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Hello Kieme 

I'm not sure is this only me or other ppl as well, but some of your graphic mod is making error. It seems the 4.0 update causes this trouble with your mods.  

1) Transparent walls





I found that the "Kieme CMBS modular buildings" causes the issue.


2) Dark region on the road


I checked that the "Kieme CMBS improved roads" is the reason. 


I only checked with standard version, so not sure about HD version.


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Kieme - Would it be possible for you to provide an up-to-date list of all CMBS mods that you have created? This thread is nausea-inducing. 

On a similar note, I have noticed that the popular http://cmmodsiii.greenasjade.net website only carries 8 of your mods. I'm guessing there are many more Kieme mods given what I have seen in this thread. 

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I went back over this thread and realised I had not got all the buildings and flavour objects. Sadly the download links are broken, and Kieme seems to have gone away.

I have a suggestion:  can we get together and compile all of Kieme's masterworks we downloaded and take up Bootie's suggestion of hosting them? It would be sad for them to be lost "like tears in the rain".

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I am looking for the Kieme CMBS additional flavor objects (civilian vehicles) mod for a TOC playthrough. Can somebody please provide a link or send it to me.

Edit: found it and uploaded it to my Dropbox if someone else needs it



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6 minutes ago, Aquila-SmartWargames said:

I am looking for the Kieme CMBS additional flavor objects (civilian vehicles) mod for a TOC playthrough. Can somebody please provide a link or send it to me.


I've found those BS mods very useful (it's where I got the white pick-ups from)...


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On 7/19/2015 at 11:34 AM, kraze said:

Here are single BRZ packs that I had on my google drive for personal use


Kieme's faction re-textures (except for ukr/rus infantry*)

Kieme's world re-textures


Download and drop them into your Black Sea install dir\Data


*I feel like Vein's rus/ukr mod offers a lot more variety and looks more authentic, esp. ukrainian digital camo

Thanks for this - saved me a lot of hunting down. Much appreciated ta! :)

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I have uploaded 69 of Kieme's mods to Google Drive, as well as a few others by Vein, BTR and Bil Hardenberger.  Files will be taken down at request of author(s).  Files were made JSGME ready (they were placed inside z, inside data, inside a folder with the same name) and then zipped.



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