tell you is that my computertime has been very limited in the last few months and most likely will continue to be so for some time yet...I know i promised you to try and do something for the project you guys are working on but i'm afraid that i'm going to fail you... I might very well do some comunity stuff for this project later down the line but for now i feel that time will not allow me to commit to any more serious project...SORRY ! Best of luck with your project and many thanks for your continues work to improve/expand this game /Fredrik
  13. Those are nice products...yes ! But they are not early war WW2.
  14. I for one shared that impression...atleast right up until the time when the previously stated goal of releasing multiple products each year failed miserabely (a few years ago)... I did not think that the statement by BFC that they would work their way backwards year by year implied that they would stop doing so in 1943 or even 1944...but rahter go all the way to 41...or even 39.
  15. A very powerful 'tool' to make a scenario more or less difficult is... ELEVATION ! Some of the most experienced map designers, George MC and Seinfeld Rules, comes to mind among others that are able to use this 'tool' brilliantly... Having defensive possitions cleverly placed in reverse slope possitions to make them difficult for an attacker to get to. A reverse slop possition does not neccesarely have to be on the back side of a large hill or crest...Even minor elevation changes can create oppertunities for a reverse slope possition and as a map designer you will be able to decide from WHAT RANGE an attacker will be able to engage that possition...Should it be 30 meters ?, 150 meters ? or maybe 400 meters ? Using the elevation tool in the map editor you as the designer can decide this and thereby adjusting the difficulty level of the scenario both with regards to the attacker as well as the defender...Dependant on how these elevation changes are designed and used.... With enough skill in the use of elevation i bet you could design a map that is completally empty...With no terrainfeature at all other then elevation changes that is more difficult to attack compared to even a heavely fortified map... that lack these elevation tweaks... The trick is to have these elevation tweaks look natural and at the same time provide the defender with good oppertunities for some nice defensive possitions as well as provide the attacker with some...options...as how to attack on this map...should he attack straight over the reverse slope possition ? or could he possibly manouver around them and not neccesarely have to attack over them but rather attack them from the flank... If a mapdesigner manges to get these elevation changes to work in such a way and still look more or less natural it improves the enjoyment one gets from playing on the map...greately ! imo...compared to playing on a more or less flat map regardless of how well the map is 'painted' with other terrain types and features... In short ...Clever use of elevation when designing a map...YES !!! i like it... And as i said at the start...Elevation can have a very significant impact on difficulty both on the attach as well as on the defence...
  16. The AI areafire option might be somewhat tricky to use in this particular situation i think...With this command they will do as told...areafire ...at whatever possition you specify...But what if the player decides to place his troops in a slightely different possition ? If you make the AI areafire location 'to big' with 'to few' troops doing the shooting it will not be very effective. It might be better to have your german AI trops on HIDE until the player advances close enough for the AI germans to actually see them and then have them switch to ACTIVE using a triggerzone placed accordingly.
  17. I had simular concerns initially but if you create the link to the file you want to share and then log out from drop-box and use that link to download the file you will see that the link only provides access that particular file...and nothing else... Atleast thats what it seems like to me...(not being a computer guru either ).
  18. Hello... This has worked for me when using dropbox... - Ones you have uploaded the file to dropbox...Hover the mouse pointer over that filename and you should see a number of symbols showing up to the rightof the filename...left-click on the symbol most to the right (the one with 3 dots) and you will get a dropdown menu showing up...in this list left click the COPY LINK... This link will NOT be the same as the one you get when you simply rightclicking the filename and selecting copy link... Doing it as i described above has worked for me...
  19. ahha... No ! That would only affect the AI side i'm guessing...Not the AI behaviour of the player troops...
  20. Could perhaps the differnt AI order settings play a part in this ? - causious vs active for example - Max assult or assult vs quick etc...
  21. That is up to the designer... When you first open up the editor you will be in the MISSION section of the dropdown menu (below the load /save options) The first option in the list further below will be DESCRIPTION...here you as the designer decides the properties of the scenario/map... - enviroment...open, rough, town ,village etc... - time of day...dusk, dawn, night , day - size...small, large, huge etc... and wether the map/scenario is designed for a meeting engagment, blue attack, blue assult, probe etc...or red attack, assult or whatever you prefer.
  22. Might be useful in certain situations but i think the standard commands combined with the pause function works good enough... In many situations where i want to lead with my infantry i want to keep them at atleast panzer faust distance both to the front and to the side of the tanks if at all possible and not right on top of them.
  23. If you move your armour to close to an unsuppresed enemy with tank riders still on the decks you should see some pretty heavy casualties i belive. Especially if they get targeted by somewhat flanking fire...Not much cover up there. Wasn't that one of the germans main goal in defence...? To try and strip the tanks from their infantry using mortars and machineguns etc.. Atleast in some of the more common youtube clips i have seen with tankriders the russians don't neccesarely seem to be all that close to the enemy and some clips might be from more or less pure propaganda movies...
  24. Chuckdyke... There are limitations within the game engine...with anything besides small scenarios it is difficult for any scenario designer to get down to the smalest detail...like having a tiny listning post in a huge, large scenario perform human like all the time...the tools are simply not there...
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