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  1. armata can be anywhere in the world in less than 7 hours only hato fanboy with malicious intent would hide this crucial fact
  2. someone here who can understand it and thinks it's noteworthy enough for a small summary of what's being said?
  3. Just use light mission it wrecks the tank completely. https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/82932123/test%20air%20support.btt
  4. Looks like the Seps are trying to take Marinka
  5. OT As someone with no experience and very little knowledge about this stuff I wondered if someone could tell me if MRAPs like this [short gif of IED] are supposed to withstand that kind of explosion? Throwing 12t into the air sure looks impressive and somewhat unhealthy for the crew but I'm unsure about the actual lethality because it's a Taliban propaganda video and they included other "kicks up lots of dirt" explosions that didn't really damage anything aswell as an RPG attack on one of those things with lots of fancy hot metal flying around but according to wiki the warhead had almost no
  6. somewhat offtopic but is it a bug if a tank is able to drive through a tank that got blown up on a bridge? I'm somewhat annoyed because I thought killing a tank on a small bridge would block it off...atleast to other tanks, welp guess I'm wrong - feature or bug?
  7. Yes they were fully there from turn 1, they disappeared when my opponent placed a blast command on it (which destroyed the wall from the right building, but it also spooked half my hedgehogs away).
  8. CMH deleated the older ones but I have this incoming turn and the outgoing one before
  9. Adding pointless fantasy things into the game instead of covering real gaps in the CM lineup like france '40 is a waste of time.
  10. I placed 1 tile of hedgehogs into a street between 2 buildings, it was completely impassable to vehicles but for some weird reason half of that tile of hedgehogs disapeared and a tank was able to drive through. The cm wiki says: So my question is why did half of them suddenly dissapear? Feature or bug?
  11. Not if you use a Light mission, Cannons only. Tested this for forest deleate the Stinger if you want AT capability alone. Tested this for open open 1 pass => wrecked tank forest 1-2 attack runs before fully wrecked. That's with 1 plane, not both.
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