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  1. Yepp...I understand that pretty much the entire unit roster will need to be started from scratch if you start on Barbarossa tomorrow but ones you get over that first hurdle you will have quite alot off opertunities to move forward 😊... - Somewhat smaller efforts needed to progress through the rest of the months on the eastern front. - Some crossovers that could perhaps make North Africa a possibility ! 😁 From there... - some crossovers that would simplyfy the Early War...
  2. CMBB it one of the best computergames ever made ! all catogories included 😍
  3. I'm sorry but this just isn't true...Why should these demands all of a sudden be the case with any pre 1943 Eastern front games when that in no way has been the case previously. The first Normandy game came with very limited forces, the first Shockforce game came with limited forces, CMFI came with limited forces, RT came with limited forces...as well as limited timeframes. Why would a pre 1943 Eastern front game all of a sudden need to include all of the stuff right from the get go ? Things like minor nations would be perfectly fine as additional modules like in all the other game f
  4. Judging eastern front intrest by the sales of RT is not quite fair imo... Most people that are not seriously intrested in WW2 have most likely never heard of Bagration (RT)... But the vast majority of people with ANY intrest in WW2 have most certainly heard of Barbarossa. πŸ₯°
  5. I regularelly don't use it either...it's a pure H2H feature imo...the AI strugles at times in regular scenarios but even more so in QBs... I use it only to test various equipment and for this purpose it works very well and is quick and easy to set up... 'Lycka till pΓ₯ slagfΓ€ltet πŸ˜ŠπŸ‡ΈπŸ‡ͺ'
  6. If you are familuar with how the QB-battles work it is VERY EASY to set up simple testgames vs yourself (hotseat)... pick the gun/guns you would like to test on one side and a number of different AFVs on the other...and then fire away and watch the results.
  7. Ok, thanks I would have prefered only the ground floor but i guess that would have been more complicated to get in...
  8. Will the factories have floors on every.....floor πŸ™ƒ ? or will they be like two, three story buildings without internal floors ?
  9. lately i have been watching/listening to this... It's been very intresting but its a rather long audiobook...50-ish hours just about.
  10. Hello... I never got that book unfortunatelly...The order got cancelled because of the book being out of stock. Last time i checked it was still not avaliable (in Sweden) but i will get it one some day soon, hopefully. The other two books by the same writer (also covering Kursk) that i mentioned above was VERY GOOD...I'm sure that this one will be of the the same quality... Go for it...i say 😎
  11. No not for the occupy TRIGGER but when used as an occupy OBJECTIVE you need to make sure no enemy units are left inside the objective area in order to score the points for that objective. This is so far only a wished for feature and not currently in the game. To one day get a feature like this would however be most welcome...hopefully we will get it one day (soon 😎).
  12. Maybe we meen the same thing...😎 My post was a reply to this suggestion...and this you can do already using the current timing options. I agree that more options with regards to triggers would be most welcome though...And not only being able to use several triggers for the same action but rather have several seperate triggers and actions to chose from at each waypoint...allowing the AI groups to chose between multiple possible ways forward...dependant on the current situation....
  13. BornGinger... As for the triggers and movement...you as the designer are already free to set the timings as you please....If you want the AI group to remain in place until the trgger is activated...simply set the exit after time to the last scenario minute.
  14. Belive it or not...But i have heard it mentioned many times that back in those days the Swedish airforce was considdered to be the 3rd strongest in the world...Surpast only by the USA and...the sovietunion. If this is actually true i dont know...but we did have more than 1000 modern combat aircraft back then.
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