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  1. I just realized what your name means. B)

  2. I just realized what your name means. B)

  3. This feature/drawback has both its pros and cons imo. I used to hate this also but atleast a skilled map designer can use this fact to his advantage when designing maps to provide some very tricky challanges that would othervise not be the case...But i agree it seems weird at times not being able to target locations you ought to be able to fire at. Today i kind of like it...and i don't like it...
  4. Playing your own scenarios is usually not the best of fun. It tends to ruin the FOW ...
  5. New ideas are always welcomed but personally i don't really share any of these 'wishes' ... A. To get the AI to be able to handle this will not be a small task i'm sure...Adding a new feature of this magnitude that might only work well in H2H games is not a direction i would like CM to move...I would much more prefer that they spend this time on improving the tactical AI for individual battles. B. Without a very well functioning group order feature that allows you to asign task to platoons, companies etc...A massive increase in battle size will not be very intresting to many i belive...Handeling every individual units in a brigade myself...No thank you ! ...A slight increase in battle/map size...i'm all for though... C. In order to allow airplanes and helikopters room to manuever the maps would need to be really large...I mean LARGE ! ...And ones again...I doubt the AI would be able to interpret the battlefield situation well enough to be able to 'compete'... Just my thoughts...others might very well agree with you...Personally i would prefer they improved the tactical AI for the current type of battles first...
  6. I highly doubt this has anything to do with money ! This battlepack is ridiculously cheap considdering the amount of work that has gone into making it...It costs 'nothing' Good as this pack may be...It really does not bring anything new (other then more scenarios). We get NO game engine update ! NO new equipment ! NO new theatre of war ! NO new timeframe !
  7. These high points needs to be more common place... Whenever they do happen they provide us with the best tactical wargame avaliable anywhere (for non military users) thats for sure...but they are to few and to far between... A bit more priority on us common users from the main BFC programers would be welcomed indeed.
  8. That is obviously a good suggestion ...But it might not solve the 'problem' that some of the guys around here are having, including me .... It's not neccesarely MORE content that we are looking for, eventhough that is always welcomed, but rather THE RIGHT content. What i mean by that is that the basegames and modules for the timeframes and locations that we are intrested in is simply not avaliable. Personally i would very much like to play and design scenarios set on the eastern front WW2 during 41-43. Other guys might favour the pacific WW2, North Africa WW2, Vietnam, Korea, Various fictional conflicts current and past, Arab - Israeli wars etc, etc... No matter how hard we try to work in the editor we simply can't make those scenarios because those units are not avaliable. Thanks to several gifted modders around here some of these conflicts can be done to some degree but not to the regular BFC, CM2 standard that we want a love....For that to be possible we need the correct tools avaliable...Units, terrain, timeframe from a dedicated basegame, module... I realize that it is a tall ask to expect every single forum member around here to be able to play exactelly the conflict he wants but i think it is the lack of new basegames, modules that frustrates some of the forums members somewhat...If BFC could find a way to speed up the release of these assets that would be a very good thing imo I think quite a bunch of the guys around here don't neccesarely play all the scenarios and campaigns that are avaliable...I know i don't. Some may not like big battles, some might not like small battles, some might not like urban fighting, night fighting, bad wheather fighting, some may only play WW2 and other prefer the modern games... No doubt...There are a lot of scenarios and campaigns to play...but i don't want to play 200 scenarios...whatever...I want to play scenarios and campaigns that i find to be intresting and enjoyable... Many of those scenarios and campaigns are currently unavaliable because of the fact that the basegames and modules required to make them simply does not exist and considdering the recent release rate of new basegames, modules they probably never will be and that makes me somewhat sad... I fear that the lack of new community made scenarios might atleast partly be the result of the slow progress of the CM2 game series as well as updates to the game engine...My guess would be that many of the oldtimers have simply lost intrest in this game...the updates are to few and to far between... Appart from some of the modding threads there really in not all that much going on on this forum any more...sadly. I have dabbled quite a bit in the editor during the years and are fully aware of what it takes to design a scenario, map or not least a campaign. I'm greatlful for the guys doing these things and i do considder the products that BFC do release to be of the highest quality and i have no doubt that the guys working for BFC are working hard. ... I just wish there could be more of them...espesially working on new basegames, modules, game engine updates... When it comes to these things i'm a little bit dissapointed...It takes to long !
  9. As are pretty much every one else on this forum...That's not the problem...The problem is that we have close to nothing to buy ! The BFC release rate has been far from impressive during the last decade or so. Take WW2 eastern front for example. This is a theatre that easily could feature 8-10 basegames/modules. The first eastern front game (CMRT) was released back in 2014 i belive. Almost 9 years ago. During these 9 years ONE additional module has been released. Currently we don't even have minor nations included in the timeframe depicted in these games. There is a lot still left to do to come even close to cover the eastern front in CM2...A task that BFC seems to be far from capable of achiving on their own...What could possibly be wrong with exploring the possibility of recruting some 'sub contracter' that could help with improving the current release rate..? Apart from the eastern front there are many other possible theatres of war that would fit perfectly as a CM game...Very few of these will ever be made if BFC decides to go it alone...
  10. I would buy a Combat Mission Fall Blau...day one !
  11. Yes...i could A perfect example would be DCS world from Eagle dynamics. They are doing exactelly that and because of that have been able to expand their game world many times over. Simply by allowing 'outside' designers to help develop new maps and new flyable aircrafts. And as it happens...DCS world is not a fantasy space invaders game.
  12. Allowing outsiders to help BFC with their...less than stellar...release rate of new products does not neccesarely have to mean that those outside products would be riddicolous fantasy games... Surely BFC could demand to have a 'quality check' option before releasing any outside projects in the Comnat Mission name. Ones these outside teams considders their products ready...BFC will have a look at them and if they meet the desired standards add a simple code to the files... Without this code these 'modules' will not be playable within the CM game engine.... Something like that ought to be possible...There are many, many possible scenarios for future modules out there and without any outside help to lend BFC a helping hand we will most certainly never see them as BFCs productivity...atleast for non-military during the last 5-8 years or something have been downright pityful...
  13. I guess they are holding back any news until it's time to release a new christmas/new years bone in a few weeks... Hopefully ! If they fail that....I will be dissapointed ! to put it midly.
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