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  1. CM: Zombie Apocalypse already exists IA very simple and only headshots are taken into account !!!
  2. thank you gentlemen I removed the folder z this does not seem to have a significant effect these crashes are unstable I made a backup and sometimes it crashes other times not !!! the game takes a long time to load and categorically refuses to close it was already produced probably because of a windows update there has been an improvement for a time and now it's systematic I tried without success to recharge it it is version 4.00 on windows 10 on the same unmodified computer my nvidia card is blocked on the December 2017 update
  3. How many times can we reload the game on the same computer from a cd I already recharged it 3 times for different reasons I think my cmbn is damaged it crashes when the icons are displayed for example !!
  4. You know it's my daily life cool for voices
  5. I will end up buying SF2 between that and the super scenario of MOS: 96B2P, I feel like I'm going to crack If only there were the French: !!!
  6. I pass regularly in the middle of this battlefield and you also probably if you came to Normandy because it is on the road between Caen and Falaise. I love this scenario I take this opportunity to take you there with me seen from canadian line Metallic wire mesh seen on this view is called "american wire mesh" This is the grid that was placed on the runway of temporary aerodrome in 1944 it is still in use today to close the fields in many place in Normandy!! Le Noyer now there is a 4 lanes ! watching toward Tilly
  7. It is still a great topic of discussion for Normandy. In Italy the British, Canadian, New Zealanders, South Africans, and Indians have pooled equipment and uniforms so in Normandy in the sectors held by the 50th DI and the 51st Di we find equipment from all these different nations, South African helmets with holes for the neckband are the best example. For the end of the war, I saw a battledress of the 5th British DI found in Germany of Indian manufacture !!! but once again it is about unity coming from Italy in Normandy a priori the same type of mixture should be to found but the "fi
  8. It reminds me of the discussion on the aging of game ! If it's undeniable when it comes to graphics, the introduction of a new texture and detail pack like this one or camouflage for vehicles even if purely cosmetic could significantly improve this condition. moreover I often find the impression given more important than a perfect rendering. I may be too fan of the impressionist painters ... in any case your abundance of ideas is fantastic. In addition to being technically gifted you have great ideas well done
  9. a highlight of the magnificent mod of Aquila-SmartWargames. A bound of a hedge to the cover of a tree, under a sky infested with Typhoons
  10. Yes an essential mod for certain scenarios especially in Normandy Always fear of the Jabos !!!
  11. i like your quick-fix mod !!! what could a be for a long fix mod ??? thank you Umlaut
  12. thanks guys I still have helmets with a Belgian badge to make if someone who masters the creation of scenario can do one for each of these unit often forgotten but which we remember well here in Normandy. For these of the great generation who are disappearing and whose we must by all means including the game keep the memory
  13. My dear Falaise, i like everything you make. good news Aragorn if I am sure that the Belgians of Piron were equipped with MK3 (the artillery unit at least) nothing indicates that the "Princess Irene" did not have one... so I leave the Mk 3 to the Dutch Royal Netherlands Motorized Infantry Brigade Princess Irene Brigade
  14. les belges sont lร  !!!! the guys from the colonel Piron 1st Belgian infantry Brigade
  15. I am not a pro of modern tanks or even tanks of elsewhere, but in view of wheeles (galets) and the gap between the 1st and the following is a T55 I think ! it is good but I prefer "The 28 heroes" they are strong Russian and have an excellent cinema
  16. superbe !!! great mods that add life to the game. but I imagine the frustration of seeing the Panzerschreck without being able to use it when necessary ๐Ÿ˜ญ .๐Ÿ˜
  17. thank you very much for your message, I am delighted that you like it. 3j2m also thanked me kindly and these thanks are appreciable. It's this great game and everyone's mods that gives us the opportunity to push realism even more. a time machine
  18. you played it in 4.02 with the modification or the old version ?
  19. Alas warts 'n'all this will not work Umlaut to modify the scenario has used CMBN 4.02 !!!๐Ÿ˜ญ
  20. no ! but you can do it, you have to tag each scenario according to the month and tag each bmp by folder I prefer to put and remove the file each time
  21. ah ah ๐Ÿ˜ how many times in the morning while i'm still asleep i meet an old bald man in my bathroom. before realizing that this is just my reflection in the mirror ๐Ÿ™„
  22. Here is a series of mod that changes the vegetation as the months of June, July and August- September This mod was made by looking at the evolution of nature during these 3 months. Part, are stock textures that I reworked in color and saturation I also modified the Ramblers mod for trees by modifying the colors and mixing it with the ones in stock to break the repetition effect. You will also find the plowed fields of Kieme and Aris modified so that the colors correspond to the Norman soil which is brown. Finally herbs come from a super mod without an owner's name and which
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