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  1. redoubtable efficiency of the 2 inch mortar special dedication @lucky_Strike hedgerow hell !! in some meters the Germans will open fire point blank and turn these men into heroes
  2. like i said math isnt my forte but i checked i got the same numbers my formula is R²x pi or (175 x 175) x 3.14 = 96162.5 / 550 = 174.4 as Erwin says, this graphic is fascinating by combining the set it will give me a reference thanks beaucoup
  3. already good leads thank you However, given the Gunner and his obsessions with statistics there must be tables in the RL they could give a reference to the game with some adaptation
  4. Great for the the exotic atmosphere try the "Welcome to sicily" campaign I used to play it with a hat for fear of getting sunburned 😄
  5. Well this game is driving me crazy !!! after having pushed me to be interested in botany, obliged to use photoshop now I am doing mathematics, a subject that comes out of useful bases interests me as much as the reproduction of the tick on the eastern slopes of the Alps !!! So here is my problem: I have 550 shells of 105mm I am using a shooting zone, the zone I want to hit is a circle 350m in diameter then [(175 x 175) x ft] / 550 = 174.8 m² one shell every 13.2 m does anyone know the number of shells per x m² for with a good average useful destruction ???
  6. Hoho there will be blood and tears like CMBN and CMRT will seem simple to you when I started CMI, I felt like I had to learn to play again !!! it's a great game Thanks for this post I hesitate to take FB because for some reason I can't explain myself I never had an attraction for this front. but I read here some arguments that will probably push me to a purchase
  7. Always Hottot Les Bagues under an apple tree for eternity
  8. bonjour alex

    give me your mail and i send you (25.2 Mo)

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      J'attends l'ambiance normande avec plaisir. 

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  9. we will have to wait until next summer but for those who want, I have a well one with bird song, dog bark in the distance and even the sound of a rifle !!!
  10. to find the name of the girl look above the vision slit of the pilot of the panzer IV, she was well known in the german army !!!!! 😉
  11. it actually has more than 20 impacts !!! both a stuart and a sherman that he did not manage to spot his gun was operational until the end it ended up costing me a sherman just before his destruction
  12. salut Albert for now it's a mix with mine look at it it's not over yet but it will change the face of the game
  13. some german vehicles The panzer IV Nathalie luck, on the slope, the shell hits the top of the armor !!! the panther smashes the wall lost in the tall grass
  14. it’s great already like that it becomes natural as for the removal of chopsticks in the hedgerows I adhere to 100% 👍
  15. by reading this thread I am reassured because I was ended up believing that I am an original I adore the Stummels as well as the stuarts but I think I had such a bad idea that I could only be pleasantly surprised my disappointment is the panther, by dint of using them I came to the same conclusion as this film, a turret tank hunter
  16. yes I'm at Hottot Les Bagues in the campaign "for the King and the country" with the boys of the Northumbrian and the Sherwood Rangers Yeomanry of the 8th Armoured brigade
  17. now British Shermans you can notice some of the great work of Lucky_Strike
  18. here in Normandy, we also produce cider on a massive scale , but I still don't see a T34 ... which in my humble opinion, makes me think that the theory of Sgt.Squarehead is wrong !!! 😉
  19. seizure of war or private purchase to make an advertising sign ?
  20. a T 34 in the united kingdom ???? I didn't remember that it invaded !!! a document not usual, seen from the interior of an armored jeep with seen on the assembly of the 30 the photo was taken on August 12, 44 in Alençon, the soldier is a French from the 2nd AD Leclerc
  21. using the Vacilllator technique? I admit that I once used tank fire on troops who had messed up an operation I'm ashamed but there are precedents in the history of France
  22. the backup of the last game turn the location of the pumas at the edge of the map, I only brought them forward at the end and one of the 2 was destroyed, for information the chief's radio having been destroyed I had to keep them unbuttoned to keep the C2 their hunting board infantry guns between the 2 hills the pumas arrived as reinforcements placed behind the central hill. this is where I have the heaviest losses the Stummels placed behind hidden behind the hedge of the road. I dismantled the officers to facilitate locating of targets
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