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  1. It's the same reason AC-130s aren't flying everywhere.. it's an impressive gun platform and often the subject of power fantasies but of what use is it if it's tumbling back down to earth in a big fireball?
  2. That would be great, it always bugs me when that 2 man squad with 13 Grenades wastes 2/3 Magazines and refuses to throw some grenades unless you direct assault a tank.
  3. Where do I find this file? Aris doesn't have a whitewash version and the original game files are all in brz files that I can't seem to open
  4. What are the green devices the film zoomed in on? Looks like some sort of Mine launcher
  5. Since when shoot Pixeltruppen at surrendering troops? Do you have to target them manually?
  6. I have found a simple hard counter if your opponent is pre-fireing into the Church tower... https://i.imgur.com/F8Ab7J6.png
  7. I might have found an AI plan bug? or AI plan problem on Night of the Opera Axis campaign. https://i.imgur.com/gBVKU9u.png https://i.imgur.com/Q0UfpoU.png I cease fired with 50 min left because no soviets were advancing anymore. When I checked the map I noticed about a Company+ of Soviet Sappers all sitting around a single hex near the first line of defense on the left side (Reichs-Finanzministerium?) that were completely fresh while allmost all of the other soviet forces on the map were shaken/broken and had taken casulties so I assume all they ever did was sit in that square while the rest of the Soviet force crossed the bridge and tried to advance. Now it might be that they were waiting for some go command since there's still time left on the clock but I just wanted to report it because it seemed odd to me.
  8. First turn as the Axis in Berlin feels very authentic
  9. Some great maps in this module! Can't wait to fight PBEMs over eastern Germany
  10. I don't have any meaningful insight on development or CM as a business, all I can offer is my opinion as a customer. Having said that, CM Games rarely come with a fixed release date because they are finished when they are finished. I think fixing bugs (ie FaR latest uniform holdup) is part of a finished product so I appreciate the mentality.I think that mentality should continue after the game has been released and new bugs are discovered (uniform bug existing since 2019 or something). The Uniform example is just that, an example. I personally would accept a newly released game with that specific bug if I knew that it would surely be patched soon. But waiting a year for a.patch is not soon in my opinion. And with bugs (or features?) like the tank turret that keeps going back and forth between targets, never firing, or bugged ammo loadouts, I have a much harder time finding acceptance because that has been a major annoyance since years across the games and it more than just visually affects my experience. I'd rather wait a month or two more to receive the next Game/Module, if that means the game will not suffer from serious bugs that are as old as the games themselfs. I know there often are other variables that impact decision making in a business that are not obvious to those outside it but I wanted to share my opinion about the matter.
  11. I get this bug fairly often. It is especially annoying because you have to throw a movement order into the floor to see if there are any windows. (And it looks terrible)
  12. I promise I won't complain if you release it now
  13. Europe is far too passive about this. If Putin makes another land grab with thousands dead nobody will act after the facts have been made. Crimea and Donbas have shown that peace talk #99 & sanctions on Russia to freeze a conflict that Putin actively heats up won't deter him in future actions of the same kind. Appeasement is and always has been a joke.
  14. if CMFB gets a new module before RT or BS I'll be very salty
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