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Hello everybody!

here comes a new adventure into modding CMBS.


I will use this forum thread only for all my mods, discussions, previews and releases, in order to avoid clogging the forums.


For now I can't to use CMMODS site because it does not support CMBS and I have no way to recover/reset my lost account; I don't want to use the official repository in its actual state; if you don't mind you'll find download links from a free upload site, at least for now.


I will add posts like: PREVIEW XXX or RELEASE XXX, toghether with screenshots, descriptions and download links. Feel free to comment, suggest improvements, point out mistakes or problems. 

I'll try to post a summary from time to time with a list of released mods and downloads.


Now some words about my way of modding: as many others I mod for myself following my personal taste, therefore there's no claims about any mod if not that they follow my personal view and preferences. Generally speaking, I try to follow to some rules with all my mods such as: the use of more detailed textures, HD textures (2x or even 4x the original resolution size) when possible, more desaturated colors, use of photorealistic textures and decals. 

My main interest has always been modular buildings and terrain modding, but I'll try to mod vehicles too.


Some comparative screenshots to let you better understand what I'm talking about:


PREVIEW: CMBS Reworked Foliage Mod

Vanilla foliage:


Modded foliage:




Vanilla pavement:


Modded pavement:



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PREVIEW CMBS Alternative Crops Mod and Modded Horizons


This mod will change some of the crops in game, introducing the vastly common sunflower and corn, it will include new buttons and Tiles for the editor: Meanwhile, the new horizons will spot some additional distant objects to give an impression of modern times, in this case, high-voltage towers.


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I have a lot of master textures, already prepared, the buildings should not take too long, couple of days.


Contrary to my own tradition I will "disrespect" original textures; by that I mean I won't keep some of the original concept with my mods. There are 3 original buildings made of wood, too many out of 8 in my opinion, so I will leave only 1 wooden building in the mod, 2 will be changed to plaster.


Then, 8 more buildings (probably in packages of 4) to be added (at least half already done). bringing the options for new scenarios to 16 different modular buildings.

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Love your work mate. I advise a seperate new post for each individual mod. That makes it much easier to see if you have new content released. Who cares about clogging the forum with works of brilliance? ;)


Here's a vote for keeping it in one thread.  Makes it so much easier to keep up with and go back and get 'em all when you get a new computer, etc.

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Here's a vote for keeping it in one thread.  Makes it so much easier to keep up with and go back and get 'em all when you get a new computer, etc.


I just port over the Z folder from my old computer - otherwise I'd be downloading again for hours and guaranteed to miss a few.

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