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  1. Most likely there is some reason as to why most people don't decide to spend hour after hour in the editor... Honestly, it can be kind of 'clunky' when first starting out...Players might get an idea for a scenario into their head and decide to give the editor a try only to find one or several hurdles that prevents them from achiving what they had originally intended to do...Having this experience a few times might push them to loose intrest in scenario design... The editor is indeed functional but it takes some experience to get to grips with what you can actually do with it and what you can not...The limitations can be pretty frustrating at times...causing would-be designers to loose intrest... Atleast when it comes to the editor...ADDING MORE...Would be a good thing imo...
  2. This is a cool idea and i'm sure some rather neat things can be made with a set-up like this... It is a bit of a shame though that one of 'the completally unneccesary' limitations with the current editor will limit the player options/game result (from previous battle) to only two different choises....I feel that this limitation of TWO...will limit the flexibility and potential fun of a 'free' campaign like this... If only the campaign script would allow for a wider branching than TWO options...That would have been great to allow the designer to represent various combat results and a wider variety of player options...To be limited to only two options might be somewhat...limited
  3. Yeahh... The un-vinnable war...What a mess !!!! This does not look good...
  4. Experience ! I guess the guy asking the questions realized that he would not get and answer to that question...
  5. The vibes i'm getting from this interview is that CM2 is indeed nearing its end...No more larger game-engine updates, no more major editor updates but rather... "adding a host of “niceities” " And the "having at least one Module" comment kind of sounds like these three modules will be the last ones...After these three have been delivered... CM2 is finished as far as BFC goes.... any battlepacks and such can (and probably will) be made by 'partners'... Hopefully this means that CM3 is not all that far away ...two years ???
  6. I don't think they would ... If or when CM3 arrives it will most likely be a VERY limited scoped game (battle for Normandy v3 with US army and german army only). Thats nice for normandy lovers but perhaps not as much for other people...I belive that most CM-players will keep playing CM2 for years even after CM3 has been released.
  7. I seem to recall that i've read that Turkey was a logistical nightmare due to its terrain and lack of railroads.
  8. Lack of knowledege, experience and training was a very big part of the russian failure in the early part of the war imo... Sure...a limited number of commanders, primarely at the higher level i belive, had a decent understanding of combined arms but at the command levels further down the chain of command this understanding was usually far more limited as far as i understand. Corps commanders, division commanders , battalion commanders etc ...had usually a very limited understanding of combined arms...a limited understanding of logistics etc... Even if some of the best front, army comanders knew what they needed to know...they had a hard time to implement their ideas because of the low quality of their subordinate commanders...as well as the low training of the troops...
  9. Here probably... Some of the last posts... Engine 5 Wishlist - Page 17 - Combat Mission - General Discussion - Battlefront.com Community
  10. Ahhaa...i feared as much... Then by looking at this list...whats new ? I guess we will see in september...
  11. To me...This statement looks the most intresting i think... "Add new equipment or modify the capabilities of any item in a database from WWII to the modern era"
  12. Isn't the 1 x 1 meter resolution already in the game...I seem to recall that this has been stated before...that the grids are 8 x 8 meters but the actual resolution already is 1 x 1 meter... Am i wrong here ?
  13. Even though you can sort of work your way around the lack of a linear (or zone) area target command i still think this would be a nice addition to the target commands....to limit micro-manageing somewhat ... The AI already has this feature (sort of) via the area-fire order. And with regards to RT-play...What works or does not works in RT really does nothing to help the guys that prefer to play WEGO... A linear areatarget command...Thumbs up from me
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